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Participatory Variety Selection of Three African Leafy Vegetables in Western Kenya

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Quantifier-free tree transductions

Shiori Ikawa, Akane Ohtaka & Adam Jardine

Examining the Link Between Pledging, Hazing, and Organizational Commitment Among Members of a Black Greek Fraternity

Sean Rogers, Carmen Rogers & Treshawn Anderson

Learning nonlocal phonotactics in Strictly Piecewise phonotactic model

Huteng Dai

Rapid screening methods to identify chilling tolerance in sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum L.)

Lara Brindisi, Vivek Arora, David Kenigsbuch, Daniel L. Ward, Christian A. Wyenandt, Nativ Dudai, Itay Gonda & James E. Simon

Questioning to Resolve Transduction Problems

Eric Meinhardt, Anna Mai, Eric Bakovic & Adam McCollum

Information-theoretic Characterization of the Sub-regular Hierarchy

Huteng Dai & Richard Futrell

Access to Multicultural/Multiethnic Grey Literature: A Networked Approach African American Resources

V. Tessa Perry Evans
Multicultural/multiethnic grey literature is a concept first introduced and defined at the GL'95. Multicultural-multiethnic GL, although considered primary resources, have been fragmented and scattered or buried within other reports and documents making them difficult to identify and access. If these materials are to be of any real value, they must be located, organized, and made accessible to the communities they represent as well as to the general public. GL'95 presentations focused on the opportunities presented...

Multicultural and multiethnic grey literature - A Rich Resource : An African-American Perspective

V. Tessa Perry Evans
Grey literature while very useful and extremely valuable, unfortunately, may never find its way into the usual review channels. Quite often it is this body of literature - commissioned reports, theses, publications of political activist groups, associations and organizations' newsletters an pamphlets, and ethnic print and non-print media - that are the most useful in recording the history and culture of peoples who have suffered discrimination and exclusion. The African-American, as well as the Asian...

Postharvest and Marketing of African Indigenous Vegetables: A Case Study from Zambia

Ramu Govindasamy, Alexandra Kelly, James E. Simon, Emil Van Wyk, Stephen Weller, Gnanasakthi Ramu & Mwangala Mbeweu

Developing New Natural Plant Products from the Spice Xylopia aethiopica from Ghana and Liberia

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Investigation of Growth Inhibition by Thymol and Carvacrol from Thymus spp. and Origanum vulgare on Botrytis cinerea

Ariane A. Vasilatis, Thomas Gianfagna & James E. Simon

Security Transaction Taxes and Market Quality

Pomeranets Anna & Daniel G. Weaver
We examine nine changes in the New York State Security Transaction Taxes (STT) between 1932 and 1981. We find that imposing or increasing an STT results in wider bidask spreads, lower volume, and increased price impact of trades. In contrast to theories of STT imposition as a means to reduce volatility, we find no consistent relationship between the level of an STT and volatility. We examine the propensity of traders to switch trading locations to...

Assessment of Seed Quality of Selected African Leafy Vegetables Produced in Western Kenya using informal and semi-formal seed systems

Christine Ndinya, Fekadu Dinssa, James E. Simon, Naman Nyabinda, Norah Maiyo, Stephen Weller, Martins Odendo, Eunice Onyango, Michael Mwangi & Noel Makete

Improving Income and Nutrition of Smallholder Farmers in Eastern Africa using a Market-First Science-Driven Approach to Enhance Value Chain Production of African Indigenous Vegetables

James E. Simon, Stephen Weller, Daniel Hoffman, Ramu Govindasamy, Xenia Morin, Emily V. Merchant, Fekadu F. Dinssa, Emil Van Wyk, David Byrnes, Martins Odendo, Christine Ndinya, Henry H.A. Mvungi, Justus Ochieng, Norah Maiyo, Mebelo Mataa, John Shindano, Himoonga Bernard Moonga, J. Steve Yaninek, Qingli Wu, Naman Nyabinda & Victor Afari-Sefa

Antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-SARS-CoV Activity of Commercial Products of Xylopia (Xylopia aethiopica)

Claudia Melo, Rosemary Perdomo, Fadel Yerima, Oneil Mahoney, Nadjet Cornejal, Sahar Alsaidi, Shepherd Coron, Thierry Bonnaire, Shimin Zhang, Thomas M. Zydowsky, Christine Priano , Jose A. Fernandez Romero, H. Rodolfo Juliani & Adolfina Koroch

Phytochemical Analysis and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Nepeta cataria Accessions

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