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Blogforever D4.1: User Requirements And Platform Specifications

H. Kalb, N. Kasioumis, J. Garcia Llopis, S. Postaci, S. Arango-Docio, I. Trochidis & V. Banos
This report specifies requirements for the BlogForever archive and preservation system. Therefore, requirements descriptions are assembled from several sources like the description of work and former deliverables. Additionally, 26 semi-structured interviews were conducted to identify additional requirements as well as to validate the already described requirements. The report illustrates the method of interview conduction and qualitative analysis. It includes a description of relevant stakeholders and requirement categories. The identified requirements are specified in a standardised...

Blogforever D4.4: Digital Repository Component Design

J. Garcia Llopis, R. Jimenez Encinar, K. Stepanyan, Y. Kim, A. Haberfield, S. Postaci, G. Gkotsis, P. Lazaridou, A. Cinar, H. Kalb, V. Banos, S. Arango-Docio, N. Kasioumis, T. Simko, G. Banu Lateci & E. Pinsent
This report describes in detail the design, architecture and features of the BlogForever's weblog digital repository (web application). First of all, we introduce the Invenio software platform and its merits, explaining the reasons why we decided it should be the basis for the BlogForever digital repository.
Then we present a review of the past and current work and highlight how our fi ndings aff ected and supported some of the key decisions regarding
the design...

Blogforever D4.5: Initial Weblog Digital Repository Prototype

S. Postaci, A. Cinar, G. Banu Lateci, J. Garcia Lloppis, R. Jimenez Encinar, V. Banos, A. Papadopoulos, I. Trochidis, K. Davarinos, L. Kolovou, C. Kontas & P. Chatzikamaris
This report presents the implementation activities carried out for the BlogForever digital repository component. In this respect, it provides detailed implementation descriptions as well as the testing activities of the implemented features according to their feature specifi cations. Furthermore, this report outlines the adopted collaboration workflow together
with the technologies utilised.

Towards A Generic Model For Figure-Ground Segmentation

Jonas Kubilius, Johan Wagemans & Hans P. Op de Beeck
While multiple studies investigate the properties of the earliest and final stages of visual information processing, the underlying transformations leading from simple edge detection to object recognition remain seemingly intractable. To tackle this problem, we take a step back and ask what mechanisms could lead to a successful figure-ground segmentation of a given image. We propose the following conceptual framework: (i) alternating steps of feature detection and feature pooling (grouping) in a hierarchical manner; (ii)...

Sensitivity To Nonaccidental Configurations Of Twoline Stimuli

Charlotte Sleurs, Jonas Kubilius, Hans P. Op de Beeck & Johan Wagemans
According to recognition-by-components theory, object recognition relies on a specific subset of three-dimensional shapes called geons. In particular, these configurations are a powerful cue to a three dimensional object reconstruction because their two dimensional projection remains viewpoint-invariant. While a large body of literature has demonstrated sensitivity to changes in these so-called non-accidental configurations, it remains unclear what information is used in establishing such sensitivity. In this study, we explored a possibility that non-accidental configurations can...

Supporting Cloud Deployment In The Guifi.Net Community Network

Javi Jimenez, Roger Baig, Pau Escrich, Amin M Khan, Felix Freitag, Leandro Navarro, Ermanno Pietrosemoli, Marco Zennaro, Amir H Payberah & Vladimir Vlassov
Community networking is an emerging model of a shared communication infrastructure in which communities of citizens build and own open networks. Community networks offer successfully IP-based networking to the user. Cloud computing infrastructures however, while common in today's Internet, hardy exist in community networks. We explain our approach to bring clouds into the Guifi.net community network. For this we have started integrating part of our cloud prototype into the Guifi.net community network management tools. A...

Sustaining Librarian Vitality: Embedded Librarianship Model For Health Sciences Libraries

Lin Wu & Misa Mi
Embedded librarianship model for health sciences libraries.

Vectorization With Haswell And Cilkplus

Fumero Alfonso Juan José & Nowak Andrzej
Project Specification:
This project concerns the parallel computing and vectorization field for Physics Computing at CERN. The document summarises the results and experience from vectorization activities and an initial evaluation of the CilkPlus technology with two different benchmarks from CERN.
With the release of the Intel Sandy Bridge processor, vectorization ceased to be a “nice to have” feature and became a necessity. This work is focused on optimization, running comparative measurements of available vectorization...

Python Scripts Made To Help Predict Bacterial Oxygen Requirements Based On Proteome Composition

Dan B. Jensen; Center For Biological Sequence Analysis, Department Of Systems Biology, The Technical University Of Denmark, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark & David W. Ussery; Center For Biological Sequence Analysis, Department Of Systems Biology, The Technical University Of Denmark, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark, And Current Address
Additional file 7 Title: Trainer Description: Calculating likelihoods from PFAM training matrices Additional file 8 Title: Predicter Description: Predicting the classes of a genome's PFAM domain profile, based on the likelihood file created by the trainer Additional file 9 Title: Evaluator Description: Evaluates the predictive performance of the predicter, calculated as Matthew's Correlation Coefficient

Diagramas Y Biopoder. Discusiones Sobre Las Sociedades De Control.

Adán Salinas Araya
Resumen: El artículo pretende una discusión con la idea de sociedad de control, en el marco de un análisis biopolítico. Para ello propone un doble juego. Por una parte, explicitar las dificultades de tal categoría en las propuestas de Hardt, Negri y Deleuze; y en segundo lugar, releer tales propuestas a partir del análisis del neoliberalismo, propuesto por Foucault. La hipótesis básica es que las indecisiones y dificultades de tal categoría, muestran la necesidad de...

El Hombre Empresa Como Proyecto Ético-Político. Lecturas De Michel Foucault

Adán Salinas
Resumen: El artículo pretende explorar la categoría de hombre-empresa, que Foucault propuso como uno de los dispositivos o interfaces claves del poder en el contexto del neoliberalismo. A través de esta categoría se muestra una particular forma de poder sobre la vida, o biopoder, que es distinto al tipo de poder de la sociedad disciplinaria, aunque tiene relaciones de continuidad con este último. En tal sentido el artículo maneja la hipótesis de la superposición o...

E-Infrastructure For The 21St Century

EIROforum IT Working Group
EIROforum partners are intergovernmental research organisations – CERN, ESA, EMBL, EFDA, ESO, European XFEL, ILL and ESRF – covering disciplines ranging from particle physics, space science and biology to fusion research, astronomy, and neutron and photon sciences. The partner organisations have a truly European governance, funding and remit, and in many cases share a global engagement. They are world leaders in basic research, as well as in managing and operating large research infrastructures and facilities....

The Gravitationally Consistent Sea-Level Fingerprint Of Future Terrestrial Ice Loss

G. Spada, J. L. Bamber & R. T. W. L. Hurkmans
We solve the sea-level equation to investigate the pattern of the gravitationally self-consistent sea-level variations (fingerprints) corresponding to modeled scenarios of future terrestrial ice melt. These were obtained from separate ice dynamics and surface mass balance models for the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets and by a regionalized mass balance model for glaciers and ice caps. For our mid-range scenario, the ice melt component of total sea-level change attains its largest amplitude in the equatorial...

Asynchrony In Image Analysis: Using The Luminance-To-Response-Latency Relationship To Improve Segmentation

Pierre-Yves Burgi & Thierry Pun
We deal with the probiem of segmenting static images, a procedure known to be difficult in the case of very noisy patterns, The proposed approach rests on the transformation of a static image into a data flow in which the first image points to be processed are the brighter ones. This solution, inspired by human perception, in which strong luminances elicit reactions from the visual system before weaker ones, has led to the notion of...

Computational Screening Of Functionalized Zinc Porphyrins For Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

Kristian Baruël Ørnsø, Juan Maria Garcia-Lastra & Kristian Sommer Thygesen
Poster presenting our recent paper in which we have performed a computational Density Functional Theory based screening of 1029 functionalized zinc porphyrins dyes for use in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells. We present the fundamental and optical gaps and use these to asign a level alignment quality to the dye candidates.

Performance Improvements For The Atlas Detector Simulation Framework

Almalioglu Yasin, Salzburger Andreas & Ritsch Elmar
Many physics and performance studies carried out with the ATLAS detector at the Long Hadron Collider (LHC) require very large event samples. A detailed simulation for the detector, however, requires a great amount of CPU resources. In addition to detailed simulation, fast techniques and new setups are developed and extensively used to supply large event samples. In addition to the development of new techniques and setups, it is still possible to find some performance improvements...

Introducing Zenodo

Lars Holm Nielsen & Tim Smith
Poster describing ZENODO presented at the RDA in Washington, USA

Greek Academic Libraries During A Period Of Economical Downturn: Strategies Of Survival Based On Self-Funding And Innovation

Παπαδάκη Ευαγγελία Papadaki Evangelia
Greek financial indicators are having been following a negative trajectory for three years by now and pressures for extended bugdet cuts are imposed in all economic domains. Greek Academic Libraries, which are completely depended on public funds, are also victims of that policy of budget reductions. Statistical data collected amd published annually by M.O.P.A.B., reflect clearly this situation for the years 2009 and 2010. At the same time, academic libraries worldwide have already mentioned their...

Dini-Zertifikat 2013 - Request For Comments

Daniel Beucke, Sammy David, Thomas Hartmann, Isabella Meinecke, Katja Mruck, Marianna Mühlhölzer, Uwe Müller, Heinz Pampel, Frank Scholze, Tobias Steinke, Friedrich Summann, Paul Vierkant, Michaela Voigt & Dennis Zielke
Das wissenschaftliche Publikationswesen ist ein wesentlicher Stützpfeiler des wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnisfortschritts und der Wissenschaft insgesamt. Zu seinen Kennzeichen gehören (a) die Organisation einer effektiven Kommunikation zwischen Wissenschaftler/-innen (i.e. zwischen Autor/-innen und allen potentiellen Rezipient/-innen, d.h. die Sicherstellung einer adäquaten Verbreitung), (b) ein hohes Maß an Vertrauenswürdigkeit, das den Nutzer/-innen des Publikationswesens (i.e. den Wissenschaftler/-innen) vermittelt wird (z.B. in Bezug auf das Prioritätsrecht, die Wahrung des Urheberrechts sowie die Authentizität und die inhaltliche Qualität wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten), (c)...

Pro-Eel Brochure: Towards Reproduction And A Self-Sustained Aquaculture Of European Eel

Jonna Tomkiewicz
The aim of the PRO-EEL project is to breed the European eel (Anguilla anguilla) in captivity. Eel reproduction has become a crucial area of research due to a severe decline in the natural stock, resulting in an urgent need to shift from capture-based aquaculture to the breeding of eels for a self-sustainable aquaculture.

Pace: Simple Multi-Hop Scheduling For Single-Radio 802.11-Based Stub Wireless Mesh Networks

Filipe Ribeiro, Rui Campos, David Rua, Carlos Pinho & José Ruela
IEEE 802.11-based Stub Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) are a cost-effective and flexible solution to extend wired network infrastructures. Yet, they suffer from two major problems: inefficiency and unfairness. A number of approaches have been proposed to tackle these problems, but they are too restrictive, highly complex, or require time synchronization and modifications to the IEEE 802.11 MAC. PACE is a simple multi-hop scheduling mechanism for Stub WMNs overlaid on the IEEE 802.11 MAC that jointly...

On The Topology Characterization Of Guifi.Net

Llorenç Cerdà-Alabern
In this paper it is analyzed the topology of Guifi.net Wireless Community Network (WCN). WCN have emerged in recent years organized and deployed by the cooperation of its own customers. WCN keep parallelisms with the construction of the Internet, and seems logical to look for common characteristics among them. More specifically, it is investigated whether there are topology patterns of Guifi.net, and to what extend they share the power-law properties that have been found to...

Blogforever: D2.1 Survey Implementation Report

S. Arango-Docio, P. Sleeman & H. Kalb
This report outlines a principal study aiming to inform the development of preservation and dissemination solutions for blogs. To achieve this, the study encompassed: [i] a user survey exploring the aspects of blog preservation and blogging practices in general; [ii] an investigation into the use of tools and technologies within the Blogosphere; and finally [iii] an inquiry into the recent theoretical and technological advances for analysing blogs and their networks. The results of the study,...

Open Data Barometer - Research Handbook

Timothy Davies
This is an archived copy of the 2013 Open Data Barometer Researchers Handbook. You can find out more about the Open Data Barometer at www.opendatabarometer.org The Barometer study was undertaken with support of the Open Data Institute, and the World Wide Web Foundation, and formed a pilot as part of the Common Assessment Methods components of the Exploring the Emerging Impacts of Open Data project. The Handbook contains detailed definitions of questions asked during the...

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