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Сборник тезисов научно-практического семинара«Люминесценция и её применение в народном хозяйстве»

Д.А. Макаренков
Люминесцентные материалы относятся к числу важных материалов и находят многочисленное применение в различных областях народного хозяйства, науки и техники. В публикуемом сборнике представлены работы сотрудников НИЦ «Курчатовский Институт» - ИРЕА, а также других организаций, посвященные синтезу, исследованию и применению люминофоров различной природы. Часть этих работ доложена на научно-практическом семинаре «Люминесценция и её применение в народном хозяйстве», состоявшемся 15 марта 2018 года в г. Москве.

Der spatial turn und die Geschichtsschreibung zu Ostmitteleuropa in Deutschland

Peter Haslinger
First, this article focuses on the question of how the historiography on Eastern European in German-speaking countries reflected on questions of space and territoriality before the appearance of the spatial turn. Second, it gives an insight into recent trends in this field of research and summarizes the most important works on the modern history of East Central Europe that can be placed in this context. It comes to the conclusion that it would be too...

Von Electronic Government und Smart Government: Mehr als elektrifizieren!

Prof. Dr. Kuno Schedler
E-Government versucht, analoge Verwaltungsprozesse durch digitale Prozesse zu ersetzen. Smart Government denkt Verwaltung anders: Im Zentrum stehen Daten, nicht die bisherigen Prozesse und Zuständigkeiten.

Felles IKT-arkitekturprinsipper for universitets- og høgskolesektoren

Bård Jakobsen, Ørjan D. Pettersen, Heidi Joanne Bergh-Hoff, Jan Erik Garshol, Carl-Fredrik Sørensen, Johnny Hansen & Geir Vangen
UH-sektorens IKT-arkitekturprinsipper er en konkretisering av Difis overordnede IT arkitekturprinsipper for offentlig sektor.

Stochastic modeling for the COMET-assay

Anne-Laure Boulesteix, V. Hösel & V. Liebscher
We present a stochastic model for single cell gel electrophoresis (COMET-assay) data. Essential is the use of point process structures, renewal theory and reduction to intensity histograms for further data analysis.

Higher-order corrections to the energy loss cross sections of high-energy muons

Alexander Sandrock
In this thesis corrections to the energy loss cross sections of high-energy muons are calculated. Over a large part of the energy range investigated by very large volume neutrino telescopes such as IceCube, pair production and bremsstrahlung dominate the energy loss. The theoretical uncertainties on the energy loss cross sections influence the experimental results as systematic uncertainties. These corrections are important for the energy reconstruction of high-energy muons which are observed in particle and astroparticle...

Developed Spoke Cavity Module for Main Linac of China ADS HOM Simulations and Damping Scheme for CEPC Cavities

Zhongquan Li, Jianshe Cao, Yunlong Chi, Feisi He, Shaopeng Li, Haiying Lin, Qiang Ma, Zheng Mi, Weimin Pan, Peng Sha, Bo Xu, Jiyuan Zhai & Xinying Zhang
During past five year, two kind of spoke of Beta equal 0.21 and 0.40 were developed at IHEP CAS, the spoke cavity of beta 0.21 was adopted to accelerate proton from 10 to 32MeV, and 32 to 160MeV for beta 0.40 spoke cavity. Up to now, two kind of naked spoke cavities have been test in vertical, also the module of beta 0.21 spoke cavity, which equipped the liquid helium jacket, magnetic shield layer and...

Corra: Computational framework and tools for LC-MS discovery and targeted mass spectrometry-based proteomics

Mi-Youn Brusniak, Bernd Bodenmiller, David Campbell, Kelly Cooke, James Eddes, Andrew Garbutt, Hollis Lau, Simon Letarte, Lukas N. Müller, Vagisha Sharma, Olga Vitek, Ning Zhang, Ruedi Aebersold & Julian D. Watts
Background Quantitative proteomics holds great promise for identifying proteins that are differentially abundant between populations representing different physiological or disease states. A range of computational tools is now available for both isotopically labeled and label-free liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) based quantitative proteomics. However, they are generally not comparable to each other in terms of functionality, user interfaces, information input/output, and do not readily facilitate appropriate statistical data analysis. These limitations, along with the array...

The Significance of Orthographic-Fragment-Knowledge for Dyslexia

Kristina Isabella Klein
Die vorliegende Arbeit untersucht implizites Lernen von orthographischen Fragmentwissen von Kindern der 1. - 4. Klasse im Umgang mit schriftsprachlichem Material und die Bedeutung dieses impliziten Wissenserwerbes bezüglich der Rechtschreibstörung. Die Fähigkeit, implizit zu lernen und implizit erworbenes Wissen anzuwenden, wurde anhand eines Artificial Grammar Learning-Experimentes (AGL) untersucht. Hierfür werden Buchstabenreihen (Items) mit Hilfe einer künstlichen Grammatik gebildet. Ein Teil dieser Items (Lernitems) wird in einer Lernphase den Probanden präsentiert. Die Probanden haben die Aufgabe,...

Supplementary table -Supplemental material for Infarct location is associated with quality of life after mild ischemic stroke

Chen Lin, Rajbeer Sangha, Jungwha Lee, Carlos Corado, Anvesh Jalasutram, Neil Chatterjee, Carson Ingo, Timothy Carroll & Shyam Prabhakaran
Supplemental material, Supplementary table for Infarct location is associated with quality of life after mild ischemic stroke by Chen Lin, Rajbeer Sangha, Jungwha Lee, Carlos Corado, Anvesh Jalasutram, Neil Chatterjee, Carson Ingo, Timothy Carroll and Shyam Prabhakaran in International Journal of Stroke

Hsp60 and interleukins expression in the skeletal muscle and its implications in exercise and cachexia

Rosario Barone, Filippo Macaluso, Claudia Sangiorgi, Daniela D’Amico, Antonella Marino Gammazza, Claudia Campanella, Francesco Cappello, Giovanni Zummo, Felicia Farina & Valentina Di Felice
Heat shock protein 60 (Hsp60) is a chaperon localizing in skeletal muscle mitochondria, whose role is poorly understood. This chaperone has been found also in other cellular localizations. In the three years we studied the levels of Hsp60 in fibres of the entire posterior group of hindlimb muscles (gastrocnemius, soleus, and plantaris) in mice after completing a 6-week endurance training program. In this evaluation we correlated Hsp60 levels with the expression of four isoforms of...

Axion predictions in Grand Unified Theories

Anne Ernst
Axion/WIMP workshop 2018, Patras 2018, Hamburg, Germany, 18 Jun 2018 - 22 Jun 2018

Occurrence download S._macrospermum

Atlas Of Living Australia
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Does Air Pollution Cause Mortality?

Lester B. Lave & Eugene P. Seskin
Hundreds of studies (for literature review, see Anderson, 1967; Lave and Seskin, 1970; and NAS, 1973, 1975) have documented the association between air pollution and mortality and morbidity rates. A wide variety of air pollutants has been studied in many geographical settings involving people from a wide variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. None of the studies is entirely satisfactory, and many are so flawed as to be useless.

Espondilodiscite na Infância

M.ª Manuela Costa & Jorge Mineiro
A espondilodiscite na infância é uma doença rara, cuja etiopatogenia é ainda assunto de alguma controvérsia. O tipo de vascularização sanguínea da unidade funcional da coluna permite a infecção directa do disco intervertebral na criança, pelo que actualmente se considere que a causa seja infecciosa. Os autores fazem a revisão das formas de apresentação clínica, laboratorial e os principais diagnósticos diferenciais. De entre os meios complementares de diagnóstico dão principal relevo aos exames imagiológicos, nomeadamente...

Viewpoint Selection for Liquid Animations

Chihiro Suzuki & Takashi Kanai
We propose a viewpoint selection method for time-varying liquid shapes in order to select the best viewpoint for liquid animations. First, viewpoint evaluation is performed by a combination of three evaluation terms; occlusion term, spatial feature term, and temporal feature term, and the viewpoint having the maximum evaluation value is selected as the “best viewpoint”. Through various experiments, it was confirmed that the results of this method is consistent with human intuition and that it...

Effects of NOx compounds on heme-containing enzymes

Yanxiang Lu
Nitric oxide (NO) has been shown to be involved in many important biological processes. The biochemical pathways of these processes share two common features: the enzymatic synthesis of NO from L-arginine and the formation of an iron-nitrosyl complex in a target (heme) protein to evoke the function of purpose. The odd electron of NO causes the heme-nitrosyl compounds to become paramagnetic and thus detectable by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Spectroscopy. Heme-nitrosyl EPR signals have been...

Smaller Parameters for Vertex Cover Kernelization

Eva-Maria C. Hols & Stefan Kratsch
We revisit the topic of polynomial kernels for Vertex Cover relative to structural parameters. Our starting point is a recent paper due to Fomin and Strømme [WG 2016] who gave a kernel with O(|X|^{12}) vertices when X is a vertex set such that each connected component of G-X contains at most one cycle, i.e., X is a modulator to a pseudoforest. We strongly generalize this result by using modulators to d-quasi-forests, i.e., graphs where each...

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