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New High Capacity Cathode Materials for Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries: Vanadate-Borate Glasses

Semih Afyon, Frank Krumeich, Christian Mensing, Andreas Borgschulte & Reinhard Nesper
V2O5 based materials are attractive cathode alternatives due to the many oxidation state switches of vanadium bringing about a high theoretical specific capacity. However, significant capacity losses are eminent for crystalline V2O5 phases related to the irreversible phase transformations and/or vanadium dissolution starting from the first discharge cycle. These problems can be circumvented if amorphous or glassy vanadium oxide phases are employed. Here, we demonstrate vanadate-borate glasses as high capacity cathode materials for rechargeable Li-ion...

IVT Jahresbericht 2007

ETH Zürich Institut Für Verkehrsplanung Und Transportsysteme
IVT Jahresbericht

HypE: An algorithm for fast hypervolume-based many-objective optimization

Johannes Bader & Eckart Zitzler
In the field of evolutionary multi-criterion optimization, the hypervolume indicator is the only single set quality measure that is known to be strictly monotonic with regard to Pareto dominance: whenever a Pareto set approximation entirely dominates another one, then also the indicator value of the former will be better. This property is of high interest and relevance for problems involving a large number of objective functions. However, the high computational effort required for hypervolume calculation...

Georeferenzierung der Eisenbahnlärmemissionen

Urs Waldner
Das Bundesamt für Verkehr hat den Emissionsplan 2015 für die Eisenbahnlärmemissionen der Schweizerischen Bundesbahnen (SBB) in tabellarischer Form im Internet publiziert. Eine An-frage beim Bahnumweltcenter der Schweizerischen Bundesbahnen ergab leider, dass das gleis-genaue SBB-Eisenbahnnetz mit der Kilometrierung, welche im Emissionsplan verwendet wur-de, Konzerneigentum ist und nur an die kantonalen Lärmfachstellen herausgegeben werden darf. Der vorliegende Arbeitsbericht beschreibt, wie die relevanten Informationen aus dem Text des PDF-Dokumentes in eine relationale Datenbank mit Angaben zu Linien, Linienabschnitten...

Matching of Ikonos stereo and multitemporal GEO Images for DSM Generation

Li Zhang, Maria N. Pateraki & Emmanuel Baltsavias
Investigations on the use of stereo GEO and multitemporal GEO Ikonos images for DSM generation are reported. Both an own d e - veloped matching algorithm and the digital photogrammetric systems LH Systems DPW770 and VirtuoZo were used. In our own matching method, we start with quasi-epipolar image generation, and derivation of approximations using grid point matching based on relaxation. The final matching is a modified multi-image geometrically constrained method. Test results on both methods...

ZIL Annual Report 2004

Swiss Centre For International Agriculture (ZIL)
ZIL Annual Report

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