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The Maria Lionza Pilgrimage: From Sacred Mountains to Hotels

Cristina Carter
María Lionza is an indigenous Venezuelan religion that dates back to the 14th century. Combining Catholic, West African, and indigenous religions it was outlawed from being practiced until 1959. At this moment, María Lionza no longer hides from society, being transferred through means of oral tradition and family kinship, instead, it has built a strong foundation through politics and documented literature. As the pilgrimage has gained popularity and approximately 50% of Venezuelans attend, the state...

De-stereotyping in Public Performance Information (Study 1)

Yixin Liu & Chengxin Xu
We study solution of reducing stereotyping in public performance perception.

The Effect of Brief Anxiety Interventions on Reported Anxiety and Math Test Performance

Colleen Ganley

WoS Harvesting Toolkit

Rachel Smart
The Web of Science Harvesting workflow was created to reach out to researchers and facilitate depositing author manuscripts into FSU's Institutional Repository. Included in this toolkit are various supporting documents as well as links to the github repo containing the PHP scripts for MODS transformation.

P16162_Changes in groundwater dissolved organic matter character in a coastal sand aquifer due to rainfall recharge

Amy Mckenna, Megan Behnke & Robert Spencer

P14799_Molecular-Level Characterization of Asphaltenes Isolated from Distillation Cuts

Amy Mckenna, Martha Chacon-Patino & Ryan Rodgers

P17944_Molecular Characterization of Photochemically Produced Asphaltenes via Photooxidation of Deasphalted Crude Oils

Amy Mckenna, Sydney Niles, Martha Chacon-Patino, Ryan Rodgers & Taylor Glattke

P16113_ Identifying the Molecular Signatures of Agricultural Expansion in Amazonian Headwater Streams

Amy Mckenna & David Podgorski

De-stereotyping in Public Performance Information (Study 2a)

Yixin Liu & Chengxin Xu
We study solution of reducing stereotyping in public performance perception.

P15998_Reactivity of Triplet Excited States of Dissolved Natural Organic Matter in Stormflow from Mixed-Use Watersheds

Amy Mckenna
Dissolved organic matter (DOM) quantity and composition control the rate of formation (Rf,T) of triplet excited states of dissolved natural organic matter (3DOM*) and the efficiency of 3DOM* formation (the apparent quantum yield, AQYT). Here, the reactivity of 3DOM* in stormflow samples collected from watersheds with variable land covers is examined. Stormflow DOM reflects variability in DOM quantity and composition as a function of land cover and may be important in controlling the fate of...

P14740_Adsorptive Fractionation of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) by Mineral Soil: Macroscale Approach and Molecular Insight

Amy Mckenna, Robert Young & Thomas Borch

P14672_Organic Coating on Biochar Explains its Nutrient Retention and Stimulation of Soil Fertility

Amy Mckenna, Robert Young & Thomas Borch

P14963_Structural Characterization of Natural Nickel and Copper Binding Ligands along the US GEOTRACES Eastern Pacific Zonal Transect

Amy Mckenna & Rene boiteau
Organic ligands form strong complexes with many trace elements in seawater. Various metals can compete for the same ligand chelation sites, and the final speciation of bound metals is determined by relative binding affinities, concentrations of binding sites, uncomplexed metal concentrations, and association/dissociation kinetics. Different ligands have a wide range of metal affinities and specificities. However, the chemical composition of these ligands in the marine environment remains poorly constrained, which has hindered progress in modeling...

P14973_Hydrocarbons to Carboxyl-Rich Alicyclic Molecules: A Continuum Model to Describe Biodegradation of Petroleum-Derived Dissolved Organic Matter in Contaminated Groundwater Plumes

Amy Mckenna, Robert Spencer & David Podgorski
Relationships between dissolved organic matter (DOM) reactivity and chemical composition in a groundwater plume containing petroleum-derived DOM (DOMHC) were examined by quantitative and qualitative measure-ments to determine the source and chemical composition of the compounds that persist downgradient. Samples were collected from a transect down the core of the plume in the direction of groundwater flow. An exponential decrease in dissolved organic carbon concentration resulting from biodegradation along the transect correlated with a continuous shift...

P11461_21 Tesla FT-ICR Mass Spectrometer for Ultrahigh-Resolution Analysis of Complex Organic Mixtures

Amy Mckenna & Greg Blakney

P14799_Combating selective ionization in the high resolution mass spectral characterization of complex mixtures

Amy Mckenna, Martha Chacon-Patino, Sydney Niles & Ryan Rodgers

P17817_Data for Pan-Arctic riverine dissolved organic matter: Synchronous molecular stability, shifting sources and subsidies

Megan Behnke, Robert Spencer & Amy Mckenna

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