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Valuing Cooperation and Constructive Controversy: A Tribute to David W. Johnson

Dean Tjosvold, Daniel Druckman, Roger Johnson, Karl Smith & Cary Roseth

Special Issue on Rio de Janeiro

Celebrating the Work of J. Keith Murnighan

Donald Conlon, Max Bazerman, Deepak Malhotra & Madan Pillutla

A General Approach to Recovering Market Expectations from Futures Prices with an Application to Crude Oil

Christiane Baumeister & Lutz Kilian
Futures markets are a potentially valuable source of information about price expectations. Exploiting this information has proved difficult in practice, because time-varying risk premia often render the futures price a poor measure of the market expectation of the price of the underlying asset. Although this expectation in principle may be recovered by adjusting the futures price by the estimated risk premium, a common problem is that there are as many measures of the market expectation...

Grey Copyrights for Grey Literature: National Assumptions, International Rights

Michael Seadle
Copyright enforcement is a mixture of law and culturally-influenced practice. Although the statute law appears in black and white, the traditions and expectations of those who create and use GL are definitely greyscale. And the latter are a better predictor of both infringement and litigation than the letter of the law itself. Casual US assumptions about using GL stem in part from technicalities in the pre-1978 copyright law, which often threw GL immediately into the...

From the Field to the Laboratory: The Theory-Practice Research of Peter J. Carnevale

Linda Putnam, Mara Olekalns, Donald Conlon & Carsten De Dreu

Those Who Made Nineteenth- century Rio de Janeiro: Uncovering Lives through Datasets and Linked Open Data

Walter Hawthorne

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