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Scoring With Code: Composing With Algorithmic Notation

Thor Magnusson
Computer code is a form of notational language. It prescribes actions to be carried out by the computer, often by systems called interpreters. When code is used to write music, we are therefore operating with programming language as a relatively new form of musical notation. Music is a time-based art form and the traditional musical score is a linear chronograph with instructions for an interpreter. Here code and traditional notation are somewhat at odds, since...

Improvising With The Threnoscope: Integrating Code, Hardware, Gui, Network, And Graphic Scores

Thor Magnusson
Live coding emphasizes improvisation. It is an art practice that merges the act of musical composition and performance into a public act of projected writing. This paper introduces the Threnoscope system, which includes a live coding micro-language for drone-based microtonal composition. The paper discusses the aims and objectives of the system, elucidates the design decisions, and describes in particular its code score. The code score is a novel element in the design of live coding...

Solidarität In Der Beteiligungsgesellschaft

Esther Hodel
Die vorliegende Bachelorarbeit von Esther Hodel befasst sich mit dem Begriff und dem Phänomen der Solidarität. Solidarität wird auf begrifflich-theoretischer und historischer Ebene verortet, sowie vor dem Hintergrund sozialwissenschaftlicher Befunde reflektiert. Ein wichtiger Bezugspunkt bildet das Konzept der Beteiligungsgesellschaft von Gregor Husi. Im Zentrum der Arbeit steht die Frage, was Solidarität ist und welche Faktoren solidarisches Handeln wahrscheinlich beziehungsweise unwahrscheinlich machen. Zudem wird herausgearbeitet, wie Solidarität in der Sozialen Arbeit gefördert werden kann und welche...

Non-Convex Consensus Admm For Satellite Precoder Design

Miguel Ángel Vázquez, Aritra Konar, Luis Blanco, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos & Ana I. Pérez-Neira
Owing to the rapidly increasing traffic demands on satellite connectivity, the current exclusive frequency allocation is becoming obsolete. Instead, aggressive frequency reuse and interference mitigation techniques are promising ideas that both industry and academia are investigating. This paper proposes an optimization precoding technique for dealing with the multibeam interference due to the aggressive frequency reuse. In contrast to general multiuser multiple input multiple output (MIMO) schemes, multibeam satellite precoding techniques call for frame-by-frame quadratically constrained...

Clinical Pattern And Diagnosis Of The Cervical Lymphadenitis At Tertiary Care Hospital

Objective: Determine the clinical presentation and diagnosis of the cervical lymphadenitis at tertiary care Hospital. Material and methods: This was a descriptive and case series study and was carried out at general surgery department of LUMHS Hyderabad/Jamshoro. Study was conducted with duration of on years from 2015 to July 2016. Both genders were selected. Complete relevant laboratory investigations were carried out. All patients were underwent FNAC, and also incisional biopsies were carried out under the...

Time Resolved Transient Absorption Probing Of A Laser Plasma Ii

Mustapha Hemici, Stéphane Mottin, Michel Bon, Jean Yves Roncin & Pierre Laporte
During the last two decades dense rare gases have attracted a great number of workers due to their potentiality as laser media. In this respect a detailed knowledge of plasma kinetics is of great importance. A recent study of kinetics and decay processes in argon has shown that the 4s atomic levels act as decay steps. The present communication reports on a method allowing the kinetic study of an argon plasma by transient visible absorption...

Application Of Sdn-Based Orchestration For The Automated Deployment Of Fixed And Mobile Convergent Services In Future 5G Networks

Ricardo Martínez, Arturo Mayoral, Manuel Requena, Nicola Baldo, Ricard Vilalta, Ramon Casellas, Marco Miozzo, Raül Muñoz & Josep Mangues-Bafalluy
Expected 5G services are forcing network operators to redesign some of the nowadays infrastructures to cope with the
increased demand of data rate as well as the stringent necessities in terms of low latency, high availability, cost- and energyefficiency, etc. In this context, fixed mobile convergence (FMC) is envisioned as a key approach to support such requirements with a reduced total cost ownership (TCO).
ICT COMBO project aims at exploring effective architectures for FMC. One...

Thermal Management Of Battery Pack In Electric Vehicles

In electric vehicle, battery is the main source of energy for tractive power. It is technically known as “Rechargeable Electrical Energy Storage System (REESS). The durability and efficiency of the REESS is mainly based on its charging rate, discharging rate, Depth of Discharge (DOD) and operating temperature. For a given REESS the charging rate, Discharging rate at conditional temperature and DOD are the main characteristics which are constant. The operating temperature of the REESS can...

Deduction Attack On Browsing History In Twitter Using Public Click Analytic And Metadata

, &
Our attacks rely on the combination of publicly available information: click analytics from URL shortening services and metadata from Twitter. The goal of the attacks is to know which URLs are clicked on by target users. We introduce two different attack methods: (i) an attack to know who click on the URLs updated by target users and (ii) an attack to know which URLs are clicked on by target users. To perform the first attack,...

Penggunaan Biomassa Potamogeton Sp Terimobilkan Pada Silika Gel Sebagai Biosorben Cd(Ii)

, Ahmad Budi Junaidi &
Keberadaan logam berat, seperti kadmium di lingkungan menjadi perhatian dewasa ini. Upaya untuk mengurangi tingkat pencemaran logam berat kadmium dapat dilakukan dengan metode biosorpsi. Penelitian ini ingin mengetahui kemampuan biomassa Potamogeton sp terimobilkan pada silika gel sebagai biosorben Cd(II) untuk mengurangi pencemaran logam berat Cd. Beberapa variabel yang berpengaruh terhadap biosorpsi ditentukan pada berbagai variasi antara lain : rasio biomassa - silika gel, pH dan kemampuan recovery biomassa. Penentuan gugus fungsi biomassa Potamogeton sp, biomassa...

Epidemiology Of Musculoskeletal Disorders And Injuries Among Patients In A Tertiary Care Public Hospital.

Dr Mohit Kumar Patralekh
A brief idea

Domblockclustering V0.8.1

Simon Harper
Large websites are difficult to evaluate for Web Accessibility compliance due to the shear number of pages, the inaccuracy of current Web evaluation engines, and the W3C stated need to include human evaluators within the testing regime. This makes evaluating large websites all-but technically unfeasible. Therefore, sampling of the pages becomes a critical first step in the evaluation process. Current methods rely on drawing random samples, best guess samples, or convenience samples. In all cases...

Introduccion A Git: First Release

Carlos Cárcamo
Primera versión de la guía de introducción a git. El presente documento es una guía de introducción a git. Se comparte de forma publica con el objetivo de extender su alcance a toda persona que desee colaborar ya sea corrigiendo, agregando nuevo contenido o bien compartiendo el presente con sus amigos, comunidades, etc.

A Review On Cost Effective Building - A Sustainable Approach

, &
Cost effective building technologies aim to cut down construction cost by using alternatives to conventional methods and Input. “It is effective budgeting and technique which help in reducing cost of construction through use locally available material along with improve skills and technology without sacrificing the strength, performance and life of structure’’. Cost effective housing satisfies almost most bottom and fundamental human needs for shelter and neglects other needs that people aspire home including psychological, social,...

Assessment Of Nutritional Students Status Nizhnevartovsk State University

V. Guryeva A.
Assessment of the food status of students of the Nizhnevartovsk state university with the calculation of daily need for calories and size of the main exchange is carried out. According to poll at the vast majority of respondents alimentary and dependent diseases are revealed. The most widespread pathology among alimentary and dependent dysfunctions is caries of teeth, on the second place on occurrence frequency - gastritis and gastroduodenitis. A certain average value of daily need...

Assessing It Projects Success With Extended Fuzzy Cognitive Maps & Neutrosophic Cognitive Maps In Comparison To Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

Kanika Bhutani, Megha Kumar, Gaurav Garg & Swati Aggarwal
IT projects hold a huge importance to economic growth. Today, half of the capital investments are in IT technology. IT systems and projects are extensive and time consuming; thus implying that its failure is not affordable, so proper feasibility study of assessing project success factors is required. A current methodology like Fuzzy Cognitive Maps has been experimented for identifying and evaluating the success factors in IT projects, but this technique has certain limitations. This paper...

Degrees Of Membership > 1 And < 0 Of The Elements With Respect To A Neutrosophic Offset

Florentin Smarandache
We have defined the Neutrosophic Over-/Under-/Off-Set and -Logic for the first time in 1995 and published in 2007. During 1995-2016 we presented them to various national and international conferences and seminars ([16]-[37]) and did more publishing during 2007-2016 ([1]-[15]). These new notions are totally different from other sets/logics/probabilities. We extended the neutrosophic set respectively to Neutrosophic Overset {when some neutrosophic component is > 1}, to Neutrosophic Underset {when some neutrosophic component is < 0}, and...

Orcid Integration At Cern

Xiaoli Chen
Introduction to the ORCID integration status at CERN hosted information services: INSPIRE and HEPData, and future plans of full integration.

Orcid Integration Plan In Argo

Thierry Carval
Introduction to the ORCID integration status in Argo.

Spielfestival 2016: Mehr Spielraum Im Nahen Wohnumfeld: Projektbericht

David Baehler & Noah Gregoris
Das Projekt «SpielFestival 2016» entstand aus der Idee, mit einem kostenlosen und niederschwelligen Spielevent auf die Wichtigkeit von bespielbaren Aussenräumen aufmerksam zu machen. Mit der Unterstützung ihrer Praxisinstitutionen, verschiedenen Geldgebern und einer engagierten Projektgruppe stellten zwei Berner Studenten der HSLU – Soziale Arbeit ein solches Angebot auf die Beine. Während vier Tagen verwandelte sich die Parkanlage Brünnengut in Bern in eine Spiellandschaft für Jung und Alt. Das Festival wurde trotz Regenwetter täglich besucht und erhielt...

Introducing Orcid: Interaction With Orcid - Overview

Tom DeMeranville
Introduction to ORCID connections and APIs.

Krabbelcafé: Gemeinsamer Krabbeltreff Des Café Maitris In Stans Und Dem Krabbeltreff Des Mütterzentrums Sunneschyn In Stansstad: Projektbericht

Roza Berisha
Der vorliegende Projektbericht gibt Aufschluss über das Projekt „Krabbelcafé“, welches im Rahmen der Praxisausbildung der Projektleiterin bei der Fachstelle Gesundheitsförderung und Integration Nidwalden innerhalb des Moduls 201 der Hochschule Luzern - Soziale Arbeit durchgeführt wurde. Das Projekt „Krabbelcafé“ soll Mütter mit Migrationshintergrund, die das Angebot Café Maitri in Stans und Schweizer Mütter, die den Krabbeltreff des Mütterzentrums Sunneschyn in Stansstad besuchen in Kontakt bringen, sie zum Austausch anregen und eine Vernetzung schaffen. Durch dass Projekt...

Envri Reference Model Guided Orcid Integrations And Orcid In Geospatial Metadata

Markus Stocker & Abraham Nieva de la Hidalga
Introduction to the ENVRI Reference Model (ENVRI RM) Reference Model guided ORCID integration ORCID iD integration in geospatial metadata OGC, NetCDF, EPOS and ICOS metadata, SSN ontology

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