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The effects of mammary tumours on hematopoiesis and dendritic cell development

Alexander Sio
Tumours are often associated with defects in hematopoiesis and DC function. Leukocytosis, anemia, development of immunosuppressive cells such as MDSCs and tolerogenic DCs are all part of tumour development. In breast cancer, although these hematopoietic and DC defects may serve as prognostic indicators, little is known about their origin. Our studies show that mammary tumours affect the hematopoietic system leading to myeloproliferative-like disease characterized by neutrophilia, anemia, and defects in the HSPC compartment. These defects...

The complex relationship between omega-3 fatty acids and early neurodevelopment

Kelly Ann Mulder
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA, 22:6ω-3) is an omega-3 fatty acid that is an important component of neural lipids accumulating in neural tissue during development. Decreased brain DHA is accompanied by increased 22:4ω-6 and 22:5ω-6, which has been shown to lead to deficits in neural function. However, dietary and other variables may impact DHA status and the potential for early deficiency to have lasting adverse effects on neurodevelopment remains unclear. Therefore, the effect of prenatal DHA and...

Risk factors for drug resistant TB in British Columbia

Akm Moniruzzaman
Objectives: A) To investigate the epidemiological risk factors associated with resistance to antituberculosis drugs in British Columbia B) To determine if there are differences in risk factor characteristics among different categories of drug resistant (mono-drug, poly and multi-drug resistance) TB cases. Methods: The study was carried out in two phases. The first phase of the study was retrospective in design. The data examined in this study was collected by the division of TB control of...

Use of estimates of ribonucleic acid to predict the growth rates of zooplanktonic organisms.

Alan Kingsley Pease
The concentration of RNA (Schneider procedure, 1945) and the dry weight of the developing stages of the brine shrimp Artemia salina were measured during the first 63 days of growth of the organism in the laboratory; RNA and the dry weight of starved stage V Calanus plumchrus were followed for 20 days. The same techniques were applied to the developmental stages of several species of zooplankton obtained during the course of one year from Saanich...

The role of complement in the immunological demyelination of the adult rat spinal cord

Jason Alain Bourque
Previous work in Dr. John Steeves' laboratory has described a transient, myelinspecific, galactocerebroside (GalC) antibody-mediated, complement-dependent protocol that suppresses the onset of myelination in embryonic birds, and focally demyelinates the central nervous system (CNS) of adult birds and rodents after intraspinal infusion. After spinal injury, this procedure has been observed to facilitate axonal regeneration, often with accompanying recovery of behavior. In order to identify the relative necessity of different complement proteins in this protocol, I...

Understanding the advent of information technology in teaching at the university : a case study of the University of British Columbia

Reginald Nnazor
This study investigated the use of interactive information technology in teaching at the University of British Columbia in early 1997, the factors influencing it, and the changes in the University associated with it. The use of interactive information technology in on- campus and distance education at UBC is largely limited to E-mail, World Wide Web, and to a lesser extent, CD-ROM. It seems to be a relatively recent development, the number of users of technology...

An evaluation of metal transport from shoulder highway sections into roadside soils due to atmospheric and runoff processes

Humberto Feliciano Preciado Cervantes
A comprehensive study of the migration pathways that contribute to the dispersal, accumulation and mobility of metals (Cu, Fe, Pb, Mn, and Zn) in roadside soils was performed at two highway sites with similar design, but different environmental, traffic and land use characteristics. Samples were collected from multiple media, which included: road sediment, atmospheric dustfall, atmospheric suspended particulates, stormwater runoff and roadside soils. Total metal concentrations, as well as the relative metal partitioning in different...

A 43mW single-channel 4GS/s 4-bit flash ADC IN 0.18um CMOS

Samad Sheikhaei
The continued speed improvement of serial links and appearance of new communication technologies, such as ultra wideband (UWB), have introduced increasing demands on the speed and power specifications of high speed low to medium resolution analog to digital converters (ADCs). While multi channel ADCs can achieve high speeds, they often require extensive and costly post fabrication calibration. A single channel 4 bit flash ADC, suitable for abovementioned or similar applications, implemented entirely using current mode...

Stereoselective HPLC analysis, pharmacokinetics, tissue distribution and pharmacodynamics of mexiletine enantiomers

Linus Nnamdi Igwemezie
Mexiletine [(2',6'-dimethylphenoxy)-2-amino propane] is a class 1 antiarrhythmic agent with a similar chemical structure and electrophysiological effects to those of lidocaine. It is a chiral drug which is used clinically in the racemic form (i.e. 50:50 ratio of two enantiomers). This thesis describes the stereoselective HPLC analysis, pharmacokinetics, tissue distribution and pharmacodynamics of mexiletine enantiomers. The development of a highly sensitive and stereoselective HPLC assay for mexiletine enantiomers, using 2-anthroyl chloride as a derivatization reagent,...

CAD algorithms and performance of Malibu : an FPGA with time-multiplexed coarse-grained elements

David Grant
Modern Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are used to implement a wide range of ever-larger circuits, many of which have both coarse-grained and fine-grained components. Past research into coarse-grained FPGAs optimized for such circuits have only demonstrated a 10% density advantage. In contrast, time-multiplexing of fine-grained FPGAs has demonstrated a 14x density improvement. This leaves an open question whether a time-multiplexed, coarse-grained FPGA can provide a similar density advantage. Even more important is whether the coarse-grained...

Monoaminergic influences on various inhibitions of the spinal monosynaptic reflex

Bhagavatula Sree Rama Sastry
The functional significance of bulbospinal 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) and noradrenaline neurones is not well understood. Therefore in this study, the effects of various drugs that alter monoaminergic synaptic activity were tested on bulbospinal, presynaptic, recurrent and reciprocal la inhibitions of an extensor (quadriceps, QUAD) and a flexor (posterior biceps-semitendi-nosus, PBST) monosynaptic reflex (MSR) in unanaesthetized decerebrate cats. The following agents were employed in the investigation: a biogenic amine neuronal uptake blocker, imipramine HCI (0.125 - 5...

A generalized Kirchhoff-WKBJ depth migration theory for multi-offset seismic reflection data : reflectivity model construction by wavefield imaging and amplitude estimation

David Edward Lumley
This thesis embodies a mathematical, physical, and quantitative investigation into the imaging and amplitude estimation of subsurface earth reflectivity structure within the framework of pre stack wave-equation depth migration of multi-offset seismic reflection data. Analysis is performed on five prestack depth migration reflectivity "imaging conditions" with respect to image quality and quantitative accuracy of recovered reflectivity amplitudes. A new computationally efficient and stable prestack depth migration imaging method is proposed which is based upon a...

The rearing and feeding ecology of juvenile rainbow trout from a large lake-fed river

James Richard Irvine
Juvenile rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri Richardson) from the Lardeau River in southeastern British Columbia were studied in both their natural environment and stream tanks. In the river, highest densities of recently emerged trout occurred in areas with overhanging cover, shallow depth and minimal current. Older, underyearling trout were generally found in regions with smaller bottom particle size than yearlings; both age classes avoided fast current areas. Young trout migrated from the Lardeau River to Kootenay...

A socio-dialectology survey of the English spoken in Ottawa : a study of sociological and stylistic variation in Canadian English

Howard B. Woods
This study is a response to the long-standing need -within the field of Applied Linguistics for a "better understanding of General Canadian English and for a quantitative documentation of its usage. This dissertation presents an analysis of a sample of this national language as spoken "by persons whose mother tongue is English and who were born and raised in the city of Ottawa. The analysis demonstrates that the informants vary their speech patterns according to...

Economic and social status in household decision making : evidence from extended family mobility

Chin-Oh Chang, Shu-Mei Chen & Tsur Somerville

Civic tradition & planning processes : a comparative study of two resource communities in Northern Ontario

Jill Lewis
This thesis studies the interplay between civic tradition and planning processes through a comparative case study of two Northern Ontario resource towns, Atikokan and Elliot Lake. It assesses the degree of community-wide social capital in these two towns and examines the origin and nature of their civic traditions. It addresses these questions: once a community's civic tradition has been established, how does this tradition affect the execution of planning processes? Do planning processes have the...

On the filtration mechanisms and oral anatomy of lunge-feeding baleen whales

Sheldon James Dominick Pinto
Here we endeavoured to quantify the filtration mechanics of rorquals and the material properties of baleen “gums” (termed zwischensubstanz) by examining and testing the baleen of a fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus). It was hypothesized that fin whales use cross-flow filtration to filter krill from engulfed seawater such that krill and other debris do not become entangled in the baleen fringes. Cross-flow filtration was proposed as an alternate mechanism to dead-end sieving since it would create...

Adolescents’ career aspirations and expectations : the influence of gender, grade, and locus of control

William Brian McNulty
This study explored the agreement in occupational field between adolescents' career aspirations and career expectations and the influence of gender, grade, and locus of control on this agreement. In addition, the reasons for occupational choice with regard to career aspiration and career expectation were examined. An examination of the literature revealed little current research on the relationship between career aspirations and expectations when examined together or on the various factors which influence adolescent career choice....

Function and control of adipose tissue regulatory T cells : implications for obesity

Jonathan Martin Han
Obesity is associated with chronic low-grade inflammation in visceral adipose tissue (VAT), which promotes the development of insulin resistance. The role of adaptive immunity in VAT inflammation has only recently been investigated. Initial studies suggest that VAT-resident regulatory T cells (Tregs) have a prominent role in suppressing VAT inflammation and correcting metabolic dysfunction in obese mice. I sought to investigate how Tregs in the VAT are regulated. Obesity is accompanied by a rise in insulin...

Geology of Vedder Mountain, near Chilliwack, B.C.

William John McMillan
Vedder Mountain can be divided into three units: the eastern sediments, the crystalline rocks and the western sediments. Both eastern and western sediments are essentially unmetamorphosed whereas the crystalline rocks include both medium grade metamorphic rocks and saussuritized dioritic intrusive rocks. The crystalline rocks are bounded by steep southeast dipping faults. White mica-amphibole and garnetiferous white mica-amphibole schists and gneisses, amphibolite, epidote amphibolite and garnet-sphene-white mica schists comprise the metamorphic rocks. The mineral assemblages are...

The influence of the earth’s rotation on the wind-driven flow in Hecate Strait, British Columbia

Charles Gordon Hannah
A regional model of the depth-averaged currents in Hecate Strait, British Columbia has been developed: the Hecate Strait Model. When driven by local winds the model simulates the winter transport fluctuations and captures the character of the observed circulation patterns. The modelled currents are consistent with the historical view of the winter circulation and contain the counter-current observed in southern Hecate Strait. The counter-current is due to topographic steering: the tendency, in a rotating fluid,...

Development of an automated 3D/4D as-built model generation system for construction progress monitoring and quality control

Reza Maalek, Derek Lichti & Janaka Ruwanpura
Automating the progress monitoring and control process is of great interest to industry practitioners to help improve the limitations associated with the current manual data collection and analysis practices. Two remote sensing technologies, namely, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and digital camera, are widely used to acquire 3D point clouds as a means of measuring the “scope of the work performed” of structural elements. However, to assign the collected 3D point clouds to their corresponding...

The synthesis of 2-((E)-1'-propenyl)-(E)-2-pentenoic acid and its metabolism and pharmacokinetics in rats

Ronald Duane Lee
The anticonvulsant drug valproic acid (VPA) is extensively metabolized with 16 metabolites identified in man. Of interest are the unsaturated metabolites which appear to be responsible for the observed secondary antiepileptic activity and/or idiosyncratic hepatotoxicity. A study by Abbott et al . (1986) has shown 2-((E)-1'-propenyl)-(E)-2-pentenoic acid ((E,E)-2,3'-diene VPA) to be a major unsaturated metabolite of VPA. Acheampong (1985) demonstrated that an isomeric mixture of 2,3'-diene VPA prevented pentylenetetrazole-induced seizures in mice and had 60%...

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