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Обобщенная классификация интерфейсов транспортной инфраструктуры «умного города»

Павел Андреевич Курта & Максим Вадимович Коломеец
Рассматривается задача классификации интерфейсов транспортной инфраструктуры «умного города». На основе анализа научных исследований проводится обзор состояния данной области, включая существующие подходы к классификациям интерфейсов. Выделяются основные элементы: инфраструктура, беспилотное транспортное средство и окружение, которое дополнительно поделено на субъекты и объекты. Описывается схема взаимодействия элементов и указывается расположение на ней интерфейсов. В качестве подхода к классификации используется комбинация обмена информацией между элементами с учетом направления. В результате решения задачи выделяются 9 классов интерфейсов, которые характеризуются необходимостью...

On the deformation of a composite rod in the framework of gradient thermoelasticity

А.О. Vatulyan & S.А. Nesterov
The gradient thermoelasticity problem for a composite rod based on the applied one-parameter model is investigated. To find the Cauchy stresses, the Vishik-Lyusternik asymptotic approach is used, taking into account the presence of boundary-layer solutions in the vicinity of the rods' boundaries and interface. A new dimensionless parameter equal to the ratio of the second rod length and the gradient parameter are introduced. Simplified formulas are constructed in order to find the distribution of the...


V.V. Vnuk, E.V. Ippolitov, S.V. Kamaev, M.A. Markov, A.A. Nikulenko, M.M. Novikov & S.A. Cherebylo
The article reports on the effect the building orientation of the part, produced by laser stereolithography technology, has on achieving its best functional characteristics. Based on the example of IPLIT-3 and IPLIT-4 resins, the study shows that in contrast to the literature data on other commercial photocurable resins (PCRs), there is no definite advantage of the vertical orientation of the test samples compared to their horizontal orientation for obtaining the best values of the manufactured...

Deformation instability in crystalline alloys: Luders bands

G.F. Sarafanov & Yu.G. Shondin
A mechanism of localization of plastic deformation at high temperatures is investigated in the framework of the autowave model. A model of the formation and propagation of Luders bands is proposed. It is established that a Luders band is a wavefront of the plastic deformation rate. From this article's point of view, the conditions for the formation of a Luders band are decisive for the interpretation of the fluidity serration. The critical value of the...

The dry grasslands (Festuco-Brometea) of the North Caucasus: first data on numerical classification and biodiversity patterns

Denys Vynokurov, Tatiana Lysenko, Zoya Dutova, Dmitriy Shylnikov, Galina Doroshina, Irina Urbanavichene, Gennadii Urbanavichus & Nelly Tsepkova
The North Caucasus is still one of the least studied regions in Europe regarding syntaxonomy. We investigated dry grasslands in the central part of the North Caucasus, namely in the Stavropol Kray region of Russia. We sampled 47 vegetation plots (relevés) of 10 m2 size (3.16 × 3.16 m) at elevations from 470 to 1150 m a.s.l. To determine the scale-dependent species richness patterns, we recorded five nested-plot series of 0.0001 to 100 m² in...

Apuleius’ Venus and Speech Characterization

Svetlana Dubova
The article explores the character of Venus in Apuleius’ story of Cupid and Psyche, as well as the lexical tools used for describing her actions and conveying her speech. Venus is one of the main characters; her speeches take prominent positions in the story and require special attention. Although the phenomenon of speech characterization in Latin literature is occasional, it may be assumed that the character of Venus is distinguished by archaic vocabulary. We see...

Ἰφιάνασσα: A Lost Homeric Reading in Lucian?

Maria N. Kazanskaya
The article examines Lucian’s source for the name of the Nereid in DMar. 14, Iphianassa (Ἰφιάνασσα). This name does not appear in the two classical lists of Nereids in Homer (Il. 18. 37–49) and in Hesiod (Th. 240–264), from which Lucian drew the names of all other Nereids of his Dialogi marini, and Lucian is the sole ancient source to mention a Nereid by that name. This led scholars to suspect that the name may...

Cicero’s Kritik an das antonische Provokationsgesetz

Natalia Kuznetsova
Cic. Phil. I, 21–23 is the only source for the Antonian bill of 43 BC, which may have allowed the appeal to the people (provocatio) against the condemnation de vi et maiestatis by the jury courts. This bill is practically the only law on the appeal which dates to a relatively well-attested period and offers contemporary evidence. This sounds like a good chance to answer at least some of the many questions concerning the right...

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