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Influences in home, school and community environments on the dietary behaviours of overweight/obese adolescents

Allison Whitney Watts
The research presented in this thesis explored relationships between healthful eating and food environments among overweight/obese adolescents. The three aims were to: 1) examine associations between parent and adolescent diets, 2) determine associations between a range of factors in the home food environment and adolescent diets, and 3) explore perceived factors that impede or facilitate healthful eating within home, school and community environments among adolescents. A secondary data analysis of baseline data collected from 176...

Condition monitoring in a hydraulic system of an industrial machine using unscented Kalman filter

Behnam Razavi
The detection and isolation of faults in engineering systems is of great practical significance. The early detection of fault occurrence in a machine is critical in avoiding machine-performance degradation, and major damage to the machine itself. In the present thesis, the focus is to selects and implements an appropriate modeling approach to detect and diagnose the possible faults in a complex hydraulic system of an industrial machine with on-line monitoring. This work develops a model-based...

The protective mechanism of complete Freund’s adjuvant in type 1 diabetes

I-Fang Lee
Type 1 diabetes is a multi-factorial disease resulting from the destruction of β- cells in the islets of Langerhans of the pancreas, causing a serious derangement of glucose metabolism that can be fatal in patients deprived of insulin treatment. It has been reported that P-cell destruction in this disease is mainly mediated by self-reactive cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL). Previous studies have shown that a single injection of complete Freund's adjuvant (CFA) prevents diabetes in non-obese...

The meaning of an education : lifelong learning and the blues

Lindsay C. Mitchell
All knowledge is individually constructed and contextually situated. Simply stated, different things mean different things to different people, under different circumstances, in different places, and at different times. What then is the meaning of an education? Pragmatic philosophy holds the meaning of something to be intrinsically associated with its functional purpose or effect. Accordingly, it "is" what it "does." Education is thus commonly viewed as a way of instructing children and young persons in preparation...

Henry James in the palace of art : a survey and evaluation of James' aesthetic criteria as shown in his criticism of nineteenth century painting.

Audrey Thomas
The purpose of this thesis is to provide a general introduction to the study of James' art criticism, to establish his aesthetic criteria and to indicate the relationship between his theory of art and the themes of his fiction. First, I have included an analysis of three stories concerning the artist and his craft: "The Madonna of the Future," "The Liar," and "The Real Thing." Drawing certain conclusions as to James’ view of the nature...

The basilisk and its antidote : a study of the changing image of Chopin in literature

Alice Carolyn May Wootton
One area related to Fryderyk Chopin which has received little attention is his influence upon literature. In order to develop two aspects of this theme a key word "basilisk" has been introduced which Robert Schumann as music critic used in explaining the unusual impression that Chopin's music first presented on the printed page. This word, with its overtones both magical and ominous, suggests the symbol for the growing wave of aestheticism with which the cult...

Evolving water policy in the Bangkok metropolitan region

Keokam Kraisoraphong
The study focuses on the problems of water allocation in Thailand where the alternative of introducing a comprehensive water-pricing system has become a controversial issue. Governed by the regime of open access, the Thai water allocation system has failed to cope with newly surfacing demands and necessities. The system has yet to overcome old perceptions and habits. The case studied is the Bangkok Metropolitan Region (BMR), the area of greatest social-economic changes and most acute...

Soil Moisture estimation using SAR polarimetry

Millie Sikdar
The sensitivity of microwave scattering to both dielectric and geometric characteristics of natural surfaces makes radar remote sensing one of most promising techniques for estimating soil moisture content. The potential of using polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) for soil moisture estimation is investigated in this thesis. Soil moisture estimation has been an area of significant interest due to its widespread applications in the estimation and modelling of various large-scale ecological processes. Many approaches based on...

Business, enterprise, and the national policy : the role of T. C. Power & Brother and I. G. Baker & Company in the political and economic development of the southwestern Canadian prairies and northern Montana, 1870-1893

James M. Francis
Two Montana companies T. C. Power & Brother and I. G. Baker & Company played a significant role in the economic development of both northern Montana and southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, between 1870 and 1893- These companies encouraged the Canadian government to assert its authority in the region. They also helped to lay the groundwork, for an east-west Canadian retail trade before the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway. This investigation of their activities provides...

A conformational study of 5-fluorouracil labeled Escherichia coli 5SrRNA

James Lewis Smith
¹⁹F-nmr spectroscopy and laser Raman spectroscopy are used to interpret conformational properties of 5SrRNA. When 5-fluorouracil is added to a medium containing actively growing E. coli cells it is incorporated into the 5SrRNA (FU-5SrRNA) of the. bacteria. The ¹⁹F-nmr spectra of FU-5SrRNA, at 94.1 MHz and 254 MHz, are presented. They cover a chemical shift range of approximately 8 p.p.m.. At 254 MHz the spectrum consists of 8 peaks and 2 shoulders, representing fluorine resonances...

A cohomological approach to splittings of groups

Aditi Kar

Actions of RSD1015 and RSD1000 on macroscopic currents in rat ventricular myocytes

Rending Xu
Two novel agents RSD1015 and RSD1000, compounds with potent antiarrhythmic effects in vivo, have been studied in rat ventricular myocytes using the whole-cell patch clamp technique. Both drugs exhibit potent mixed blockade effects on potassium (l[sub to]) and sodium current (l[sub Na]), with little or no effects on other currents including l[sub K1] and l[sub Ca]. The effects of these drugs on different kinetic states of; potassium and sodium channels were investigated. The ischemic-selectivity of...

Mortality among British Columbians testing for hepatitis C antibody, 1992-2004

Ya-Wen Yu
Background: Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is a major preventable and treatable cause of morbidity and mortality. The ability to link records between population-based centralized laboratory HCV testing data and administrative databases has provided a unique opportunity to compare mortality and morbidity between HCV seronegative and seropositive individuals. Through the use of laboratory testing patterns and results, this study attempts to differentiate the viral effects of mortality due to HCV infection from risk behaviours/activities that...

United States-Pakistan relations, 1947-1954: the conditions and causes for a military alliance

Wade Jeffrey Larson
This discussion argues that the United States-Pakistan alliance of 1954 emerged because American strategic concerns for the Middle East, arising in the aftermath of the Korean War and based upon a recognition of Britain's declining ability to defend the region, coincided with Pakistan's strategic needs as a newlyindependent nation. The United States believed that Pakistan-a moderate Islamic nation, situated on the eastern flank of the Middle East, and ideologically inclined toward the West-could assist Western...

Stability and change of family identity in financial crisis

Ron Eckert
This study is based on data obtained in interviews from three couples who experienced severe financial loss in the recession of 1982. This data was organized into narratives that were validated by the participants and an independent reviewer. These narratives were analyzed for changes in underlying belief structures, a major component of family identity. The theory of constructivism and specific theorists such as Reiss (1981), Steinglass, Bennett, Wolin and Reiss (1987) were used to classify...

Vibration, static standing, dynamic standing, and spasticity in individuals with spinal cord injury

Mahsa Sadeghi
Spasticity is a common consequence of upper motor neuron lesions such as spinal cord injury (SCI). Spasticity is experienced by 65-78% of individuals with SCI. Spasticity management is one of the most important challenges that clinicians and researchers encounter. Physical therapy techniques are the essential component of spasticity management that are used during and after other spasticity management tools. Vibration and standing training are two physiotherapy techniques that might be beneficial to manage spasticity in...

Stereo-based obstacle detection using Gabor filters

Richard Neil Braithwaite
This work presents a new obstacle detection algorithm that uses Gabor filters. The task performed by this algorithm is the detection of moving and stationary obstacles from an autonomous vehicle undergoing predominantly rectilinear motion. Image measurements from stereo cameras are used to extract three-dimensional properties of viewed objects and of the vehicle. Properties such as depth and motion are used to predict if (and when) the object will collide with the vehicle. Three inherently difficult...

Mini-tutorial on semialgebraic proof systems

Albert Atserias

Tropical hardwood exports and economic development

David Hugh Roberts
Three countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines were chosen and the capacity of the forest sector to contribute to the process of indigenous growth and development was analysed. Direct action in the rural sector is vital to help alleviate poverty and unemployment in the Third World. Although there is a lack of a general, substantiated strategy for the rural sector, small scale, labour intensive industrialization would be a useful part of such...

Introduction to BC RSRnet and Evidence- Based Practice. How do I get the best information quickly? Step 1: How to ask the question and quickly access the most relevant literature

Alison Hoens & Charlotte Beck
Introduction to BC RSRnet and Evidence- Based Practice. How do I get the best information quickly? Step 1: How to ask the question and quickly access the most relevant literature

Reason and sympathy in Hume’s Treatise

John Edward Dixon
In his Treatise of Human Nature, published in 1739, David Hume set out to scientifically comprehend human understanding, action, and personality in terms of the "experimental method of reasoning." He presented a naturalistic portrait of man which represented him as fundamentally determined to avoid pain and embrace pleasure. In this portrait a substantial place is provided for reason, but only as the "servant" of the passions. Only the passions were considered by Hume to be...

Combining measurements with deterministic model outputs: predicting ground-level ozone

Zhong Liu
The main topic of this thesis is how to combine model outputs from deterministic models with measurements from monitoring stations for air pollutants or other meteorological variables. We consider two different approaches to address this particular problem. The first approach is by using the Bayesian Melding (BM) model proposed by Fuentes and Raftery (2005). We successfully implement this model and conduct several simulation studies to examine the performance of this model in different scenarios. We...

Video database retrieval based on trajectory analysis

Zhe Gu
The increasing volume of video motivates research on video management. Related topics include video representation, organization, query formulation and search. Much work has been done based on shot segmentation of video, however, the temporal nature of video has not been fully investigated. Our goal is to analyze the motion of objects in video, so that video can be retrieved based on objects' motion it records. We emphasize the importance of motion information in video. A...

Analytical review of remedial educational programs for socially and economically disadvantaged adults

Darrell Vail Anderson
The principal concern of this thesis was to examine the role of education in altering the personal and social characteristics of the disadvantaged adult, and to select Information of functional value to program design for those educators or agencies contemplating remedial educational programs with disadvantaged adults. The sources of data for this descriptive study were limited to research reports on special retraining and remedial educational programs for the disadvantaged. Descriptive data on poverty and characteristics...

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