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Carcinoma Quístico de Mama en Paciente Joven en Hospital de Tercer Nivel, Reporte de Caso y Revisión de la Literatura

Sonia M Flores Moreno, Edelmiro Garza Padilla, Irasema Apodaca Ramos, Sergio Alejandro Del Valle Dávila & Mariana Moncada

The QuIC: Quantitative Intellectual Capital-based methodology for Firm Valuation

Gianpaolo Iazzolino, Giuseppe Migliano & Natale Guarnaccia
The paper proposes a new methodology for evaluating the market value of firms (QuIC – Quantitative Intellectual Capital-based methodology for Firm Valuation) that considers Intellectual Capital (IC) as an important factor that can influence the overall value. Findings show that this approach gives a more fair evaluation able of taking account of the “hidden” value that could remain unconsidered when applying “traditional” valuation approaches. In fact, findings demonstrated that, from a financial standpoint, the difference...

Reputation Risk Management Companies Based on Competence Approach

Kateryna Andriushchenko , Vitalii Lavruk , Sergey Uliganets , Vita Kovtun & Halyna Matviienko
The article substantiates the need to focus on the use of the competence-based approach in managing the reputational risks of an enterprise. The purpose of the article is to identify risk-forming factors affecting the reputation of the enterprise. The article displays a modern approach to managing the reputational risk of an enterprise, which is focused on the use of appropriate methodology and tools for competency-based approach. A scheme for assessing the reputational risks of an...

The Economic Matter Movement and the Mechanism of Business Cycle

Svetlana Yuryevna Rumyantseva
The paper specifies the notion of a business cycle as a specific and universal demonstration of the economic matter movement; reveals the basic research principles of dynamic processes in the economy and their main properties. The author shows how the simple definition of the nature of economic dynamics is filled with a specific and universal content through the lens of the dialectic notion and evolution process.

Optimization of the Sources Structure of Financing the Implementation of Strategic Guidelines for Ensuring the Economic Security of Investment Activities of an Industrial Enterprise

Olexandr Zlotenko, Yevhenii Rudnichenko, Olena Illiashenko, Mykhaylo Voynarenko & Nataliia Havlovska
The purpose of the research is to determine the optimal structure for financing the investment activities of industrial enterprises in the context of ensuring the economic security of such activities. In addition, the use of minimax strategies was substantiated in the direct selection of funding sources and the adoption of appropriate strategic decisions to minimize potential losses. Methodological approaches of strategic management for specifying the strategic guidelines for ensuring the economic security of the investment...


Erni Alwi - Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk: 1) menganalisis pengaruh motivasi, kompetensi dan kepuasan kerja terhadap kinerja pegawai Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan Provinsi Sulawesi Selatan; dan 2) mengetahui variabel yang dominan berpengaruh terhadap kinerja pegawai pada Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan Provinsi Sulawesi Selatan. Data yang digunakan adalah data primer dan data sekunder. Populasi penelitian adalah seluruh pegawai Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan Provinsi Sulawesi Selatan yang berjumlah 105 orang, seluruh populasi dijadikan sebagai responden. Namun,...

Improving Financial Literacy of Undergraduate Students with Supplementary Financial Lessons: A Case of Practical Economics for Daily Life

Channarong Chaiphat
Financial literacy is a vital issue since individuals with financial literacy are able to manage their finance allowing them to live their lives stably with no worry about financial problems. Normally, courses provided by Department of Economics should include lessons to develop financial literacy of undergraduate students. This study aimed to compare financial behavior, attitude and financial literacy of 155 students who registered the Practical Economics for Daily Life Course before and after taking the...

Factors that Positively Influence the Initiation of a Business

Alice Reissová, Jana Šimsová, Kateřina Kovářová & Radek Šimanovský
The aim of this study was to find out which factors are important for the initiation of a business. There were 1034 students from a regional university in the Czech Republic within the research group. It was determined that almost 23% of the students declared a positive attitude towards business and they considered their own business objectives after finishing their studies. By comparing individual factors it was noted that the most important factors were not...

Climate Diagrams Mini-Case Study for Ecology

John Barone
This mini-case study provides undergraduate ecology students with experience in how to read climate diagrams and how to put them together. The activity includes a discussion of actual and potential evapotranspiration.

Budget Financing of Social Risks in Ukraine: Current State and Macro-level Model of Development

Vasiliy Nadraga & Anatolii Balanda
The relevance of the study is due to the need to develop theoretical foundations and applied tools for budget financing of social risks. The results of the study aim at identifying the peculiarities of structuring social risks in Ukraine, as well as directions for minimizing the negative consequences of their actualization. The purpose of the article is the theoretical substantiation of optimization of budget financing of social risks on the basis of the constructed predictive...

An Empirical Study of the Machine Assembly Efficiency Improvement Based on Lean Six Sigma Technique

Chien-Chih Wang & Chun-Ting Liu
Effectively controlling inventory is one of the key factors for small and medium-sized enterprises to make profit. Most small and medium-sized enterprises solve their problems through experience or trial and error, but they are often unable to achieve the desired enterprise performance under limited time and cost. The real case adopted herein covers a manufacturer of optical lens equipment, and the bottleneck is the shortened period of delivery caused by refunded, reduced, and delayed orders...


Irmayunita Tahir - Kinerja keuangan pemerintah daerah menjadi suatu hal yang penting bagi pemerintah daerah dan pihak eksternal.Kinerja keuangan pemerintah daerah merupakan salah satu ukuran yang dapat digunakan untuk memastikan kemampuan daerah dalam melaksanakan aturan pelaksanaan keuangan secara baik dan benar untuk mempertahankan layanan yang diinginkan, di mana penilaian yang lebih tinggi menjadi tuntutan yang harus dipenuhi agar pihak eksternal memutuskan untuk berinvestasi di dalam daerah.Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui dan menganalisis pengaruh faktor pendapatan...

Integrated Information Systems from Internal and External Integration Perspectives as a Prerequisite for Electronic Service Quality

Adel Odeh AL-Hashem & Mohammad Atwah Al-ma’aitah
The objective of this research was to investigate the role of internal and external integration in improving the quality of electronic services in the researched company. To achieve this objective, the proposed study model was tested on a random sample of 224 participants using a questionnaire developed for this purpose. Findings demonstrate that there are significant impacts of both internal and external integration on the quality of electronic services. Therefore, Arab Bank should take into...

Psychometric properties of the Chinese version of Bullying Participant Behaviors Questionnaire

Qingyao Zhang, Zhi-Jin Hou, Xiu Zhang, Jingjuan Zhang, Yueyue Hu, Xiaoluan Guo, Jiangping Zhou & Ying Sun

Improvement of the Method for Selecting Innovation Projects on the Platform of Innovative Supermarket

Petro Pererva, Oleg Besprozvannykh, Viktoriia Tiutlikova, Viktoriia Kovalova, Olga Kudina & Oleksandr Dorokhov
The method of selection of innovative projects on the rating assessment of their economic efficiency was improved in the course of the study. This method implies systematization of different orientation of the lighting aspects of economic efficiency of innovative projects of individual indicators and justification of the procedure of generalization of the integral criterion of economic efficiency. Thus, the indicators of economic efficiency of innovative projects have a very narrow direction of application and allow...

Risk Management Technologies within the System of State Financial Control

Andrey Gennadievich Lukin
The paper analyses international risk management models and identifies possibilities of their application within Russian state financial control. The legislative acts regulating the organisation and implementation of state financial control will need to be changed. Based upon the studies and analysis, a conclusion was drawn as to the application of risk management technology in the system of state financial control. The results can be used for improving risk management technologies within the state financial control...

IPARD 1 Programme - Why and How Its Implementation Did Not Succeed in Macedonia

Elizabeta Mitreva, Tatjana Mitkovska, Oliver Filiposki & Hristijan Gjorshevski
The aim of this study is to analyse the implementation of the IPARD 1 Programme in Macedonia in the period of 2007-2013 in terms of why its implementation did not succeed. The analysis was made from the planning phase of the activities, the way of financing, reasons for failure, the appearance of the first negative indicators of implementation, as well as the operation and functioning of the Agency for Financial Support of Agriculture and Rural...

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