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Christoph Danelzik & Annelie Lütgens

Le monstre « classique », un trompe-l'oeil ? Atys, « tragédie en musique », et l’esthétique baroque

Christian Grünnagel
Atys, one of Jean-Baptiste Lully’s operas (libretto by Philippe Quinault) that experienced a sort of revival stemming from the Arts Florissants’ production in 1987, is typically taken by scholars and spectators as the representative example of its genre, the so-called “tragédie en musique.” This article analyzes the presence of the monster and monstrosity in act five from a literary point of view, elements regarded traditionally as incompatible with the aesthetics of French classicism. It is,...

Cover 2013/2

Andrea Hacker
Transcultural Studies, No 2 (2013), Starting Point and Frequency: Number: 1, Year: 2010, Issues per volume: 2

Issue 2013/2

Monica Juneja & Joachim Kurtz
Transcultural Studies, No 2 (2013), Starting Point and Frequency: Number: 1, Year: 2010, Issues per volume: 2

Sites of "Disconnectedness": The Port City of Yokohama, Souvenir Photography, and its Audience

Mio Wakita
Photography and East Asian ports formed an inextricably tight relationship during the latter half of the nineteenth century. Initially launched by Western photographers, photography in East Asian treaty ports captured exotic customs and landscapes of East Asia and was an indispensable part of the newly emerging culture of port cities. In Japan, the tourist photography industry was established in the mid-nineteenth century at treaty ports and flourished as an ever growing industry until the beginning...

From Theology's Handmaid to the Science of Sciences: Western Philosophy's Transformations on its Way to China

Ori Sela
This article analyzes the various ways in which philosophy transformed in the West from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century, thereby making it appealing to Chinese scholars at the end of this period. In a first step, it presents the type of philosophy that was introduced to China by the Jesuits and, in a second step, the various transformations philosophy underwent until its reintroduction in the nineteenth century. The study thereby problematizes and challenges the...

Cover 2013/1

Andrea Hacker
Transcultural Studies, No 1 (2013), Starting Point and Frequency: Number: 1, Year: 2010, Issues per volume: 2

Issue 2013/1

Monica Juneja
Transcultural Studies, No 1 (2013), Starting Point and Frequency: Number: 1, Year: 2010, Issues per volume: 2

“Enjoying the Four Olds!” Oral Histories from a “Cultural Desert”

Barbara Mittler
The traumatic experience of having one’s home broken into, precious objects—books, records, paintings, and musical instruments—destroyed and looted, has been described in many a memoir or fictional account from the Cultural Revolution. However, these narratives, which have become well known as emblematic examples of the Cultural Revolution experience, often leave out the flipside of these intrusions: the question of what happened to the objects after they had been taken? Starting out from the experiences related...

Images, Knowledge and Empire: Depicting Cassowaries in the Qing Court

Yu-Chih Lai
How did Qianlong understand the increasingly globalised world? And what role did visual imagery play in his understanding? This paper tracks the production at the Qianlong court of images and writing describing an exotic bird known as emo. The bird proves to be a cassowary, a creature which fascinated Europe during the Age of Exploration after it was brought back by the first Dutch voyage to Indonesia. This paper argues, firstly, that Qianlong’s Imperial Inscription...

Ono Azusa and the Meiji Constitution: The Codification and Study of Roman Law at the Dawn of Modern Japan

Takeharu Ôkubo
This essay sheds light on the study of Roman law and the theory of constitutions by the late nineteenth century Japanese political philosopher Ono Azusa. In bringing to the fore the political issue of codification in connection with the building of a modern state, Ono inquired into the principles of Roman law as the origins of Western jurisprudence. Based on this study, he reinterpreted the legal traditions of Japan in East Asia and attempted to...

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