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Prüfungsordnung für den Bachelorstudiengang Sportökonomie an der Universität Paderborn

Universität Paderborn
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A gyógyszerész, mint feltaláló és „fogyasztó” a 19. és 20. század fordulóján

József Révész
A természettudományok, a technika és az orvoslás története a fogyasztó szemével (a 2009. évi ankét anyaga) = History of Science, Technology and Medicine through the Eyes of the Consumer (Papers Presented at the Conference of the Year 2009). Tanulmányok a természettudományok, a technika és az orvoslás történetéből = Studies into the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Heimat (english version)

Jens Jäger & Zentrum Für Zeithistorische Forschung Potsdam

Mystory - The Story of Now and Then

Stefan, Colibaba; Lucia-Elena, Petrescu; Nicoleta, Munteanu
Technology in the case of MyStory project is being used to facilitate access to online information but also to equip the user with transversal competences which can be used either on the virtual or the face-to-face medium. Combining past experiences with present innovative technologies is a means of reviving history in a functional way and making it part of the present dynamics.

On Measuring Non-Recursive Trade-Offs

Hermann Gruber, Markus Holzer & Martin Kutrib
We investigate the phenomenon of non-recursive trade-offs between descriptional systems in an abstract fashion. We aim at categorizing non-recursive trade-offs by bounds on their growth rate, and show how to deduce such bounds in general. We also identify criteria which, in the spirit of abstract language theory, allow us to deduce non-recursive tradeoffs from effective closure properties of language families on the one hand, and differences in the decidability status of basic decision problems on...

Desiccant-assisted air conditioning system relying on solar and geothermal energy during summer and winter

Peter Niemann, Finn Richter, Arne Speerforck & Gerhard Schmitz
At Hamburg University of Technology the combination of an open cycle desiccant-assisted air conditioning system and a geothermal system is investigated in the framework of different research projects for several years. The objective of this study is to investigate the energy efficiency of the overall system and to evaluate the geothermal system during summer and winter mode, based on data measured for a temperate climate region. Monitoring results of the performance for dehumidification and remoistening...

Towards a fifth Gospel via Schillebeeckx and Solle

Ann-Marie Harvey
Summary: The aim of this thesis, Towards ajifth gospel via Schillebeeclx and Solle, is a search for God and God's gospel. It is a quest in which I combine Edward Schillebeeckx's belief that Christian life is a fifth gospel and Dorothee Solle's praxis-orientated theology into a contrapuntal theological conversation. I argue that through each theologian's vision of Christian life a theological and hermeneutical framework is established within which men and women of faith can interpret...

Возможности использования некоторых сортов бородатых ирисов в городском озеленении (с учетом некоторых количественных характеристик)

Н.А. Мамаева, Ю.А. Хохлачева & А.А. Новова
Коллекции декоративных растений ботанических садов становятся более востребованными как экспериментальная база по формированию ассортимента растений для озеленения городов. Цель исследования – отбор из коллекции Iris x hybrida hort. лаборатории декоративных растений ГБС РАН сортов, наиболее перспективных для применения в городских ландшафтных композициях и проектирование модельных цветников. Объекты исследований - 15 сортов Iris x hybrida из разных садовых групп. Выбор сортов осуществляли по 6-ти критериям, основным из которых является их высокая устойчивость в культуре. Сорта изучали...

Recycling-oriented design in soft robotics

Anh Minh Nguyen & Arthur Seibel
Soft robotics is a novel approach in the field of robotics. Soft robots or soft actuators are typically polymer-based and are characterized by their flexibility and adaptability, which brings new far-reaching applications. Soft robotics is currently at the peak of its research. One circumstance that is also present in this age is constant climate change; there is a demand for sustainability. This goes hand in hand with the design of products that are suitable for...

меняя правила

М.А. Старичков
Статья посвящена исследованию вопроса рационального восприятия населением и властями изменений в социальной и экономической жизни и проблемам в процессе выработки соответствующих управленческих решений. В ней рассмотрен ряд естественнонаучных фундаментальных эффектов и закономерностей, связанных с изменениями, действующими безотносительно их контекста и формы. В работе выделяется пять групп проблем, влияющих на рациональность поведения индивидуумов в условиях экономических и социальных изменений: многофакторность происходящих изменений; многовариантность развития событий; субъективизм и когнитивные особенности лиц, принимающих решения; неполнота и асимметрия информации;...

Performance evaluation of a sensor concept for solving the direct kinematics problem of general planar 3-RPR parallel mechanisms by using solely the linear actuators’ orientations

Stefan Schulz
In this paper, we experimentally evaluate the performance of a sensor concept for solving the direct kinematics problem of a general planar 3-RPR parallel mechanism by using solely the linear actuators’ orientations. At first, we review classical methods for solving the direct kinematics problem of parallel mechanisms and discuss their disadvantages on the example of the general planar 3-RPR parallel mechanism, a planar parallel robot with two translational and one rotational degrees of freedom, where...

Tetraploidse punase ristiku seemnepõllu rajamine kattevilja aluse külviga

Ants Bender & Sirje Tamm
In 2013–2014 field trials were organised in Estonian Crop Research Institute to comply with the applied project of the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture. In the establishment of a red clover seed production field 2 cover crops (barley and spring wheat) were investigated on 4 treatments and 4 seed rates (2, 4, 6 and 8 kg ha-1 ). Based on the field trials it can be concluded that both two-row barley (the variety 'Maali') and spring...

Securing the internet of things infrastructure – standards and techniques

Zubair A. Baig
12th Australian Information Security Management Conference. Held on the 1-3 December, 2014 at Edith Cowan University, Joondalup Campus, Perth, Western Australia.

Evaluation of ACT Extended Throughcare Pilot Program

AM Griffiths, F Zmudzki & S Bates
Extended Throughcare is a voluntary program that provides support to detainees returning to the community at the end of their custodial sentence at the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC; the ACT’s only adult correctional facility). ACT Corrective Services clients can be characterised as experiencing multiple disadvantages, including mental health issues, substance abuse issues, low levels of literacy and numeracy, interrupted education and sporadic employment history, as well as high level ofhomelessness. The findings of this report...


K. Michael, T. Celina, B. Julia, B. Antje & D. Rainer
Soil respiration is an important process in all ecosystems and is of increasing attention in context of global change. This paper presents a new approach for soil respiration measurement in the laboratory. The approach is based on the combination of the Analyzer Control Unit (LI-8100A), the Multiplexer (LI-8150) and the cooling incubator (Memmert IPP750plus). The developed approach enables the parallel measurement of soil respiration on up to 15 soil samples under controlled conditions. Furthermore, the...

Novel Emergency Medicine Curriculum Utilizing Self-Directed Learning and the Flipped Classroom Method: Psychiatric Emergencies Small Group Module

King, A,; Greenberger, S,; Prats, M,; Boulger, B,; Tyransky, A,; Thompson, L,; Kman, N,; Leung, MD, C,; Mitzman, J,; Barrie, M,; Khandelwal, S,; San Miguel, C,

Identification of “Black Spots” without Using Accident Information

Samira Roudini, Mahmoudreza Keymanesh & Ali Nasrollahtabar Ahangar
In the present research, identification of so-called black spots with no use of accident information is investigated along “Iraanshahr-Sarbaaz-Chabahr” road in Baluchistan, Iran. First, by an overview on the road, all factors that could potentially contribute into accidents along the road were determined. Next, the road was divided into 8 sections based on uniformity and homogeneity of each section in terms of geometry and regional conditions. At each section, potential black spots were identified and...

Cultural Appropriation and the Plains' Indian Headdress

Marisa Wood
Auctus: The Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship, 2017

Experience of parents whose children with autism spectrum disorder are starting primary school.

Micaela Maria Connolly
The transition to school is considered a key event in a child’s life. It is also a major event in their parents’ lives. Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are considered to be particularly vulnerable in the transition process because of their difficulties with social communication, social interaction and change. Transition programmes that facilitate the child in starting school naturally focus on the child’s needs but a review of the literature revealed little research into...

Metrica e forma nella poesia di oggi

Giacomo Morbiato
Il saggio analizza alcuni libri di poesia italiana pubblicati dopo il 2010 da autori nati negli anni ottanta. L’obiettivo dello studio è verificarne strategie compositive e risorse formali, a partire dallo stato della metrica e dal ruolo a essa riservato nella costruzione del testo. The essay describes some Italian poetry collections published after 2010 by authors born in the 1980s. The aim of this study is to verify their composition strategies and formal resources, starting...

Meteor Storm by Wayne Tefs

Gillian Harding-Russell
Prairie Fire Review of Books, Vol 10, No 2 (2010)


С.В. Макрак
Значимым инструментов повышения эффективности управления материальными ресурсами в сельском хозяйстве, своевременного выполнения механизированных операций является выбор надежных поставщиков. В сельскохозяйственных организациях используется большое количество ресурсов, которые характеризуется многочисленным ассортиментом. С целью определения наилучшего поставщика предлагается методика оценки привлекательности портрета поставщика материальных ресурсов для сельского хозяйства.

Studienprofil: Medienwissenschaft für die Schule

Ben Bachmair
Ein anderes Ausbildungskonzept im Rahmen einer notwendigen Reform erziehungswissenschaftlicher Studiengänge stellt dieser Autor vor: das "European Programm in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies", das als ein einjähriges Studium im Rahmen eines internationalen Universitätsnetzwerks konzipiert ist und das Basis eines Ausbildungsprofil "Medienpädagogik/Medienwissenschaften" im Rahmen der Lehramtausbildung an der Universität Kassel werden soll. (DIPF/Orig.).

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