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When Asking \"What\" and \"How\" Helps You Win: Mimicry of Interrogative Terms Facilitates Successful Online Negotiations

Kate Muir, Adam Joinson, Emily Collins, Rachel Cotterill & Nigel Dewdney

The pandemic veneer: COVID-19 research as a mobilisation of collective intelligence by the global research community

Daniel Hook & James Wilsdon

The global research community responded with speed and at scale to the emergence of COVID-19, with around 4.6% of all research outputs in 2020 related to the pandemic. That share almost doubled through 2021, to reach 8.6% of research outputs. This reflects a dramatic mobilisation of global collective intelligence in the face of a crisis. It also raises fundamental questions about the funding, organisation and operation of research. In this Perspective article, we present...

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  • 2021

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  • University of Sheffield
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