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Essen Macht Stark: Die Multikulturelle Gesellschaft Von Jugendlichen Wahrnehmen Und Durch Gemeinsames Kochen Stärken: Projektbericht

Remco Egolf
Durch das Projekt „Essen macht stark - Die multikulturelle Gesellschaft von Jugendlichen wahrnehmen durch gemeinsames Kochen stärken“ sollen Jugendliche mit einem Migrationshintergrund dazu animieren werden, ihre Esskultur mit anderen zu teilen. Das Ziel war es, durch gemeinsames kochen und essen die Jugendlichen in ihrer Identität zu stärken und ihnen aufzuzeigen, wie sie die positiven Aspekte von zwei unterschiedlichen Kulturen zu ihrem Vorteil nutzen können. Die Projektgruppe, bestehend aus Jugendlichen der Gemeinden Ebikon und Buchrain, setzten...

Abstract Of The Dissertation \"Lebens-, Mentalitäts- Und Kulturwelten Des Russischen Adels - Zwischen Tradition Und Wandel (Am Beispiel Der Gouvernements Moskau, Tver' Und Ryazan): 1762-1861\"

Lilija Wedel
The attached file contains an abstract of the dissertation which examines history of the Russian nobility during the period from 1762 to 1861. The goal of this thesis was to explore the lifestyle, culture and mentality of Russian nobles in the term of longue durée in different regions of the Russian Empire. Data for this study was collected in the state and regional archives, museums, and libraries of the Russian Federation. For the first time,...

Customer And Consumer Relationship Management Towards E-Business Strategies

E-Commerce is an emerging technology for purchasing and selling of products through electronically. It is the commercial transaction which involves transfer of information over the internet. It changes the way to do business. With advancements in technology, there may be a chance to change. Customer Relationship Management and Consumer Relationship management play an essential role with E-Business. The focusing scenarios are facing many pros and cons by E-Business. This Paper makes an attempt to highlight...

Od Jedności Do Ciągłości, Czyli Co Nie Mieści Się W Ikonach I Tekstach

Hubert Kowalewski
Niniejszy tekst to nieopublikowany manuskrypt. Rozbudowana wersja tego artykułu w języku angielskim pt. “From icono-linguistic unity to semiotic continuity. An alternative description of semiotic repertoire of comics” pojawi się w International Journal of Comic Art (wiosna 2015) i to tą wersję polecałbym w celu ewentualnego cytowania.

\"Where The Joke Comes From.\" Comical Potential Of Comics In The Works Of Tadeusz Baranowski

Hubert Kowalewski
A preprint version of the article published in International Journal of Comic Art, Vol. 13, No.2, (Fall 2011) (www.ijoca.com).

Introduction To Atlas Wp3: Biodiversity And Biogeography

Telmo Morato
Introduction to ATLAS Work Package 3, Biodiversity and Biogeography, from the 1st ATLAS General Assembly, June 2016. ATLAS will use a combination of techniques to study the biodiversity and biogeographic patterns of sensitive deep-water ecosystems and deep-sea fish in the North Atlantic, forecast changes under future climate change scenarios, and strengthen the evidence base for Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems and Ecologically and Biologically Significant Areas.

Consumer'S Awareness And Attitude Towards Packaged Drinking Water In Thoothukudi District

Today, one million people are drinking unhealthy water in the world. Each year 5 million people worldwide die due to the diseases caused by unhealthy drinking water. Unhealthy water creates a great risk, especially for children because of their undeveloped immune system (G8 Action Plan Decisions, 2003)1. Indeed, the World Health Organization estimates that 4.1 million children die from diarrhea, which can be inhibited by healthy water (WHO, 2010)2. In developed countries, it is observed...

Introduction To Atlas Wp4: Connected Resources

Sophie Arnaud-Haond
Introduction to ATLAS WP4, Connected Resources, given at the 1st ATLAS General Assembly, June, 2016. WP4 will provide new models to identify critical source areas of marine genetic resources, explore their regional and basin scale connectivity, and understand their vulnerability to changes in the AMOC, climate change, and human activities.

Problem Faced By Customers Using Technological Banking Services- An Inferential Analysis

IT savvy customer is more empowered and left with many options of making payments, through his ATM and debit cards, credit cards, RTGS, NEFT transfer, ECS, or mobile payments. However, change in technological aspect is rapid and is evolving constantly and therefore what lies ahead in future cannot be predicted with conformity. The following objectives are focused in the study: i. To study the customers perception towards technological banking, ii. To find out the problems...

In Space No One Can Hear You Speak. Embodied Language In Peter Watts'S \"Blindsight\" And Stanisław Lem'S \"Solaris\"

Hubert Kowalewski
This text is a very early unpublished preprint of the article which appeared in Extrapolation 56 (3). The published version is substantially revised and extended both in terms of the form and the content. For the final, definitive, and quotable version, see Extrapolation 56 (3).

Introduction To Atlas Wp10: Co-Ordination & Management

Introduction to ATLAS Work Package 10, Co-ordination & Management, given at the 1st ATLAS General Assembly, June, 2016. Supporting all activities of ATLAS by providing overall co-ordination for the project.

Een Anarchistische Benadering Van De Kunstgeschiedenis. Casus: Albert Daenens (1883-1952)

Erik Buelinckx
Dit op zich staand werk past desalniettemin in mijn lopend doctoraatsonderzoek dat de mogelijkheid moet bieden bepaalde stromingen en kunstenaars in de Belgische kunst van uit een minder evident perspectief te bestuderen, namelijk de eventuele band die er zou kunnen zijn met de anarchistische beweging en ideeën.
In het eerste hoofdstuk bespreek ik verschillende aanleidingen die mij op de idee hebben gebracht om dit soort onderzoek te voeren. Om een bredere context te schetsen behandel...

Hymenoptera: Formicidae

Heinrich Kutter
uploaded by Plazi

Studying The Cohesion Evolution Of Genes Related To Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Using Semantic Similarity In Gene Ontology And Self-Organizing Maps

Efstratios Kontopoulos, Theodoros Moysiadis, Maria Tsagiopoulou, Sándor Darányi, Peter Wittek, Nikos Papakonstantinou, Stavroula Ntoufa, Georgios Meditskos, Kostas Stamatopoulos & Ioannis Kompatsiaris
This paper offers an interesting overview on the application of some of PERICLES results in the biomedicine domain. In particular this publication deploys an ontology-based semantic similarity combined with self-organizing maps for studying the temporal evolution of cohesion among Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) -related genes and the extracted information. More information on the open-source tool Somoclu, which has supported this research is available at this link: http://pericles-project.eu/blog/post/Somoclu

Copyright And Cultural Memory: Digital Conference Proceedings

Ronan Deazley, Andrea Wallace, Victoria Stobo, Megan Blakely, Simon Tanner & Kerry Patterson
Proceedings of the Copyright and Cultural Memory Digital Conference

\"So What Is Motivation, Anyway?\" Towards A Comprehensive Definition

Hubert Kowalewski
Conference talk given at Young Linguists' Seminar on 12 May 2014 in Lublin

Les Livres Sans Objet(S) D'Un Amateur. Le Fonds Jacques Kerchache À La Médiathèque Du Musée Du Quai Branly

Cécile Malleret
Jacques Kerchache, an amateur of primitive arts, took a high part in the birth of the pavillon des Sessions, and the quai Branly museum. The private library he gave to the museum shows the way a man of the second part of the XXth century used to work as a gallerist, a trader and a collector. The study of the collection brings into question the present of his legacy and how to make it grow.

Kein Melamin In Proteinpulvern Und Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln

Dirk W. Lachenmeier, Jennifer Klotz, Dominique Völker, Sibylle Maixner, Manuela Mahler, Marina Gary & Thomas Kuballa
Aktuelle Untersuchungsergebnisse aus dem CVUA Karlsruhe zeigen, dass es derzeit keinen Grund zur Sorge um einen verbotenen Einsatz von Melamin in Proteinpulvern und Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln gibt. Mit einer neuen Untersuchungsmethode wurden verschiedene Proben auf Melamin untersucht. Dabei konnten keine Verunreinigungen oder Verfälschungen mit dieser Industriechemikalie festgestellt werden.

Nature Of Phenolic Pollution Of The Vakh River

F. Ovechkin & E. Ovechkina
Data on definition of phenols in waters of the Vakh River and vegetable samples of a flood plain of the river are presented in article. Researches were conducted during the period from 2011 to 2015. The big and small rivers of the Tyumen North contain significant amounts of humic acids. It is known that a large amount of natural phenols is present at the taiga and tundra rivers, and the largest content is characteristic of...

Semantic Web und Linked Data: Generierung von Interoperabilität in archäologischen Fachdaten am Beispiel römischer Töpferstempel

Florian Thiery
Gegenstand der Masterarbeit ist die Verwendung aktueller Technologien interoperabler Datenhaltung, insbesondere das Konzept der Linked Open Data (LOD) und der semantischen Modellierung, zur Verdeutlichung ihres Potentials in archäologischen Informationen am Beispiel von Terra Sigillata-Fundorten, -Töpfern und -Keramikfragmenten. Die Arbeit zeigt eine Migration von Daten, sowie die Möglichkeiten und die Problematik der Modellierung der Attribute und Beziehungen mit Hilfe bestehender LOD-Konzepte und kontrollierter Vokabularien, sowie eigene Ansätze zur Lösung. Diese Daten werden mittels REST-Schnittstelle zur Verfügung...

Problems Of Women Entrepreneurs - With Special Reference To Tailors In Asaripallam, Kanyakumari District

There is no doubt that we are in the midst of a great revolution in the history of women. Women are major contributions to the 21’st century’s emerging economy. These days the mantra that women seem to embrace is that of women entrepreneurship. Everywhere problem also travels along with prospect. Entrepreneurship is of no exception to this. The condition will be more serious especially with the womenfolk considered. In this paper, the researcher has attempted...

Modulating Neuro-Endocrine Effects Of Bioactive Water Naftussya From Layers Truskavets' And Pomyarky At Humans With Dysfunction Of Neuro-Endocrine-Immune Complex

Igor L Popovych, Nadiya O Sydoruk, Anatoliy I Gozhenko & Walery Zukow
Popovych Igor L, Sydoruk Nadiya O, Gozhenko Anatoliy I, Zukow Walery. Modulating neuro-endocrine effects of bioactive water Naftussya from layers Truskavets’ and Pomyarky at humans with dysfunction of neuro-endocrine-immune complex. Journal of Education, Health and Sport. 2017;7(2):465-478. eISSN 2391-8306. DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.437582 http://ojs.ukw.edu.pl/index.php/johs/article/view/4349 The journal has had 7 points in Ministry of Science and Higher Education parametric evaluation. Part B item 1223 (26.01.2017). 1223 Journal of Education, Health and Sport eISSN 2391-8306 7 © The Author...

Photonics4All App - German

Frank Dr. Reil
The Photonics4All-App is one of the tools developed within the Photonics4All outreach program.
This App has mostly been developed to address young people (via their smartphones and tablets). It was also used for promotion of photonics for the large public (the young people’s parents to start with). The main objective of the App is to provide basic knowledge on photonics through interactive and fun games/activities included in the App.
The Photonics4All-App contains five different modules:

Elastic State Machine Replication

Andre Nogueira, Antonio Casimiro & Alysson Bessani
State machine replication (SMR) is a fundamental technique for implementing stateful dependable systems. A key limitation of this technique is that the performance of a service does not scale with the number of replicas hosting it. Some works have shown that such scalability can be achieved by partitioning the state of the service into shards. The few SMR-based systems that support dynamic partitioning implement ad-hoc state transfer protocols and perform scaling operations as background tasks...

Collaborative Research: Development Of New Digital Library Applications In The Context Of A Basic Ontology For Biosystematics Information Using The Literature Of Entomology (Ants)

Tom Moritz
uploaded by Plazi. We are proposing to design and test approaches to mark-up and extraction of scientific data from a corpus of texts drawn from the biosystematics literature of entomology (ants) and to develop a set of applications informed by a basic ontology for biosystematics information, including powerful search and retrieval strategies to operate on this corpus.

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