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List of Funded UofA CIHR Project Applications 2016-18, 30Jan2019

Simala-Grant, Joanne & Coe, Helen - Project Coordinator, Grant Assist Program

Na+/H+ exchange in the tumour microenvironment: Does NHE1 drive breast cancer carcinogenesis?

Amith, Schammim Ray; Fong, Sunny; Baksh, Shairaz; Fliegel, Larry

The na+/H+ exchanger in metastasis

Amith, Schammim Ray; Fliegel, Larry

Effects of extracellular pH on internal pH in cell cycle defective Schizosaccharomyces pombe

Haworth, R. S.; Jia, Z.-P.; Young, P. G.; Sykes, Brian L.; Fliegel, Larry

High-energy particle acceleration at the radio-lobe shock of Centaurus A

Croston, Judith H.; Kraft, Ralph P.; Hardcastle, Martin J.; Birkinshaw, Mark; Worrall, Diana M.; Nulsen, P. E. J.; Penna, R. F.; Sivakoff, Gregory Robert; Jordán, Andrés; Brassington, Nicola J.; Evans, Daniel A.; Forman, William R.; Gilfanov, Marat; Goodger, Joanna L.; Harris, Wayne E.; Jones, Christine; Juett, Adrienne M.; Murray, Stephen S.; Raychaudhury, Somak; Sarazin, Craig L.; Voss, Rasmus; Woodley, Kristin A.

The relative growth of optical and radio quasars in SDSS

Shankar, Francesco; Sivakoff, Gregory Robert; Vestergaard, Marianne; Dai, Xinyu

Radiatively efficient accreting black holes in the hard state: the case study of H1743-322

Coriat, Mickael; Corbel, Stephane; Prat, L.; Miller-Jones, James. C. A.; Cseh, D.; Tzioumis, A. K.; Brocksopp, C.; Rodriguez, Jerome; Fender, Rob P.; Sivakoff, Gregory Robert

Disc-jet coupling in the 2009 outburst of the black hole candidate H1743-322

Miller-Jones, James. C. A.; Sivakoff, Gregory Robert; Altamirano, Diego; Coriat, Mickael; Corbel, Stephane; Dhawan, Vasudha; Krimm, H. A.; Remillard, Ronald Alan; Rupen, Michael. P.; Russell, D. M.; Fender, Rob P.; Heinz, S.; Körding, Elmar. G.; Maitra, D.; Markoff, Sera; Migliari, Simone; Sarazin, Craig. L.; Tudose, Valeriu

A superburst candidate in EXO 1745-248 as a challenge to thermonuclear ignition models

Altamirano, Diego; Keek, L.; Cumming, A.; Sivakoff, Gregory Robert; Heinke, Craig O.; Wijnands, Rudy; Degenaar, Nathalie; Homan, Jeroen; Pooley, David

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