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Affluent Worker in the Class Structure, 1961-1962: Special Licence Access

J. H. Goldthorpe & D. Lockwood
A selected sample of this study, listed under SN 6512: Affluent Worker in the Class Structure, 1961-1962, is available via the UK Data Service <a href="http://discover.ukdataservice.ac.uk/QualiBank/">Qualibank</a>, an online tool for browsing, searching and citing the content of selected qualitative data collections held at the UK Data Service. <br> <br> The 'Affluent Worker' project was undertaken to test empirically the thesis of working class embourgeoisement. Conducted in the early 1960s, the empirical study consisted of interviews...

Biographical Interviews in Eastern Germany in 2007-08

A. Gallinat
The purpose of the data is to investigate to what degree the socialist past is constructed in the post socialist present of eastern Germany. Specifically, the project sought to explore: (1) the contentious character of memories of the socialist period, the changing and still unstable evaluations of that period, and the moral ambiguities condensed in these memories; (2) the connections between history, memorializing and remembering at various levels of dialogue and reflection, from policies about...

National Child Development Study: \"Imagine you are 25\" Essays (Sweep 2, Age 11), 1969

UCL Institute Of Education University College London
<i>National Child Development Study: “Imagine you are 25” Essays (sweep 2, age 11)</i><br> When the NCDS cohort members were 11 years old, at the time of the NCDS 2 sweep, they were given a short questionnaire to complete at school about their interests outside school, the school subjects they enjoyed most, and what they thought they were most likely to do when they left secondary school. In addition, they were asked to write an essay...

Border Discourse. Changing Nations, changing Identities, changing Stories in Polish and German Border Communities, 1998-2001

D. Galasinski & F. Meinhof
This is a qualitative data collection. The project targeted three-generation families living in corresponding sets of geographically contiguous border communities on the border between the EU and some of its Eastern and Southern neighbours, in the case of this dataset on the border between the German town of Guben and the Polish town of Gubin. The communities on which the research focussed on have undergone major socio-political, highly conflictual changes during the lifetimes of all...

Old People in Long-Stay Institutions, 1965-1970

P. Townsend
This study examined the provision and quality of care for elderly people in long-stay institutions. The collection includes: visit reports from a range of local authority and private homes, nursing homes, general and psychiatric hospitals; and notes based on interviews carried out with nursing and administrative staff in three case study hospitals. A draft report based on the research was prepared but not finalised or published.

Belonging: Mass Observation Project Correspondents' Writings, 2010

This study is available via the UK Data Service <a href="http://discover.ukdataservice.ac.uk/QualiBank/">Qualibank</a>, an online tool for browsing, searching and citing the content of selected qualitative data collections held at the UK Data Service.<br> <br> This research results from the work of the social research organisation, Mass-Observation, founded in 1937 to create an 'anthropology of ourselves'. Material was collected from a team of observers and a panel of volunteer writers who aimed to study the everyday lives...

Visual Communication in the Learning of Science, 1996-1997

G. Kress & J. M. Ogborn
The objectives of this study were:<br> to analyse and document the variety of roles of visual communication in school science texts, and in visual images in use In science classrooms, and their influences on science education, taking account of the context of the school within the larger social context and its increasing orientation to visual communication; <br> to provide a typology of kinds and functions of visual images, in text books and in classroom practice,...

Disadvantaged Young Adults' Perceptions and Understandings of Electronic Cigarettes, 2015-2016

A. Amos, M. Lucherini & C. Rooke
Background: Smoking uptake has been declining in young adults (16-24 year olds) in the UK. However, concerns have been expressed that the emergence of e-cigarettes, while offering the potential to reduce smoking in adults, may have a negative impact on smoking in young people. Particular concern has focused on the possible gateway effect of e-cigarettes. Also that the increased visibility of e-cigarettes and the messages and imagery used in e-cigarette marketing, which often echoes that...

Situating Men within Global Care Chains: the Migrant Handyman Phenomenon, 2008-2009

M. Kilkey
This is a qualitative data collection. Research has documented the return of paid domestic labour in the Global North. Studies have shown how it is migrant workers who are supplying much of this domestic labour, and the concept of global care chains has been developed to capture this. The research has tended to focus on how women are situated within these global care chains. This project, however, aims to illuminate and make sense of some...

Emotional Experience and Quality of Life Following a Spinal Cord Injury: an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, 2007-2008

D. Allan, A. Dickson & R. O’Carroll
The primary objective of this research project was to establish what it means to live with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) on the basis of the lived experiences of the injured individual and partner caregiver. Seventeen semi-structured interviews were conducted with individuals with a SCI. Eleven in-depth semi-structured interviews were conducted with partner caregivers of individuals with a SCI. The interviews were transcribed verbatim and were subjected to Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA).<br> <br> On the...

Women Workers in North-East Shipyards During the Second World War, 1939-1945

I. Roberts
This project conducted interviews with 45 women about their experiences as workers in the shipbuilding and ship-repair yards of the North-East of England during the Second World War. The project explored the women’s experience of work within a very traditional male dominated occupational world. The primary aim was to secure an oral history record and to establish a resource for future researchers. In addition, the interviews contributed to contemporary historical reassessments, which aimed to accord...

Meaning of Wellness and Resilience for Older People with Osteoarthritis, 2008-2009

J. Richardson
This is a qualitative data collection. This project aimed to explore the meaning of wellness and resilience for older people with osteoarthritis (OA) through a year-long qualitative study. This included looking at the relationship between resilience and use of health services; and at transitions in health experiences. A further aim was to explore the feasibility and acceptability of a longitudinal participant controlled method.<br> <br> Interviews were carried out with 27 older people who reported a...

Communities within Communities: a Longitudinal Approach to Minority/Majority Relationships and Social Cohesion, 2008-2009

K. Tyler
This research addresses social cohesion at the community level, and how this has evolved over a forty year period in a multicultural setting in a place in Surrey.<br> <br> It aims to bridge the potential tensions between the community approach pursued by national and local government agencies and the lived complexities of multicultural areas of Britain.<br> <br> The research focuses on a location that includes established white Italian-Sicilian and Asian Pakistani minorities and the majority...

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