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Poverty and Social Exclusion in the United Kingdom: Qualitative Research Phase 1: Focus Groups, 2010

D. Gordon
Focus group interviews were conducted between November and December 2010 in five different locations, including in each of the four territories comprising the UK: Bristol, Cardiff, London, Glasgow and Belfast. Separate group interviews were conducted amongst low income samples (5 groups), non-low income samples (5 groups), and mixed income samples (4 groups). These groups were also stratified by household type (11 groups) and minority ethnic status (3 groups). The Poverty and Social Exclusion in the...

Millennium Cohort Study: Longitudinal Family File, 2001-2015

Institute Of Education University Of London
The MCS longitudinal family file can be used for research that focuses on a single sweep of MCS or for a project that requires more than one sweep. The file contains information about the outcomes of a family in each sweep. This means that it can be used to follow cases longitudinally. It also includes the weights that have been calculated for sweeps 1 to 6 and the user can use them either for research...

Analysing Partnership in the Catholic Church Aid Chain, 2005-2007

S. Morse
This is a qualitative data collection.<br> <br> The primary aim of the project was to develop and test an analytical framework for partnership in aid chains. The framework was derived by analysing the aid chain of the Catholic Church, focussing specifically on the relationships between the diocese of Abuja Ecclesiastical Province (AEP) and four major Catholic-based donors (Misereor, CAFOD, Trocaire and Catholic Relief Services (CRS)). A semi-structured questionnaire was designed to explore aspects of partnership....

Family Practices during Life-Threatening Illness: Exploring the Everyday, 2007-2008

Ellis, J., University Of Sheffield, School Of Health And Related Research (SCHARR)
This is a qualitative data collection. These data were collected as part of a PhD project which explored the experiences of individuals living in a family where a member was dying or had a life-threatening illness. This was an ethnographic study which combined informal, in-depth interviews with nine families and participant observation on a hospice ward. Participant observations and the interviews from one family have not been archived due to consent restrictions; therefore the collection...

Informal Networks and the Representation of Workers’ Interests in the United Kingdom Audio-Visual Industries, 2004-2005

V. Antcliff, M. Stuart & R. Saundry
This project explored the nature and functions of a range of informal networks developed by freelance workers to represent and defend their interests in the UK audio-visual (AV) industries. The structure of employment in this sector has changed considerably over the past two decades. Worker insecurity and uncertainty have developed as permanent jobs are replaced by freelance and short-term contracts. Over this period Trade Union influence and recognition has been eroded while the importance of...

Understanding Health Variations and Policy Variations, 1999

M. Powell & M. Exworthy
The aim of this study was to undertake an empirical analysis of the policy process in the NHS, in order to examine how policy towards health inequalities is formulated and how that policy is translated vertically into local policy. How and why local policies differ within health authorities and other agencies was also considered, and how these initiatives are evaluated at local level.<br> <br> The first stage of the research project was a review of...

British Oral Archive of Political and Administrative History, 1920-1980

A. Seldon
This study is available via the UK Data Service <a href="http://discover.ukdataservice.ac.uk/QualiBank" title="QualiBank">QualiBank</a>, an online tool for browsing, searching and citing the content of selected qualitative data collections held at the UK Data Service. <br> <br> This is a qualitative data collection. <i>British Oral Archive of Political and Administrative History</i> (BOAPAH) was a pilot project conducted by the British Library of Political and Economic Science in 1979-1980, and financed by a Social Science Research Council grant....

Constructing Children's Welfare : a Comparative Study of Professional Practice, 2000-2001

A. James & A. L. James
Taking as its starting point the suggestion that children's everyday lives and social experiences are shaped by cultural constructions of childhood and ideas about what children should be (James and Prout 1990; James, Jenks and Prout 1998), this research sought to compare and contrast how prevailing models of childhood are selectively drawn upon and interpreted by Guardians <i>ad litem</i> (GALs) and Family Court Welfare Officers (FCWOs) in their everyday working lives, in order to explore...

Prevention and Coping in Child and Family Care, 2001-2002

M. Sheppard
This qualitative study focused on vulnerable families with child care problems who did not receive social work support. It examined the ways mothers, who generally take primary responsibility for care of their children, cope with child care problems without this support.<br> <br> The researchers interviewed 99 mothers who were the subject of consecutive referrals to two district social services child care teams, but who were seen only briefly and not taken on for longer term...

Black Immigrants to Britain, 1890-1975

P. Thompson
This study is available via the UK Data Service <a href='http://discover.ukdataservice.ac.uk/QualiBank'>QualiBank</a>, an online tool for browsing, searching and citing the content of selected qualitative data collections held at the UK Data Service.<br> <br> Life-history interviews with black immigrants born before 1911 focusing on family life, community and work experience in England and Wales before 1918. The interview schedule covered first impressions of Britain; domestic routine, including the roles of husbands, wives and children; meals; the...

The Power of Law in Municipal Politics, 1983-1992

A. Stewart & D. S. Cooper
This study comprises 23 in-depth/unstructured interview transcripts and explores the effects of changing legal regulation between 1983 and 1992 on relations of power within local government. Focusing in particular on housing, education and member relations, the research explores the complex effects of legislation, case law, legal knowledge and legal culture on service delivery, structural arrangements, policy development and relations between municipal actors (councillors, officers and community representatives in particular). The investigators are also interested in...

Multi-Choice Policing Resources for Post-Conflict Situations: Rwanda and Liberia, 2006-2007

B. Baker
The study examines all forms of policing in post-conflict Rwanda and Liberia, to establish the scale and nature of the various forms of policing and the manner in which they were adapting to the post-conflict environment. <br> <br> The data consists of semi-structured interview transcripts, focus groups, observation notes and images with providers of policing, users of policing and other key figures.<br> <br> The research examined:<br> <ul><li>perceptions of the public, policing agencies and state as...

Cross-Generational Investigation of the Making of Heterosexual Relationships, 1912-2003

J. Hockey, A. Meah & V. Robinson
This study represents the first major UK-based empirical study of the making of heterosexual relationships over the last 80 years. Making intimacy and the practices of everyday life its core focus, it asks how women and men manage and subjectively experience the institution of heterosexuality. Taking up VanEvery's (1996) argument that marriage and the family are heterosexuality's hegemonic manifestations, the study uses a life course perspective to investigate the processes through which women and men...

Family Life and Work Experience before 1918, Middle and Upper Class Families in the Early 20th Century, 1870-1977

P. Thompson
This study looks at middle and upper class family life in the early twentieth century and uses both documentary research and interviews. It was designed to complement the existing national quota sample of interviews, collected for the <i>Family Life and Work Experience before 1918</i> project (available at the UKDA under SN 2000), with 62 further interviews, focusing on child rearing and gender roles. It was intended to represent both entrepreneurial and higher professional families, including...

Inventing Adulthoods, 1996-2006

S. McGrellis, J. Holland, R. Thomson, S. Henderson & S. Sharpe
The <i>Inventing Adulthoods</i> (IA) archive currently consists of qualitative interview transcripts for 30 young people interviewed up to six times. Transcripts for a further 20 young people will be included in the archive in the near future. <i>Inventing Adulthoods</i> is a qualitative longitudinal (QL) study that 'walked alongside' young people as they moved from early teenage years to young adulthood in five contrasting areas of England and Northern Ireland. This dataset showcases the biographical material...

Parenting of Youth: Social Protection and Economic Dependence, 2001

G. Jones
Youth has changed significantly in the course of a generation and the experiences of young people are different from those of their parents. The period of economic dependence has been extended and the role of the state in social protection has been transformed, as more emphasis has been placed on the responsibilities of parents. The perceptions and impact of these changes are likely to vary between social groups, but there has been little research done...

Psephological Datasets, 1702-1865; Shrewsbury Poll Books, 1814

F. Crompton
Study No. 3033 comprises a computer transcript of the Shrewsbury poll books in order to investigate voting behaviour using nominal record linkage. This series of datasets contains information collected from poll books in the course of research and teaching.

Enlisting the Help of Friendly Bacteria: Probiotics and Visions of Health, Nutrition and Science in a Modern World, 2007

B. Nerlich
This is a qualitative data collection.<br> <br> Probiotics are defined as a culture of bacteria which will, when consumed, colonise the stomach and have a beneficial effect on the host. In the past they were used almost exclusively in hospitals for treatment of health conditions associated with the digestive tract. However, in recent years yoghurts and drinks containing probiotics have been marketed to the general public as health products, despite the fact that their health...

Gendering Latin American Independence, 1790-1850

C. Brewster, C. Liddell, I. Macintyre, H. Owen & C. Davies
The project was a textual and historical study that investigated the ideas and activities of women who, as a social group, contributed to the making of public culture in early nineteenth-century Latin America but were largely excluded from it. It examined how gender shaped the political discourses of Latin American independence. Some of the research questions were: What were the links between politics and sexual difference? How were women constructed as subjects and objects in...

Doing Embryo Ethics: Safety and Efficacy in Research and Practice, 2004-2007

A. Kerr
This qualitative project explored the social and discursive construction of ethics in research laboratories and clinics working with human embyros. The dataset contains semi-structured interviews with clinicians, scientists, and related professionals.<br> <br> The study contributed towards understanding scientific governance in contemporary society, focusing upon the multiple ways in which ethics are played out in the clinic and the laboratory, and the relationships between these types of 'everyday ethics' and ethical discourses in other professional, political...

Counselling and Society: a Case Study of Voluntary Sector Counselling Provision in Scotland, 1960-2002

L. Bondi
This research project examined the changing place of voluntary sector counselling in Scottish society by investigating the extent and character of voluntary sector counselling services, and by exploring the meaning and nature of counselling work to those involved in its provision. Over 100 in-depth qualitative interviews were carried out, 55 of which are archived in this collection.

North East Referendum Campaign and Media Coverage, 2003-2005

A. Tickell, S. Musson & P. John
The North East referendum of November 2004 asked voters whether an elected assembly should be created for the region. The referendum aimed to formalise New Labour's regional programme in England and to mirror the creation of elected assemblies in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and London. Initially, referendums had been planned in three northern English regions, including the North West, Yorkshire and the Humber and the North East. However, two referendums were cancelled by the government...

Defamation in the Lothians and Argyll, 1750-1800

L. Leneman
The aim of the project was to transcribe and analyse the records of all cases of scandal (i.e. defamation) in the Edinburgh and Argyll Commissary Courts between 1750 and 1800.<br> <br> There has been a good deal of work done on this subject for early modern England (and some for early modern America), much of it stressing the gendered nature of insult. This material was gathered in order to investigate the extent to which the...

1968: A Student Generation in Revolt, 1945-1985

R. Fraser
This study is available via the UK Data Service <a href="http://discover.ukdataservice.ac.uk/QualiBank/">Qualibank</a>, an online tool for browsing, searching and citing the content of selected qualitative data collections held at the UK Data Service.<br> <br> This material formed part of a larger project which explored the memories, motivations and experiences of those involved in the politically radical, student movements of the late 1960s, in six of the West’s industrialised countries. <br> <br> Interviews with leaders of the...

DIY Heart Health: Accounting for the Use of Statins, 2010-2011

C. Will & K. Weiner
This is a qualitative data collection.<br> <br> This project was designed to investigate lay ideas/practices concerning heart health in the context of debates about appropriate regulation of preventive drugs (i.e. sale direct to consumers; sale ‘over-the-counter’ (OTC) in pharmacies; or prescription). The initial proposal centered on users of statins purchased direct from pharmacists, but the research was extended to consider people who had been offered prescription statins for primary prevention. The researchers set out to...

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