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Une Nouvelle Fourmi [Hym.] De Cuba.

F. Santschi
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Innovative Aircraft Design – Options for a New Medium Range Aircraft

Dieter Scholz
Task was to find an innovative aircraft design for a new medium range aircraft. The aircraft design methodology is based on equations (in contrast to numeric methods) and formal optimization with a genetic algorithm called differential evolution. Airbus has postponed an all-new A320 to 2025 or even 2030. This allows including also unconventional configurations into the search. Economic requirements are extreme: 25 % to 40 % reduction in fuel consumption, 35 % reduction in Cash...

Open Access Publishing in Aerospace – Opportunities and Pitfalls

Dieter Scholz
The first Open Access (OA) peer reviewed online journals in aerospace were all established after 2007. Still today more and more OA aerospace journals get started. Many publishers are located in less developed countries. The benefits of OA publishing are undisputed in the academic community, but there is disagreement if the new publishers can work to required standards. The current situation is evaluated based on an Internet review. OA journals in aerospace are listed with...

Metodika ocenki funkcional''nogo sostojanija psihomotornoj reguljacii u bol''nyh so spinnomozgovoj travmoj [Methods assess the functional state of psychomotor regulation in patients with SCI]

G.M. Kavalerskiy, K.S. Ternovoy, V.Y. Bogachev, A.P. Romanchuk, N.E. Nikushkina & M.A. Lebedeva
The features of psychomotor coordination and sensorimotor reactivity were examined in patients with spinal cervical and/or thoracic injury. Decreases of the tested movement speed and the rate of accuracy and the disturbances in function of sensorimotor error correction were found out. In the same patients adequate parameters of attention and sensorimotor timing responses to visual and auditory stimuli were detected. Thus the revealed adaptive functional reorganization in psychomotor regulation may indemnify for neurological deficits in...

Differentsiatsiya patologii sosudistoy sistemyi v usloviyah sanatorno-kurortnoy reabilitatsii [Differentiation of the vascular system pathology in the sanatorium rehabilitation]

L. A. Noskin, A. V. Panenko, V.V. Pivovarov, N. A. Chugunova, L. M. Agekian & A. P. Romanchuk
To differentiate various levels of clinical family history of vascular disease at the level of functional tension of the body, we used the methods of diagnosis multifunctional sanogenetic: anthropometry, spiroarteriokardioritmografiya (SACR) and laser correlation spectroscopy (LCS) of blood plasma and urine.
The study involved 318 men and women aged 15 to 70 years (mean age was 43,8 ± 10,2 g of a) with different clinical forms of vascular lesions, which were divided into two nosological...

Osobennosti funkcionalnogo sostoyaniya serdechno -sosudistoj i dyxatelnoj sistem pri vertebro -visceralnom sindrome [Features functional state of cardiovascular and respiratory system in vertebra-visceral syndrome]

G.M. Kavalerskiy, K.S. Ternovoy, V.Yu. Bogachev, A.P. Romanchuk & M.A. Lebedeva
103 patients with a trauma of cervical and/or thorax parts of a spine column during all periods of traumatic disease were examined by means of persistent and non-invasive method of spiroarteriocardiorythmography. The aim of the study was to evaluate the functional sufficiency of cardiovascular and respiratory systems of patients with spinal cord injury. All patients were also executed with modern highly technological researches: MRI, C.T. Results of researches MRI, C.T. speak only about damage localization...

Blind Beamforming In A Cyclostationary Context Using An Optimally Weighted Quadratic Cost Function

Ph. Loubaton & C. Vignat
Publication in the conference proceedings of EUSIPCO, Trieste, Italy, 1996

WDS Annual Report 2012–13

Mustapha Mokrane, Rorie Edmunds & Bernard Minster
Annual Report of the World Data System for the period 2012–13

WDS Annual Report 2013–14

Mustapha Mokrane, Rorie Edmunds & Bernard Minster
Annual Report of the World Data System for the period 2013–14.

WDS Annual Report 2014–15

Mustapha Mokrane, Rorie Edmunds & Bernard Minster
Annual Report of the World Data System for the period 2014–15

World Data System Strategic Plan 2014–2018

Mustapha Mokrane, Rorie Edmunds & WDS Scientific Committee 2012–2015
Trusted Data Services for Global Science. ICSU WDS Strategic Plan 2014–2018 was published by the WDS International Programme Office in June 2014. It was drafted by the WDS Scientific Committee in consultation with WDS Members.

World Data System (WDS) Data Sharing Principles

Claudia Emerson, Elaine M. Faustman, Mustapha Mokrane & Sandy Harrison
The International Council for Science – World Data System (ICSU-WDS) Data Sharing Principles were developed by its Scientific Committee in consultation with its member organizations. The Principles express core ethical commitments that are operationalized in WDS Certification and embody the spirit of ‘open science’ meant to unite diverse communities of data producers and data users, and thus could be adopted by anyone pursuing science for the public good.

Dassault/Dornier ALPHA JET - Ein deutsch-französisches Rüstungskooperationsprojekt

Rainer Stadelmann
Die Entwicklung des ALPHA JET begann 1969 als deutsch-französisches Rüstungskooperationsprojekt zur Entwicklung eines gemeinsamen Schulflugzeugs. Dieses wurde in Deutschland Mitte der 70er Jahre zu einem leichten Jagdbomber umgewandelt. Ab 1979 wurde der ALPHA JET in die Luftwaffe eingeführt und ab 1980 als leichter Jagdbomber verwendet. Er sollte im vorderen Gefechtsfeld und in der Hubschrauberbekämpfung eingesetzt werden. Zusätzlich diente er als Schulflugzeug für zukünftige Tornadobesatzungen. Wegen der Restrukturierung der Bundeswehr, der bevorstehenden Einführung des Euro Fighters...

Manufacturing the Future – The Case for Metals

Keith Ridgeway
There appears to be a relentless push to introduce more and more composite materials into aircraft manufacture. But what is happening in the metals industry? What new techniques are being developed and introduced and how can metals maintain competitiveness? And importantly how will these techniques come together in the component manufacturing facility of the future “Factory 2050”? The presentation discusses “The case for metals”.

Nescent Annual Report, Year 10

Allen Rodrigo, Todd Vision, Brian Wiegmann & Susan Alberts
Executive Summary NESCent experienced an exceptionally busy year in 2014. We coordinated the organization of Evolution 2014, which was a time-consuming but, ultimately, highly successful event. We also busied ourselves with our wind-down activities and spent a great deal of time planning for what NESCent is likely to become. The center has been granted a no-cost extension of funding through November 30, 2015. We have instituted a plan and a timeline for winding down that...

Characterization Of Metal Objects Using Polarizability Tensor

WRB Lionheart & PD Ledger
Recent work has demonstrated that the response of a conductive object to a low frequency alternating magnetic field, in which the eddy current approximation is valid, can be approximated using a rank-2 tensor dependent only on the shape, size,, conductivity and permeability of the object. We present numerical and experimental examples of these polarizability tensors and the relevance of these findings to the location of low-metallic content anti-personnel land mines, and distinguishing them from other...

Some Aspects Of The Investigation Of Crimes In The Sphere Of Movement Of Computer Information: Forensic Analysis

Бегжанов Шамухаммет Баймухамметович
The information in modern conditions was the subject of activities of the company and the product, and the process of its creation, storage, transmission and processing today, in turn, creates new social relations and changes in existing ones. New information technologies have brought with them into the general system of forming and processing the negative effects associated with intentional violation of the formation and processing of data, ie, computer crime. Cybercrime information lately in the...

Subcarrier Allocation In A Multiuser Mimo Channel Using Linear Programming

Tiina Heikkinen & Ari Hottinen
Publication in the conference proceedings of EUSIPCO, Florence, Italy, 2006

Subband Decomposition And Frequency Warping For Spectral Estimation

David Bonacci, Patrice Michel & Corinne Mailhes
Publication in the conference proceedings of EUSIPCO, Toulouse, France, 2002

A New Solenopsis (Diplorhoptrum) Species From Florida (Hym.: Formicidae).

C. R. Thompson
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Efficient Implementation Of Optical Flow Algorithm Based On Directional Filters On A Gpu Using Cuda

Ivar Austvoll, Robert Hegner, Tom Ryen & Guido Schuster
Publication in the conference proceedings of EUSIPCO, Barcelona, Spain, 2011

A New Species Of Telenomus Parasitic On Geocoris (Hymenoptera: Proctotrupoidea; Hemiptera: Lygaeidae) In California.

G. Gordh & R. A. Coker
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Hyperspectral Coded Aperture (Hyca): A New Technique For Hyperspectral Compressive Sensing

José Bioucas-Dias, Gabriel Martin & Antonio Plaza
Publication in the conference proceedings of EUSIPCO, Marrakech, Morocco, 2013

Social Imagination

Carolina Di Prospero
This is a short paper that proposes an approach to the activity of live coding as an artistic configuration constituted in a creative practice from improvisation, openness and constant exploration. I just want to share some thoughts about sociability in live coding, in terms of “imagined community” (Anderson 1991) to address this collective aspect. The approach is anthropological, through ethnographic field work from which the method seeks to explore some combination between a scope, actors...

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