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Tool zur effizienten Durchführung einer FMEA-Sitzung

Andreas Kunz & Stephan Müller
Design for X: Beiträge zum 13. Symposium

Supporting the teamwork by new means of the information technology

Andreas Kunz, Stephan Müller, Kristina Laucher & Kyeni Mbiti
Design management - process and information issues

Global players in the world’s construction market

Gerhard Girmscheid & Christian Brockmann
Construction in the XXI century

IT-Unterstützung für die Metaplantechnik

Andreas Kunz & Stephan Müller
Design for X: Beiträge zum 13. Symposium

Complexity of Megaprojects

Christian Brockmann & Gerhard Girmscheid
Construction for development

Influence of extractives on water vapour sorption by the example of wood species from Chile

Rudolf Popper, Peter Niemz & Gerhild Eberle
At 28 wood species from Chile the equilibrium moisture content was determined at 20°C and 35, 50, 65, 80 and 93 % relative humidity. Us-ing the experimentally determined average values the selected pa-rameter of the Hailwood Horrobin model such as fiber saturation point, mono- and polymolecular sorptions as well as inaccessibility of the sor-bent to sorbate and the specific surface of the sorbent were computed. The influence of extractives on the equilibrium moisture content was...

Strategies to mitigate greenhouse gas and nitrogen emissions in Swiss agriculture: The application of an integrated sector model

Michael Hartmann, Robert Huber, Simon Peter & Bernard Lehmann
Environmental impacts of agricultural production, such as greenhouse gas (GHG) and nitrogen emissions, are of major concern for scientists and policy makers throughout the world. Global agricultural activities account for about 60% of nitrous oxide and about 50% of methane emissions. From a global perspective, methane and nitrous oxide constitute crucial GHGs. They contribute substantially to climate change due to their high potential for effecting global warming compared to carbon dioxide. Emissions of these gases...

Quantitative Risk Management Model for General Contractors

T.A. Busch & G. Girmscheid
Advancing Engineering, Management and Technology

Probabilistic risk-based LC NPV Model

Gerhard Girmscheid
Innovations in Structural Engineering and Construction

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