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Needs and Stress in Fraternity and Sorority Life: Evidence of Social and Behavioral Differences Among Sorority and Fraternity Members

Gabriel Serna, Dawn Wiese & Stephen Simo

Vol.1, No. 2

Special Issue on Slave Biographies

Are We Keeping Our Cash in Our Hotels?


A Multivariate Analysis of the Relationship Between Undergraduate Fraternity/Sorority Involvement and Academic Performance

Larry D. Long

Cash in Hotels and Clubs: 2020 and Beyond

Agnes L. DeFranco & Raymond S. Schmidgall

Cracking during flame spread over pyrolyzing solids

Yen Nguyen, Indrek S. Wichman & Thomas J. Pence
A theoretical and numerical model for the degradation of solid materials in combustion is developed. As solid materials are heated by the flame, they undergo an internal thermo- chemical breakdown process known as pyrolysis. As the pyrolysis front propagates into the sample, a charring layer is left behind which contains voids, fractures and defects. Cracks propagate to release tensile stresses accumulated when the sample is losing mass. The crack front may precede the pyrolysis front...

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