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Heterogeneity of soil carbon pools and fluxes in a channelized and a restored floodplain section (Thur River, Switzerland)

K Tockner, E Samaritani, E A D Mitchell, J Luster, J Shrestha, B Fournier, C Guenat, P A Niklaus, F Gillet, E Frossard & N Pasquale

SAWSDL-iMatcher: A customizable and effective Semantic Web Service matchmaker

Ji Wang, Ting Wang, Dengping Wei & Abraham Bernstein

Genetic variation in natural populations

A K Lindholm & F Breden

Distance to technology frontier and European economic growth

Fabrizio Zilibotti

The Demand for Social Insurance: Does Culture Matter?

Josef Zweimüller, Andreas Steinhauer, Rafael Lalive D'Epinay & Beatrix Eugster

Enhancing herders’ livelihood and conserving the snow leopard in Nepal

M Kollmair, K Thapa, U Müller-Böker, G J Thapa, G S Gurung & K Kunkel

Rearrangement of the antiferromagnetic ordering at high magnetic fields in SmFeAsO and SmFeAsO_{0.9}F_{0.1} single crystals

H Chan, L Balicas, S Katrych, R McDonald, Z Bukowski, H Keller, B Batlogg, N Zhigadlo, S Weyeneth, K Ninios, J Karpinski, P Moll, R Puzniak & F Balakirev

Dental pulp stem cells, niches, and notch signaling in tooth injury

G Papaccio, A Feki, T A Mitsiadis & J Catón

Tuning of competing magnetic and superconducting phase volumes in LaFeAsO_{0.945}F_{0.055} by hydrostatic pressure

M Bendele, G Prando, S Sanna, R De Renzi, N Zhigadlo, A Amato, R Khasanov, P Carretta, Z Shermadini, J Karpinski, H Luetkens & S Katrych

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