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Targeting And Persuasive Advertising

Alain (Autor/in) Egli
Firms face a prisoner's dilemma when advertising in a competitive environment. In a Hotelling framework with persuasive advertisingfirms counteract this prisoner's dilemma with targeting. The firms even solve the prisoner's problem if targeted advertising is effective enough. Advertising turns from wasteful competition into profits. This is in contrast to wasteful competition as argument for regulations. A further result is maximum advertising differentiation: thefirms target their advertising to the extremes in the market.

On Holders, Blades And Other Tie-In Sales

Alain (Autor/in) Egli
Tie-in sales have a bad image because of anti-competitive effects. Notably, tying contracts allow monopolists to carry over monopoly power into markets where they meet competition. Most of the literature assumes a firm being monopolist in one market and facing competition in another. In contrast, we analyze two firms which both are monopolists in one market and competitors in the other. Under such a symmetric structure tying has competitive effects. Tie-in sales may increase the...

A Review Paper Onoffline Signature Recognition System Using Radon Transform , Genetic Algorithm And Neural Network

Assit. Prof. Amit Puri Rabia Verma*
Biometrics, which refers to identifying an individual based on his or her physiological or behavioral characteristics, has the capability to reliably distinguish between an authorized person and an imposter. Signature verification systems can be categorized as offline (static) and online (dynamic). This paper presents neural network based recognition of offline signatures system that is trained with low-resolution scanned signature images using Randon Transform with Genetic Algorithm. The signature of a person is an important biometric...

The Formation Of Ethylene Glycol And Other Complex Organic Molecules In Star-Forming Regions

V. M. Rivilla, M. Beltrán, R. Cesaroni, F. Fontani, C. Codella & Q. Zhang
We study the molecular abundance and spatial distribution of the simplest sugar alcohol, ethylene glycol (EG), the simplest sugar glycoladehyde (GA), and other chemically related complex organic species towards the massive star-forming region G31.41+0.31. We have analyzed multiple single dish and interferometric data, and obtained excitation temperatures and column densities using an LTE analysis. We have reported for the first time the presence of EG towards G31.41+0.31, and we have also detected multiple transitions of...

Using Rfid To Enhance Security In Off-Site Data Storage

Miguel A. Lopez-Carmona, Ivan Marsa-Maestre, Enrique de la Hoz & Juan R. Velasco
Off-site data storage is one of the most widely used strategies in enterprises of all sizes to improve business continuity. In medium-to-large size enterprises, the off-site data storage processes are usually outsourced to specialized providers. However, outsourcing the storage of critical business information assets raises serious security considerations, some of which are usually either disregarded or incorrectly addressed by service providers. This article reviews these security considerations and presents a radio frequency identification (RFID)-based, off-site,...

Evaluación De La Utilización De Las Nuevas Herramientas 2.0 Y De La Web Social En Las Estrategias De Difusión Y Diseminación De Las Agencias Y Unidades De Evaluación De Tecnologías Sanitarias

Lorea Galnares-Cordero, Iñaki Gutiérrez-Ibarluzea, Leticia Cuéllar, Mercedes Guerra, Antonio Hernández, Teresa Mejuto, Antonio Parada, Antonio Romero & Montserrat Salas-Valero
Introduction: In recent years it has raised the need for an effective process of diffusion and dissemination of the information in the healthcare field. Health Technology Assessment (HTA) organizations have not been oblivious to this approach, carrying out different policies for diffusion and dissemination of their products. HTA bodies should adapt their policies to the new functionalities that Internet allows, by means of using the different tools of Web 2.0. Publishing platforms developed around Web...

The Effect Of Four Weeks Hiit Training With The Use Of L-Carnitine On Fat Percentage Of Trained Overweight Women

Maryam Karimi, Ebrahim Karimi & Sepideh Mizani
The change in phenotype of adipose tissue as a result of practice is a new theory that has recently been proposed and its cell-molecular mechanism is under investigation. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of high-intensity interval associated with consumption of L-Carnitine on body composition factors in the selective Orexin hormone. The population was trained overweight women, 25 to 35, and out of which, 40 persons voluntarily participated in the study...

Rehabilitation In Patients With Myocardial Infarction - A Historical Review And Reflection On The Total, Cardiovascular Mortality And The Risk Of Recurrent Myocardial Infarction

Tanya Megova & Ivan Maznev
The aim of this study was to review the literature regarding the impact of rehabilitation on prognosis in patients with acute myocardial infarction. Cardio-rehabilitation is administered routinely in practice over the last two centuries. It underwent significant development in our times and is characterized by an accelerated rate and by the application of very intense exercise. Numerous studies in recent decades prove beyond doubt the benefits of cardio-rehabilitation in patients with acute myocardial infarction. It...

Prevention Methods And Types Of Academic Misconduct

Mostafa Setamdideh, Aidin Memarbashi & Loghman Ghaderi
Purpose and Background: The purpose of the present study is to examine the influence of prevention methods on the incidence of different types of academic misconduct. Plagiarism is a pervasive occurrence and educational systems have had to deal with it and paid a lot because of it for a long time. Methodology: The method of this study is descriptive, in terms of implementation, it is a survey, and in terms of purpose, it is practical....

The Association Of Self-Efficiency And Self-Esteem With Social Development Of Athletic And Non-Athletic Adolescents Of Malekan Town

Ali Amini & Farnaz Daneshmand
Social development is a continuous concept as are physical and psychological development which gradually evolves toward perfection. The objective of present study is to examine the association of self-efficiency and self-esteem with social development of male athletic and non-athletic adolescents. The statistical population of present study includes all male students of high schools in Malekan Town. The statistical sample is composed of 110 non-athletic students and 110 athletic students playing in group sports of volleyball,...

The Relationship Between Fitness And Body Composition With General Health Of Non-Athlete High School Students In Miandoab

Behrooz Sadoogi, Mostafa Setamdideh & Yousef Esmailyan
The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between physical fitness and body composition with overall health of non-athlete high school boys of Miandoab in 2014-2015 school year. One hundred one students were selected by convenience sampling method. To check the physical fitness, subjects' indices such abdominal muscle endurance (sit up), flexibility (seated hand stretch to toe), cardiorespiratory endurance (548 meter race), agility (4 in 9 meters race) shoulder girdle muscles endurance (modified...

A Comparison Of Dysfunctional Thoughts Between Active And Passive Students Of Razavi University Of Islamic Sciences

Mahmood Bahremand & Mohsen Vaez Havas
Inefficient mental representation and negative cognitive structures are occurring when a negative event would active inefficient schema. Negative schemas are continuing when people apply a false logic. For example, generalize too much negative items or have more attention to negative issues. One of the measures of inefficient thoughts is depression. Depression is one of the most common psychiatric disorders. The World Health Organization classified depression in the fourth row of the most acute problems of...

Udar Niedokrwienny Mózgu - Postępowanie Przedszpitalne I Wczesnoszpitalne = Ischemic Stroke - The Procedure Prehospital And Hospital

Joanna Siminska, Katarzyna Pietkun, Piotr Porzych, Iwona Głowacka, Sebastian Grzyb, Wojciech Hagner, Kinga Grobelska & Krystyna Nowacka
Siminska Joanna, Pietkun Katarzyna, Porzych Piotr, Głowacka Iwona, Grzyb Sebastian, Hagner Wojciech, Grobelska Kinga, Nowacka Krystyna. Udar niedokrwienny mózgu - postępowanie przedszpitalne i wczesnoszpitalne = Ischemic stroke - the procedure prehospital and hospital. Journal of Education, Health and Sport. 2016;6(8):439-453. eISSN 2391-8306. DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.60875 http://ojs.ukw.edu.pl/index.php/johs/article/view/3779 The journal has had 7 points in Ministry of Science and Higher Education parametric evaluation. Part B item 755 (23.12.2015). 755 Journal of Education, Health and Sport eISSN 2391-8306 7...

A Rnn-Lc Hybrid Equalizer

Magno Silva & Max Gerken
Publication in the conference proceedings of EUSIPCO, Toulouse, France, 2002

Anisotropic Wavelet Thresholding For Bayesian Image Denoising

G. Jacovitti & A. Neri
Publication in the conference proceedings of EUSIPCO, Toulouse, France, 2002

The Role Of Physical Activity In Anthropometric Parameters At Teenage Girls In Different Kind Of Sports

Aida Bendo & Laura Derhemi
The aim of the study is to compare the levels of physical activity and anthropometric parameters during the curricular time of a 45 minutes physical education lesson three time a week, in different kind of sports: volleyboll, basketball and athletics. A total of 88 teenage girls aged from 13-14 years old from “Pjetër Budi” elementary school in Tirana, have taken part volunteering in this study. The study period lasted from September to June 2014. The...

Comparison The Anthropometric Characteristics Of 7-14 Years Old Girls With Nchs Standard

Mohammad Jahanmahin, Mahtab Sahari & Rasoul Nasiri
Purpose: The purpose of this study was comparison the anthropometric characteristics of 7-14 years old girls in Kashan city with NCHs standard. For this purpose 900 girl students (450 people from elementary school and 450 people from middle grades) using cluster sampling method form Kashan schools were chosen. Anthropometric characteristics included height, weight, body mass index (BMI) and body fat percent were measured. Then data by single-sampling t-test were analyzed (P<0/05). Results: The results showed...

Kibana, Grafana And Zeppelin On Monitoring Data

Ildar Nurgaliev, Edward Karavakis & Alberto Aimar
Project Specification The goal of this project is to investigate different solutions and develop some typical monitoring displays, such as the general IT Department overviews and service-specific dashboards of data provided by the IT groups and stored in the IT monitoring repository (ElasticSearch). As a part of the project, the current IT host monitoring dashboard and the Data Centre Overview where migrated and ported from Kibana 3 to Grafana and Kibana 4 in order to...

Effects Of Physical Activity On Depression And Academic Performance Of Male Students Of Secondary Schools In Kermanshah Province

Hasan Shahbazi & Tahereh Ghasemi
This paper aimed to investigate the effect of physical activity on depression and academic performance of male students of secondary schools in Kermanshah Province conducted. Research method is field and quasi-experimental. The study population consisted of secondary school students in Kermanshah province, the number is 45,000 and statistical sample was 450 randomly selected districts of the city in three groups of athletes (individual and group) and non-athletes group and individual athletes and two groups at...

Hybrid Robust Watermarking Resistant Againts Copy Attack

Frederic Deguillaume, Sviatoslav Voloshynovskiy & Thierry Pun
Publication in the conference proceedings of EUSIPCO, Toulouse, France, 2002

Mrc For Compression Of Colored Engravings

Vladimir Misic, Kevin Parker & Robert Buckley
Publication in the conference proceedings of EUSIPCO, Toulouse, France, 2002

Rating Changes Introduced In Some Characteristic Morphological And Basic-Specific Motor Skills To Young Active And Inactive Basketball Players

Qazim Elshani & Hazir Salihu
The experiment deals with young people aged 13-14 years, male. Basketball team active and inactive, active group in addition to regular classes; they also practice basketball in clubs within the city. The experiment contains a total of eight morphological variables; five variables are the basic motor tests, while three tests of motor skills, situational. In this research, it applied test method T-group basketball between active and inactive, and morphological variables of specific movement skills. The...

Optimization Of Exam Distribution

Fadi Safieddine, Milan Dordevic & Ahmed M. Hamza
Academic research findings report level of cheating in exams involving students studying from each other. Several publications have examined means for preventing cheating by means of exam versions, rotations of questions, and addressing social factors. Yet one preventative aspect of exam cheating seems to be neglected and that is exam distribution. In this paper, the authors introduce the Exam Distribution Problem (EDP). Defining a given k versions of an exam in a classroom with n...

Robust Subspace Tracking Based Blind Channel Identification In Impulsive Noise Environment

Yu Wen, S.C. Chan & K.L. Ho
Publication in the conference proceedings of EUSIPCO, Toulouse, France, 2002

An Analysis Of The Causes Of Market Demand In The Iranian Volleyball Super League, Of The Audience And Experts In Sports Management

Maryam Rahmani & Ali Mohammad Amirtash
The purpose of this study was to analyse the causes of market demand in the Iranian Volleyball Super League, of the audience and experts in sports management. The study, in terms of how to collect data was a descriptive survey done in terms of purpose that field. The sample consisted of Premier League crowd of 340 is volleyball and sports management experts. To collect data a standard questionnaire Bion and colleagues (2010) was used. The...

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