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Experimental investigation of the thermal and mechanical stability of rocks for high-temperature thermal-energy storage

Viola Becattini, Thomas Motmans, Alba Zappone, Claudio Madonna, Andreas Haselbacher & Aldo Steinfeld
Six types of rocks of Alpine origin were investigated for their suitability for high-temperature packed-bed thermal-energy storage. The rocks were thermally cycled in laboratory furnaces between about 100 °C and 600°C with a heating rate of 2.6°C/min and assessed in terms of their specific heat capacity and porosity as well as the degree of cracking, fracturing, and disintegration. Thermal cycling was found to lead to decreases in the specific heat capacity and increases in the...

Simulating ice core 10Be on the glacial-interglacial timescale

Christoph Elsässer, Dietmar Wagenbach, Ingeborg Levin, A. Stanzick, Marcus Christl, Anton Wallner, Sepp Kipfstuhl, I.K. Seierstad, Herbert Wershofen & Jack Dibb
10Be ice core measurements are an important tool for paleoclimate research, e.g., allowing for the reconstruction of past solar activity or changes in the geomagnetic dipole field. However, especially on multi-millennial timescales, the share of production and climate-induced variations of respective 10Be ice core records is still up for debate. Here we present the first quantitative climatological model of the 10Be ice concentration up to the glacial–interglacial timescale. The model approach is composed of (i)...

Das Personenfreizügigkeitsabkommen Schweiz-EU / EFTA und das Wachstum des BIP pro Kopf in der Schweiz: Bericht zuhanden des Bundamtes für Migration (BFM)

Michael Siegenthaler & Jan-Egbert Sturm
Dieser Bericht beleuchtet, wie das Personenfreizügigkeitsabkommen (FZA) der Schweiz mit den EU/EFTA-Staaten das Einkommenswachstum in der Schweiz in den letzten Jahren beeinflusst hat. Der Bericht verfolgt das Ziel, Klarheit in die in der Öffentlichkeit teils widersprüchlich geführte Debatte zu bringen, ob die Auswirkungen des FZA auf das Einkommenswachstum nun positiv oder negativ seien. Es werden dabei insbesondere die Auswirkungen untersucht, die das FZA auf das Wachstum des Bruttoinlandprodukts (BIP) pro Kopf der Bevölkerung in der...

Structure of a Chaperone-Usher Pilus Reveals the Molecular Basis of Rod Uncoiling

Manuela Hospenthal, Adam Redzej, Karen Dodson, Marta Ukleja, Brandon Frenz, Catarina Rodrigues, Scott J. Hultgren, Frank DiMaio, Edward H. Egelman & Gabriel Waksman
Types 1 and P pili are prototypical bacterial cell-surface appendages playing essential roles in mediating adhesion of bacteria to the urinary tract. These pili, assembled by the chaperone-usher pathway, are polymers of pilus subunits assembling into two parts: a thin, short tip fibrillum at the top, mounted on a long pilus rod. The rod adopts a helical quaternary structure and is thought to play essential roles: its formation may drive pilus extrusion by preventing backsliding...

Designer exosomes produced by implanted cells intracerebrally deliver therapeutic cargo for Parkinson's disease treatment

Ryosuke Kojima, Daniel Bojar, Giorgio Rizzi, Ghislaine Charpin-El Hamri, Marie D. El-Baba, Pratik Saxena, Simon Ausländer, Kelly R. Tan & Martin Fussenegger
Exosomes are cell-derived nanovesicles (50–150 nm), which mediate intercellular communication, and are candidate therapeutic agents. However, inefficiency of exosomal message transfer, such as mRNA, and lack of methods to create designer exosomes have hampered their development into therapeutic interventions. Here, we report a set of EXOsomal transfer into cells (EXOtic) devices that enable efficient, customizable production of designer exosomes in engineered mammalian cells. These genetically encoded devices in exosome producer cells enhance exosome production, specific mRNA...

Comparison of compensation strategies of structural effects

Stefan Thoma, Sascha Weikert & Konrad Wegener
Proceedings of the 12th international conference of the european society for precision engineering and nanotechnology

Dependence Uncertainty Bounds for the Expectile of a Portfolio

Edgars Jakobsons & Steven Vanduffel
We study upper and lower bounds on the expectile risk measure of risky portfolios when the joint distribution of the risky components is not fully specified. First, we summarize methods for obtaining bounds when only the marginal distributions of the components are known, but not their interdependence (unconstrained bounds). In particular, we provide the best-possible upper bound and the best-possible lower bound (under some conditions), as well as numerical procedures to compute them. We also...

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