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On Bisimilarity of Higher-Order Pushdown Automata: Undecidability at Order Two

Christopher Broadbent & Stefan Göller
We show that bisimulation equivalence of order-two pushdown automata is undecidable. Moreover, we study the lower order problem of higher-order pushdown automata, which asks, given an order-k pushdown automaton and some k'= 2 even when the input k-PDA is deterministic and real-time.

Using existing communication tower sites as seismic sites

Amadej Trnkoczy
New Manual of Seismological Observatory Practice 2 (NMSOP2)

Global Distribution of Total Cloud Cover and Cloud Type Amounts Over the Ocean

Stephen Warren, Carol Hahn, Julius London, Robert Chervin & Roy Jenne
This is the fourth of a series of atlases to result from a study of the global cloud distribution from ground-based observations. The first two atlases (NCAR/TN-201+STR and NCAR/TN-241+STR) described the frequency of occurrence of each cloud type and the co-occurrence of different types, but included no information about cloud amounts. The third atlas (NCAR/TN- 273+STR) described, for the land areas of the earth, the average total cloud cover and the amounts of each cloud...

Business Models Principles

DataCite Business Practices Working Group
1 Introduction 2 Research Data 3 Allocation Agency Responsibilities 3.1 Contracts 3.2 Services offered 3.3 Costs and fee schedules 3.4 Prefixes 4 DataCite client responsibilities 4.1 Commitment to data persistence 4.2 Metadata 4.3 Landing Pages 4.4 Tombstone Pages 4.5 Granularity of Data 4.6 DOI Syntax

User's Guide to NCAR CCM2

Linda Bath, James Rosinski & Jerry Olson
This User's Guide describes the overall design of the most recent version of the NCAR Community Climate Model, CCM2. In addition to in-depth information about running the CCM2 model code, the User's Guide gives a detailed description of the code organization and data structures so that CCM2 can be modified by users as mandated by their particular research requirements. Section I of this report, titled "Using CCM2," presents sample scripts for executing the Model, describes...

P2.1.21 Identification of Pneumonia Based on an Electronic Nose

Shih-Wen Chiu, Hung-Yi Hsieh, Shang-Ren Yang, Kea-Tiong Tang, Han-Wen Kuo, Li-Chun Wang & Chung-Hung Shih
Pneumonia is the main reason which causes patients death in hospital. The novelty breath gas analysis method probability offers doctors to identify and monitor this clinical condition immediately. But the gas analysis equipments, such as gas chromatography (GC) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), are very accurate but expensive, time consuming, and nonportable. The electronic nose (e-Nose) which has advantages of low cost and easy operation is more suitable to realize an infection pneumonia early...

Assessing the comparative risk of plant protection products to honey bees, non-target arthropods and non-Apis bees

Mark Miles & Anne Alix
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 437; 30-38

Using CCSM3 for paleoclimate applications

Nan Rosenbloom, Christine Shields, Esther Brady, Sam Levis & Stephen Yeager
This document describes the procedures for creating a CCSM3 paleoclimate simulation in the fully coupled (all active components) configuration. We provide tools and examples of the process used to create paleoclimate simulations using the computing resources at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). This document is to be used as a guide; researchers are ultimately responsible for modifying the process to accommodate their time period of interest as well as adapting the tools to...

Role of Endogenous Vitamin E in Renal Ischemic Preconditioning Process: Differences between Male and Female Rats

Simin Aryamanesh, Seyyed Meisam Ebrahimi, Nahid Abotaleb, Maliheh Nobakht & Parvaneh Rahimi-Moghaddam
Iranian Biomedical Journal (IBJ); ISSN 1028-852X

GHOST Balloon Data Volume VIII: Balloon 60TA

Samuel Solot
Early Global Horizontal Sounding Technique (GHOST) balloon tests have resulted in valuable upper air wind data, particularly in the data-poor mid-latitudes over southern hemisphere oceans. This publication was prepared to meet the requests for obtaining this particular data. This is part one of Volume VIII which presents positional and wind data and a trajectory map for the 60TA GHOST balloon test launched at Christchurch, New Zealand. NCAR/TN-34 was published in eleven volumes.

Nationale VersorgungsLeitlinie Chronische KHK. 2. Auflage. Modul Medikamentöse Therapie. Leitlinien-Report

Ärztliches Zentrum Für Qualität In Der Medizin (ÄZQ)

Cytogenetic and FMS-Like Tyrosine Kinase 3 Mutation Analyses in Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia Patients

Marjan Yaghmaie, Kamran Alimoghaddam, Hossein Mozdarani, Ardeshir Ghavamzadeh, Marjan Hajhashemi, Mozaffar Aznab & Seyed H. Ghaffari
Iranian Biomedical Journal (IBJ); ISSN 1028-852X

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