386 Works

Tuning of competing magnetic and superconducting phase volumes in LaFeAsO_{0.945}F_{0.055} by hydrostatic pressure

M Bendele, G Prando, S Sanna, R De Renzi, N Zhigadlo, A Amato, R Khasanov, P Carretta, Z Shermadini, J Karpinski, H Luetkens & S Katrych

Informal governance of international climate policy

Chandreyee Bagchi, Katharina Michaelowa & Axel Michaelowa

One en pistei, guarantee sales, and title-transfer security in the papyri

José Luis Alonso

Evaluation of 'definite' anaphylaxis drug allergy alert overrides in inpatient and outpatient settings

Julie M Fiskio, David W Bates, Patrick Emanuel Beeler, Adrian Wong, Diane L Seger, Sarah P Slight & Mary G Amato

Attitudes toward Immigrants in European Societies / Editorial

Moshe Semyonov & Eldad Davidov

Long-term outcome in 324 polytrauma patients: what factors are associated with posttraumatic stress disorder and depressive disorder symptoms?

Marcel Winkelmann, Martin Panzica, Christian Probst, Christian Krettek, Lisa Falkenberg, Boris A Zelle, Hans-Christoph Pape, Christian Zeckey & Philipp Mommsen

Heparininduzierte Thrombo­zytopenie Typ II

Ali Sigaroudi & Stefan Weiler

Emotions and Steroid Secretion in Aging Men: A Multi-Study Report

Andreas Walther, Ulrike Ehlert, Patricia Waldvogel, Emilou Noser & Jessica Ruppen

A retrospective cost-analysis of additional homeopathic treatment in Germany: Long-term economic outcomes

Thomas Reinhold, Claudia M Witt & Julia K Ostermann

Corrigendum: Glucose-induced β cell production of IL-1β contributes to glucotoxicity in human pancreatic islets

José Oberholzer, Helen I Joller-Jemelka, Nurit Kaiser, Frédéric Ris, Giatgen A Spinas, Marc Y Donath, Pavel Sergeev, Kathrin Maedler & Philippe A Halban

Rsk2 knockout affects emotional behavior in the IntelliCage

Jürgen Deckert, Sandy Popp, Victoria Cabello, Klaus-Peter Lesch, Matthias Fischer, Leif Hommers, Sven Krackow & Angelika G Schmitt-Böhrer

Survey: Nutrition, body condition and activities of dogs in Switzerland

Annette Liesegang & Kerstin Gerstner

On normalized differentials on hyperelliptic curves of infinite genus

Peter J Topalov & Thomas Kappeler

Ein Ohrfeige für Plfeger und Erzieher

Sebastian Weiner

Augenblicke im Fokus

Agnes Scholz & Sven Tietz

Evaluation of blood flow in intact and ruptured canine cruciate ligaments using 2 laser doppler flowmetry

J Howard, D Forterrre, J Testuz, C Krudewig, U Rytz, A Pozzi & D Spreng

Virtual Machine Priority Adaption to Enforce Fairness Among Cloud Users

Stephan Mannhart, Patrick Poullie & Burkhard Stiller

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