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Development Of Monitoring And Analysis Tools For The Huawei Cloud Storage System

Veronia Bahaa, Maria Arsuaga-Rios & Seppo S. Heikkila
Abstract CERN is the largest research centre for particle physics research in the world. Experiments generate large amounts of data which must be stored, processed and analysed. The storage solutions should provide large data capacity, scalability and reliability. The openlab CERN-Huawei partnership aims at testing and evaluating the performance of the Huawei Universal Distributed Storage system. Benchmarking and monitoring tools are developed to investigate the storage system behaviour. This report describes the upgrades done for...

Governance Arrangements And Initiatives In Paris, France

Angéline Escafré-Dublet & Christine Lelévrier
Analysis of local governance arrangements and initiatives in Paris, France that target social cohesion, social mobility and economic performance.

Transcripción, Edición Crítica, Estudio Preliminar Y Notas Del Entremés (1789) De Teresa Cónsul

Álvaro Arias
Álvaro Arias. Transcripción, edición crítica, estudio preliminar y notas del Entremés (1789) de Teresa Cónsul. Cartafueyos de Lliteratura Escaecida 11 (1996). ISBN: 84-8168-059-1. http://personales.uniovi.es/web/ariasal/

The Role Of Electron Microscopy In The Assessment Of Dermatomyositis: A Retrospective Pilot Study On Skeletal Muscle Biopsies

Hisham Alkhalidi
Aims: To assess the contribution of electron microscopy in the process of muscle biopsies evaluation for dermatomyositis. Study Design: Retrospective review of muscle biopsy cases. Place and Duration of Study: Pathology Department of King Khalid University Hospital, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from January 2008 to January 2012. Methodology: Samples from cases suspected to have dermatomyositis were reviewed for light and ultrastructural morphological examination. Tubuloreticular inclusions (TRI) were considered present if these undulating tubules...

Vertex-Mean Graphs

A. Lourdusamy & M. Seenivasan
A graph that has a Smarandachely vertex-mean k-labeling is called Smarandachely k vertex-mean graph or Smarandachely k V -mean graph. Particularly, if k = 0, such a Smarandachely vertex-mean 0-labeling and Smarandachely 0 vertex-mean graph or Smarandachely 0 V -mean graph is called a vertex-mean labeling and a vertex-mean graph or V -mean graph, respectively.

Development of a Scalable and Distributed System for Precise Performance Analysis of Communication Networks

Fiona Klute
This thesis proposes a packet generation and measurement tool for communication networks, called the Lightweight Universal Network Analyzer (LUNA). LUNA is designed to allow per packet analysis, and has been optimized for use with PREEMPT RT Linux to enhance realtime performance. A timing analysis shows the advantages this provides for precise packet generation. LUNA also works on standard Linux kernels, albeit with reduced precision. Mimicing realistic network loads for analysis may require the creation of...

The Safety And Effectiveness Of Single And Repeat Dosing Of Intra-Articular Anti-Tumour Necrosis Factor Treatment After Failure Of Intra-Articular Steroids

Justin Chia & Janet Pope
Objectives: To determine if intra-articular (ia) anti-tumour necrosis factor (TNF) yielded benefit in patients failing ia steroid injections and determine the safety and durability of single and repeated ia anti-TNF treatment in inflammatory arthritis. Methods: Patients with inflammatory arthritis having one or two active joints, and having failed previous ia steroids were injected with ia adalimumab or ia etanercept mixed with triamcinolone and lidocaine via a retrospective chart audit. Results: Twenty-six patients were followed: 18...

On A Smarandache Multiplicative Function And Its Parity

Wenjing Xiong
The main purpose of this paper is using the elementary and analytic methods to study the parity of U(n), and give an interesting asymptotic formula for it.

On The Divergence Of The Smarandache Harmonic Series

Florian Luca
For any positive integer n let S(n) be the minimal positive integer m such that
n I m!.

Analysis Of The Competitive Environment Of Tourist Destinations Aiming At Attracting Fdi By Applying Porter'S Five Forces Model

Gordana Dobrivojević
Aims: The aim of this article is to come to the conclusion whether Porter’s five forces model can be adjusted for the purpose of assessing competitive environment of the tourist destination, in order to attract Tourism Foreign Direct Investments (TFDI), and use it as such as an alternative method for comprehension and enhancement of competitive advantage. Study design: Research paper. Methodology: The research relies on the well-known Porter’s five forces, which the author adjusted and...

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Investigation Of The Optical And Dielectric Properties Of The Urea L-Malic Acid Nlo Single Crystal

Sagadevan Suresh
Single crystals of urea L-malic acid were grown by the slow evaporation technique. The single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis reveals that the crystal belongs to the monoclinic system. The optical transmission study reveals the transparency of the crystal in the entire visible region and the cut off wavelength has been found to be 210 nm. The optical band gap is found to be 5.90 eV. Optical constants such as the band gap, refractive index, reflectance,...

Enabling Meaningful Affiliation Searches In The Ads

Carolyn S. Grant, Donna M. Thompson, Roman Chyla, Alexandra Holachek, Alberto Accomazzi, Edwin A. Henneken, Michael J. Kurtz, James Luker & Stephen S. Murray
For many years, users have wanted to search affiliations in the ADS in order to build institutional databases and to help with author disambiguation. Although we provide this capability to those who ask, it can not be used reliably, primarily because of the lack of uniform representation of the affiliation data. In an effort to make affiliation searches more meaningful, we have designed a two-tiered hierarchy of standard institutional names based on Ringgold identifiers with...


Алексей Всеволодович Васильев
Развит метод аппроксимации сигналов обобщенным полиномом на основе кусочно- линейных базисных функций импульсного пилообразного типа и его использование в построении операционных математических моделей непрерывных динамических систем.
Рассмотрен иллюстративный пример применения метода к анализу математической модели динамической системы второго порядка в программной среде системы «Mathematica®». ---- О. V. Vasyliev, V. V. Vasylyev, L. A. Simak
Approximation-operaing method of analysis of dynamic systems based on local sawtooth basis A method for signal approximation via generalized polynomial-based piecewise-linear...


Алексей Всеволодович Васильев, Всеволод Викторович Васильев & Лилия Алексеевна Симак
Рассмотрен сопоставительный анализ математических моделей классических
двухполюсных элементов электрических цепей и фрактального двухполюсного элемента.
Показано, что такой элемент является обобщением классических элементов.
Предложены схемы замещения фрактального двухполюсного элемента для
периодических режимов фрактальных электрических цепей. Обсуждаются
размерности фрактора в системе единиц измерения СИ. --- A. V. Vasylyev, V. V. Vasylyev, L. A. Simak
Fractor as generalization of classical electrical components In this paper the comparative analysis of mathematical models of the classical two-terminal elements of electrical...


Алексей Всеволодович Васильев, Всеволод Викторович Васильев & Лилия Алексеевна Симак
Для аналитической аппроксимации и последующей обработки непрерывных и
дискретизированных сигналов, заданных на конечном интервале изменения аргумента и сопровождаемых высокочастотными помехами и ошибками измерений применен метод S-преобразования. В качестве системы базисных функций использована система ортогональных полиномов Лежандра, приведенных к интервалу определения сигналов.
Выведены выражения для определения операционной матрицы интегрирования целого и дробного порядков в базисе смещенных полиномов Лежандра. Приведены примеры последующей обработки аппроксимированных сигналов (низкочастотной фильтрации, определения производных различных целых и дробных (по Капуто и Риману–Лиувиллю)...


Всеволод Викторович Васильев & Лилия Алексеевна Симак
Книга посвящена аппроксимационно-операционным методам моделирования
динамических систем дробного и смешанного порядков. Рассмотрены методы
аппроксимации сигналов обобщенными полиномами с различными системами
базисных функций, построение на основе этих методов операционных исчислений
неклассического типа и их применений к математическому и компьютерному
моделированию динамических систем, описываемых интегро-дифференциальными
уравнениями, включающими интегро-дифференциальные операторы как целых, так и
дробных порядков. Приведен сопоставительный анализ дробного исчисления и
классического математического анализа. Обсуждаются вопросы реализации
интеграторов нецелых порядков и применения дробного исчисления в различных

Repository Profile: Repository and CRIS at the University of Porto. COAR Repository Observatory

Lígia Maria Ribeiro
At the University of Porto (U.Porto) both repository and CRIS are being used as part of the local e-infrastructure. U.Porto Open Repository is the largest institutional repository on RCAAP, the Portuguese Open Access Scientific Repository, hosting 32.616 full text CC-BY works as of September 2014. SIGARRA-CRIS and U.Porto Open Repository are interoperable. When on the SIGARRA-CRIS the full text of a publication is registered and available on a CC BY basis both the corresponding metadata...

Sherborne Developmental Movement Method As A Form Of Support For Therapy In Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders = Metoda Ruchu Rozwijającego Weroniki Sherborne Jako Forma Wspomagania W Terapii Dzieci Ze Spektrum Autyzmu

Marta Wieczorek & Beata Kuriata
Wieczorek Marta, Kuriata Beata. Sherborne Developmental Movement Method as a form of support for therapy in children with autism spectrum disorders = Metoda Ruchu Rozwijającego Weroniki Sherborne jako forma wspomagania w terapii dzieci ze spektrum autyzmu. Journal of Health Sciences. 2014;4(13):95-103. ISSN 1429-9623 / 2300-665X. http://journal.rsw.edu.pl/index.php/JHS/article/view/2014%3B4%2811%29%3A95-103 http://ojs.ukw.edu.pl/index.php/johs/article/view/2014%3B4%2811%29%3A95-103 https://pbn.nauka.gov.pl/works/509727 DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.13247 http://dx.doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.13247 The former journal has had 5 points in Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland parametric evaluation. Part B item 1107. (17.12.2013). ©...

Catalog management at CDS

VizieR provides access to the most complete library of published astronomical
catalogues (data tables and associated data) available on line and organized
in a self-documented database (11769 catalogues in november 2013).
The VizieR search engine use indexation based on several criteria which needs
the expertise of scientists and documentalists to ingest each catalog. These
metadata go with an efficient position search engine adapted to big data
(Gaia simulation catalog has more...

Repository Profile: Rcaap & Ptcris. Coar Repository Observatory

João Moreira
RCAAP (Repositório Cientifico de Acesso Aberto de Portugal) is the main instrument for open access development in Portugal. It is a national open access initiative with 42 Institutional Repositories, one shared repository with 30 institutions, 30 Scientific journals and ore than 185.000 OA docs. PTCRIS is a program that aims to ensure the creation and sustained development of a national integrated information ecosystem (PTCRIS) to support research management.

Repository Profile: University Of Glasgow: "Enlighten" Ir & Research System. Coar Repository Observatory

Valerie McCutcheon & William Nixon
The University of Glasgow has established the “Enlighten” IR and Research system. The IR holds 72,000 items for institutional peer-reviewed journal articles, published conference papers, books and book chapters. The Research System is an in-house-built system holding research information for institutional research activity, including people, organisations, projects and outputs. It is dynamically linked to the Enlighten IR.

El Caso De Interoperabilidad Para Repositorios De Acceso Abierto

Eloy Rodrigues & Abby Clobridge
Los Repositorios de Acceso Abierto, cuyo nombre ha ido en aumento, son un componente importante de la infraestructura de e-investigación. El valor real de los repositorios recae en el potencial de interconexión para crear una red de repositorios, una red que puede proveer un acceso unificado a los resultados de la investigación y son (re-) utilizados por las máquinas y los investigadores.
Sin embargo, para lograr este potencial, necesitamos interoperabilidad. El propósito de este documento...

The Current State Of Open Access Repository Interoperability (2012)

COAR Working Group 2: Repository Interoperability, Eloy Rodrigues & Abby Clobridge
The report provides an overview of the current interoperability landscape in terms of the types of services that are now possible because of recent research and development efforts from throughout the Open Access community. The report covers seven areas of focus for current interoperability initiatives, and it provides overviews of nineteen key interoperability initiatives. The intended audience includes institutions and repository managers operating at different points in terms of infrastructure, resources, and institutional support. For...

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