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Intégration d'une liaison radio dans un réseau industriel

Philippe Morel

Réactivité du peroxyde d'hydrogène dans des microémulsions

Taraneh Aminian-Saghafi

Etude numérique des équations d'Euler pour des écoulements radiaux

Jean-Luc Arrigo

Composants ultra-rapides pour communications optiques

Jean-Claude Bischoff

Problèmes d'élasticité avec conditions unilatérales

André Probst

On the electronic properties of small semiconductor aggregates

Jeremy Ramsden

Localisation d'ondes classiques par le désordre

Cristina Di San Germano-Flesia

Amortissement des structures à haute rigidité

Jacques Miauton

Absorption accompanied by heat effects

Quang Hien Nguyen

Performances et limites de chaudières à gaz de centrales solaires

Claude Durand
Production of electricity from solar energy is mainly achieved by means of solar cells or by central receiver power plants. These plants are driven by vapor turbines where the fluid temperature is about l000°F or by gas turbines in which gas temperature exceeds 1500°F. The geometry and optical properties of heliostats are used to modelize their behaviour. Thus the field of mirrors can be optimized by considering shadowing and blocking effects. The flux distribution is...

Gas absorption experiments in a pilot plant column with the sulzer structured packing mellapack

Marcelo Henriques De Brito
Data for the volumetric mass transfer coefficient, kLa, and the effective area, of structured packings have rarely been reported in the literature. This is despite the ever-increasing importance of structured packings in industrial separation columns for absorption and distillation processes. This work verified that the CO2-NaOH reaction is suitable for the determination of effective mass transfer area. The kinetic parameter of this reaction which governs the absorption flux, was evaluated with a wetted wall column,...

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