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The outlaw couple film: from World War Two to the present

Katie Louise Weekley
Appearing periodically since the Second World War years right up to the present, the outlaw couple film (a relative of two more potentially liberal genres, the buddy and the road movie) has remained a deeply conservative genre, despite a glimpse of its possible energy in the 1960s. Unlike the male buddy film, which tends to invest both protagonists with equal capabilities and independence, the outlaw couple film almost always focalizes its narrative through the male...

Probabilistic fatigue life prediction for bridges using system reliability analysis and SHM-based finite element model updating

Young-Joo Lee & Soojin Cho
Fatigue is one of the main causes of bridge failures. A bridge is designed with a particular service life, but after it is constructed, its strength degrades over time. Therefore, to effectively maintain and retrofit a bridge, it is essential to predict its remaining fatigue life. However, doing so is a very challenging task because fatigue life prediction should be based on the current condition of the bridge, and this obviously incurs many uncertainties. In...

About piercing numbers of families of planes, lines and intervals

Deborah Oliveros



Effects of a caregiver-inclusive assistive technology intervention: a randomized controlled trial

W. Ben Mortenson, Louise Demers, Marcus J Fuhrer, Jeffrey W Jutai, Jessica Bilkey, Michelle Plante & Frank DeRuyter
Background: The principal aim of this study was to investigate whether a caregiver-inclusive assistive technology intervention improved older care recipients’ functional autonomy and decreased the perceived burden of their family caregivers compared to customary care. Methods: The study was a single-blind, mixed-methods, randomized controlled trial with baseline data collection and follow-ups at 6-, 22-, and 58-weeks after baseline evaluation, which was prospectively registered (ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT01640470. Registered 11/21/2011). Dyads comprising a care recipient and family...

On the interaction of low energy pions with nuclei

Leonard Raymond Scherk
The optical interaction of low energy( ≤30 MeV) pions with nuclei is discussed. In particular, it is shown that, since the nuclear density enters the low energy pion-nucleus interaction in a very direct manner, this interaction provides a sensitive means of investigating such properties of the nuclear density.as the diffuseness of the nuclear surface. A geometric discussion of the structure of the low energy pion-nucleus interaction is given which emphasizes the analogy between adding the...

An investigation into the experience of being a protagonist in a psychodrama

Marlyn Leslie Martens
The purpose of this study was to investigate the meaning of the psychodrama process as experienced by individuals who claim that it resulted in significant change. Using an existential-phenomenological approach, the study described the meaning of the experience for six adult co-researchers. The co-researchers were asked to describe their experiences before, during, and after their psychodramas. Two interviews were conducted and these were tape recorded and transcribed. The transcripts were analyzed and themes were formulated...

An ontology-supported transaction formalism protocol in infrastructure management

Jehan Zeb
Infrastructure organizations use diversified information systems to exchange data (transaction). Presently, data exchange in the area of infrastructure management is accomplished in a manual and ad hoc basis. The growing trend is to transform these manual data exchanges to a computer-to-computer based transactions. The core research questions include: What transactions are candidates to formalize?—this question is dealt with identifying and selecting a potential transaction for IT improvement—Asset Inventory and Condition Assessment Reporting/Tangible Capital Asset (AI&CAR/TCA)...

[Portrait of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada]

Members of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, 1924. Captions naming the members, their titles, and their geographic locations appear under each man's image.

UBC Reports


The British Columbia Reports

Edmund Cumming Senkler

2002 Annual Report

University Of British Columbia Faculty Of Forestry & Susan B. Watts
April 1, 2002 - March 31, 2003

Absorption and directed Jonsson terms

Ralph McKenzie

Letter from the Manager of the Royal Bank of Canada in Vernon, B.C., to the Rainbow Ranche, May 16, 1910

Manager Of Royal Bank Of Canada Vernon
Letter to the Rainbow Ranche from the manager of the Royal Bank of Canada in Vernon, B.C., dated May 16, 1910, regarding J.E. McAllister's return to Greenwood from the East



Effects of a shoplifters counselling program on hardiness, depression and self-concept

Cristina Maria Ciccone
This study was concerned with evaluating the effectiveness of the Shoplifters Counselling Program (SCP) operated by the Elizabeth Fry Society of British Columbia. The concept of hardiness was used as a theoretical framework with which to assess treatment outcome. It was expected that the SCP would be more effective in reducing depression, and in increasing self-concept, commitment and internal control, from pre- to posttreatment, for first offenders (FO) compared to repeat offenders (RO). Subjects were...

Breakfast menu for the Canadian train from 1958

Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Dining Car Service
Includes a la carte and table d'hote menus. Bears a picture of Mount Eisenhower on the cover.

Bill O'Toole


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