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Human thrombin complexed with D-Phe-Pro-D-Arg-Ile

A.C. Figueiredo, C.C. Clement, M. Philipp & P.J.B. Pereira
x-ray diffraction structure

Innovative Concepts for Collision Studies at GSI's and FAIR's Storage Rings

C. Brandau, J. Glorius, C. Trageser, R. Reifarth, M. Heil, A. Müller, A. Gumberidze, C. Kozhuharov, Yury Litvinov, M. Meister, S. Sanjari, S. Schippers, Thomas Stöhlker, T. Davinson & P. Woods
GSI Scientific Report 2013 - GSI Report 2014-1

Doing a Pecha Kucha Presentation Online

Andrew Novak
BRIEF SESSION DESCRIPTION: Pecha Kucha style presentation formats (recorded presentations with strict limits on slide content and time) force students to effectively plan and prepare a presentation abput data or other complicated material in a creative way by forcing them to stay within strict time visual and time limits. These student presentations can be used easily for online classes, as well as hybrid, or face-to-face classes, since the PowerPoint can be exported to a video...

Graph embedding with rich information through heterogeneous graph

Guolei Sun
Graph embedding, aiming to learn low-dimensional representations for nodes in graphs, has attracted increasing attention due to its critical application including node classification, link prediction and clustering in social network analysis. Most existing algorithms for graph embedding only rely on the topology information and fail to use the copious information in nodes as well as edges. As a result, their performance for many tasks may not be satisfactory. In this thesis, we proposed a novel...

Trajectory of the MAPT-PACC-Preclinical Alzheimer Cognitive Composite in the Placebo Group of a Randomized Control Trial: Results from the MAPT Study: Lessons for Further Trials

J.K. Chhetri , P. De Souto Barreto , C. Cantet , M. Cesari , N. Coley , S. Andrieu & B. Vellas
Defining the primary cognitive endpoint is a major decision for Alzheimer’s disease preventive trials. As an example for further trials we present in detail the three-year cognitive decline in the placebo group of MAPT trial, a randomized controlled trial (RCT) using a cognitive composite score (MAPT-PACC). Participants were dementia-free adults 70 years or older, with subjective memory complaints. Our findings as expected showed subjects with older age (>75), higher beta amyloid brain deposition, APOE-ε4 allele...

Accelerating CMIP data analysis with parallel computing in R

Daniel Milroy, Sophia Chen, Brian Vanderwende & Dorit Hammerling
In this Technical Note we examine eight schemes for parallelizing Extreme Value Analysis (EVA) on Coupled Model Intercomparison Project data via R foreach, do-Parallel, and doMPI packages. We perform strong scaling studies to delineate the performance impacts of factors such as R cluster type (TCP/IP sockets and MPI), communication protocol (Ethernet, IP over InfiniBand, and MPI), loop parallelization(outer or inner loop), and approaches to reading data from the NCAR GLADE parallel filesystem. We elucidate peculiarities...

Budapest dualizmuskori nemzetközi urbanisztikai kapcsolatai

József Halabuk
Tanulmányok a természettudományok, a technika és az orvoslás történetéből. Tanulmányok a természettudományok, a technika és az orvoslás történetéből = Studies into the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

ORCID Board Meeting Summary 20150727

Haak Laurel, Edward Pentz & Jackie Ewenstein
ORCID Board Meeting Summary - meeting date 27th July 2015

On Testing Output Faults in the McClusky Fault Model

Ulrike Brandt & Hermann K.-G. Walter
McCluskey et al. introduced a very general fault model for finite automata. In this paper we will show that all testable output faults can be tested by a single input word in this model. Furthermore, in the case of irreducible automata we will show that this is true for all output faults. Our main tool to prove the results is a careful analysis of the structure of automata especially considering subautomata and edge-(state)traverses of the...

Africa Within the Justice System of the International Criminal Court

Balingene Kahombo
This article re-examines the relationship between Africa and the International Criminal Court (ICC). It traces the successive changes of the African attitude towards this Court, from states' euphoria, to hostility against its work, to regional counter-initiatives through the umbrella of the African Union (AU). The main argument goes beyond the idea of "the Court that Africa wants" in order to identify concrete reasons behind such a formal argument which may have fostered, if not enticed,...

Interoperability Strategies for Serious Game Development

Ioana-Andreea, Stanescu; Antoniu, Stefan; Milos, Kravcic; Theo, Lim; Rafael, Bildarra
This paper approaches the technological environment underpinning the development of serious games, and focuses on interoperability as a core element of a sustainable endeavour. Developing serious games in a way that enables interoperability is one means of increasing he depth and scope of instructional materials available to learners while reducing the overall development costs and time. Interoperability, the ability of computers and applications to communicate and share resources in a heterogeneous environment, is dependent on...

Preventing venous thromboembolism in hospitalised patients: Using implementation science to close the evidence-practice gap

Jed Duff
Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is the umbrella term covering deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism and a group of associated chronic conditions. This vascular disease process is a common, yet serious adverse complication of hospitalisation that results in significant mortality, morbidity, and healthcare resource expenditure. VTE in hospitalised patients is preventable and there is a robust evidence base supporting the use of prophylactic therapies for at-risk patients. Unfortunately, despite the evidence, research and clinical audit reveal that...

Lisfranc Injury

Schwartz, L; Tan, N; Costumbrado, J

Cyber Black Box: Network intrusion forensics system for collecting and preserving evidence of attack

Jong-Hyun Kim, Joo-Young Lee, Yangseo Choi, Sunoh Choi & Ik-Kyun Kim
13th Australian Digital Forensics Conference, held from the 30 November – 2 December, 2015 (pp. 104-110), Edith Cowan University Joondalup Campus, Perth, Western Australia.


В работе проводится теоретический анализ влияния заряда на устойчивость межфазных(поверхностных) нанопузырей с закрепленными границами, образовавшихся между водой и гладкой гидрофобной подложкой. Показывается, что заряд является причиной потери устойчивости и последующего исчезновения данных объектов. Критический заряд не зависит от степени пересыщения воды газом и является только функцией площади контакта нанопузыря с подложкой и коэффициента поверхностного натяжения воды.

Influence of face lighting on the reliability of biometric facial readers

V. Hartová, J. Hart & P. Prikner
At present, there is an increasing need to protect workplace entry and specially guarded premises. In addition to standard access systems on a chip cards are getting to the fore of biometric identification systems such as readers for fingerprint, biometric scans faces and others. Biometric readers face still improve, but still have a lot of blind spots, thanks to which their reliability and user - friendline ss decreases. One such problem is the light intensity...


С.А. Березиков
Принятая в качестве императива развития экономики России концепция модернизации промышленности требует уточнения и конкретизации в процессе её воплощении на практике применительно к региональному уровню экономики. Особую значимость при этом приобретают учёт региональных условий хозяйствования, состава и структуры базисных отраслей промышленности и соответствующих им основных направлений технологического развития промышленности. В статье рассматривается проблема определения основных направлений технологического развития промышленности северных и арктических регионов России. С этой целью был проведен анализ структурных сдвигов в промышленности регионов Севера...

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