149,270 Works

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 58-106

C17 Umbra limi (Kirtland) (5) [handwritten note:] discarded b/c damaged

Moyie Leader

Published in the interest of the people of Moyie and East Kootenay

Barkerville in Context: Archaeology of the Chinese in British Columbia

Douglas Edward Ross
(part of the thematic volume on Barkerville)

Democracy, human rights, and the Chinese political tradition [audiorecording]

Pierre-Etienne Will
Item consists of a digitized copy of an audio recording of a St. John's College Lecture delivered at the Vancouver Institute Pierre-Etienne Will on October 22, 2005. Original audio recording available in the University Archives (UBC AT 3200).

Subdivision & Development : Delta

Greater Vancouver Regional District Planning Department

UBC Reports

Official university news for UBC faculty, staff and students

Study of background gas collisions in atomic traps

Janelle Van Dongen
This thesis describes an investigation and application of the loss of laser cooled atoms from a trap induced by background collisions. The loss rate constant depends on the density of background gas and the velocity averaged collisional loss cross section due to collisions. The velocity averaged collisional loss cross section can be calculated and its dependence on trap depth was verified using a magneto-optical trap. This verification involved measurements of the loss rate constant for...

Executive meeting minutes (7 of 8)

Association Of University And College Employees
File contains executive meeting minutes dated January 9, 1980 to December 16, 1980. Topics discussed include correspondence, cutbacks, donations and donation policy, reimbursements, individual and committee reports, inappropriate disciplinary action, the newsletter "On Campus", grievances, job reclassification, leaves of absence, relations with the Provincial Association, increased Per Capita Tax, office rental and supplies, office administration, financial reports, the strike fund, union membership, general membership meetings, job evaluation, by-law amendments, resignation of the President, the bi-weekly...

Untangle Mercy : Writings from the Portland Hotel

Carnegie Action Network & Portland Hotel Society

Carnegie focus, no.5

Carnegie Community Centre (Vancouver, B.C.)

Investigating conceptual notions of teacher professionalism

Frano Marsic
Although teachers are commonly spoken of as professionals, establishing a clear definition and understanding of teacher professionalism has been demonstrated to be highly subjective and a source of great debate. Unlike other vocations, the professionalism of teachers has repeatedly been questioned and redefined over the recent tumultuous years of educational policy in British Columbia. Drawing on theories of professionalism (Ball, 2003; Grimmet and D’Amico, 2008; Hargreaves, 2000; Hyslop-Margison and Sears, 2010; Osmond-Johnson, 2018; Maxwell, 2015;...

Evolution of Public Library

Sheng Zhao
What arguably defines and makes the library distinct from other public institutions is that it ‘stores’ recyclable entities of value and freely lends it to the general public for their benefit to reduce social barriers. This is a uniquely defining feature of the public library and it’s critical as it’s part of the public-civic sphere; its existence, condition, and relevance arguably defines the identity of public society. Today, the main item of the public library’s...

‘I’m on the train and I can’t stop it’: Western Canadians’ reactions to prediabetes and the role of self-compassion

Shaelyn Strachan, Corliss Bean & Mary Jung
Prediabetes, a condition characterized by impaired glucose regulation, is on the rise worldwide. This condition puts people at risk for cardiovascular disease and 50% of people with prediabetes will develop type 2 diabetes (T2D). People with prediabetes can reduce their risk of developing T2D through lifestyle changes such as regular physical activity and healthy eating. However, the experience of health risks can be associated with negative reactions that can undermine people’s ability to self-regulate the...

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