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Managing Disruptive Patron Behavior in Law Libraries: A Grey Paper

Nicole P. Dyszlewski, Kristen R. Moore & Genevieve Tung
Nearly all law library staff has encountered or will encounter challenging patron behavior. In this article, the authors develop best practices based on their 2014 online survey of law library staff, follow-up correspondence with several survey respondents, and a review of case law and relevant literature within law librarianship and other fields.

Lake Hopatcong Regional Planning Board, report of audit, December 31, 1995

This report contains the independent audit of the Lake Hopatcong Regional Planning Board's financial statements for 1994 and 1995.

Lake Hopatcong management/restoration plan, appendix 1 water quality data

This is an appendix for the Lake Hopatcong restoration plan that contains data from the Environmental Protection Agency's storet system (a database of sampling sites and their associated quality data) about the Lake Hopatcong area.

Lake Hopatcong regional planning board, 1975 lake testing program

This is a report on the 1975 Lake Hopatcong testing program that studied water quality, air and water temperature, and nutrient data in Lake Hopatcong. The report discusses the results collected at each of the six sampling stations and compares it with the data collected in 1974.

The design, characterization and utility of self-assembling hydrophobic collagen peptides

Kenneth N. McGuinness
This thesis will focus on predicting and characterizing the self-assembly of collagen mimetic peptides and their interactions with natural proteins with varying secondary structure and exposed surface hydrophobicity. Chapter 1 will provide an overview of the forces that affect peptide self-assembly, and describe why the collagen triple-helix is a good model system for studying self-assembly. In Chapter 1, a set of synthetic collagen peptides, that were designed using diffusion limited aggregation (DLA) simulations, are used...

Evaluation of formulations and oxidative stability of coconut oil blends

Emily Nering
Tropical fats such as coconut oil contain medium chain fatty acids which activate lipases, converting fats directly into energy rather than storage in adipose tissue. Implications that these fats may be helpful in reducing obesity and related diseases, and also replace trans fats in foods, have led to interest in developing "healthy" coconut oil-based products for use in table spreads, cooking, and baking applications. This study evaluated effects of water quality, antioxidants, and oil components...

Sex differences in social support and substance use disorders

Deena Peyser Faleck
Individuals with substance use disorders (SUDs) often draw on support from their social networks to perpetuate gains made during addiction treatment. Sex differences exist in the function of social networks, the ways in which individuals are influenced by their network members, and in substance use behaviors. We examined whether treatment-seeking men and women differed in the nature of their social support at treatment entry and whether individuals with abstinence versus substance using social support networks...

Architectural support for efficient virtual memory on big-memory systems

Binh Quang Pham
Virtual memory is a powerful and ubiquitous abstraction for managing memory. How- ever, virtual memory suffers a performance penalty for these benefits, namely when translating program virtual addresses to system physical addresses. This overhead had been limited to 5-15% of system runtime by using a set of sophisticated hardware so- lutions, but has increased to 20-50% for many scenarios, including running workloads with large memory footprints and poor access locality or using deeper software stacks....

Fish Community Support in Wetlands within Protected Embayments of Lake Ontario

Marcia S. Meixler, Kristin K. Arend & Mark B. Bain
Fish community data were collected to investigate the role of wetlands in supporting fish communities of protected embayments in Lake Ontario. Wetland and deeper, more open, littoral sites were sampled in five protected embayments using gill nets, fyke nets, minnow traps, and electrofishing gear during the summers of 2001 and 2002. Pooled gear data were used to analyze community composition, size frequency, and species richness. We found that even within protected embayments where community composition...

Tuckerton Peninsula Salt Marsh System: A Sentinel Site for Assessing Climate Change Effects

Michael J. Kennish, Marcia S. Meixler, Gina Petruzzelli & Benjamin Fertig
The Tuckerton Peninsula forms a large expanse (~2,000 ha) of highly inundated Spartina alterniflora salt marsh habitat along the southern New Jersey coast. Temporal and spatial changes in emergent salt marsh vegetation were characterized in three segments (northern, central, and southern) of the peninsula as part of a larger investigation to establish this salt marsh system as a sentinel site to assess future climate change effects in New Jersey. Monthly quadrat sampling at 90 plots...

Memo about Disappearance of Barbadian Workers

Thomas F. Costello & Paul C. Lewis
During the war, the War Manpower Commission (WMC) coordinated the recruitment of migrant guestworkers from the British West Indies. Because guestworkers entered the United States with specific employment contracts, leaving their assigned jobs made them "illegal" immigrants. An internal WMC memo discusses the disappearance of a group of Barbadians who were supposed to be in the employ of the Deerfield Packing Company, the Seabrook Farms' subsidiary.

Renewal of Contracts Memo

Thomas F. Costello & Frank L. McNamee
Working conditions, housing, and wages at Seabrook Farms often failed to meet the expectations of migrant guestworkers. As this memo from November 1944 details, of the 97 Barbadian workers at Seabrook Farms who were given an option to renew their contracts with the company, only 14 did. Eighty-one workers requested that the WMC find them alternative employment.

Letter from Cecil Roach

Cecil Roach
Cecil Roach fell ill after coming to the United States as a guestworker, and (illegally) went to Boston to receive care from his sister there. In this letter addressed to President Truman, Roach requests an extension of his contract so that he might "make a little money to carry home."

Proposal for a Community \"Solidarity\" Refrigerator that Would Both Feed the Hungry and Lessen Food Waste

Aashka Parikh & Julie M. Fagan
Approximately 40% of the food produced in America is wasted with much of this waste produced by homeowners and restaurants. A “solidarity” refrigerator in Spain enables restaurants and residents to bring leftover food to a community refrigerator instead of throwing it out. Individuals in need of food can then take the food. Starting a “solidarity” refrigerator in communities throughout the US would keep waste out of the landfill and feed the hungry.

Human Rights Education and Social Studies Teacher Preparation: Is There any “There” There?

William R. Fernekes
Using data from a survey of social studies professors and program directors in New Jersey, this paper presents the results of an investigation about the degree to which human rights education is integrated within the professional teacher preparation programs leading to social studies certification at colleges and universities in New Jersey. Seven institutions of higher education are represented, combining both public and private colleges and universities. Findings indicate that human rights education is not heavily...

Branch dependent shear coefficients and their influence on the free vibration of mindlin plates

Joseph M. Lakawicz
The effect of the shear correction coefficient on the branches of the frequency spectrum for the free vibrations of plates using Mindlin plate theory is studied. Each of the three branches of the frequency spectrum for the Mindlin plate is identified through comparison with the frequency spectrum of the infinite elastodynamic plate. The use of branch dependent shear correction coefficients is proposed, in order to bring each of the three branches of the Mindlin plate...

Development of life cycle assessment tool for pavement sustainability analysis

Chinmay Thakkar
Motivated by the emerging importance of sustainability in transportation infrastructure, this study aims at developing a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool to quantify the energy and environmental impacts of pavements. The general LCA framework is incorporated into a highly customizable Excel-based software tool that can be used to facilitate environmental assessment of pavements at the project-level. The impact assessment focuses on the cumulative energy demand (CED) and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission in the material, construction,...

Growth inhibitory effects of 3'-hydroxypterostilbene in human prostate cancer cells and xenograft mice

Hui-Yun Tsai
Prostate cancer is the second highest cause of cancer-related death among men in the United States. Most of these deaths are caused by invasive and metastatic spread of the prostate cancer. Therefore, more efforts should be dedicated to the development of preventive strategies to reduce prostate cancer prevalence and impact. Pterostilbene (Pt) is a natural antioxidant compound predominantly found in blueberries, grapes and a tree wood, Pterocarpus marsupium. 3'-Hydroxypterostilbene (OHPt), one of hydroxyl analogs of...

Kernel learning and applications in wireless localization

Qiaojun Wang
Recent advances in mobile and pervasive computing have enabled accurate location tracking of users wearing wireless devices indoors, where GPS isn’t available. Many indoor WiFi location estimation techniques use received radio signal strength (RSS) values from various access points to track users. In recent years, machine learning techniques have been applied to this application and demonstrated the effectiveness for tracking mobile devices. However, many existing systems suffer from the following problems: (1) lack of labeled...

Resistance to vesicant injury by efflux transporters

Ronald G. Udasin
Sulfur mustard and nitrogen mustard (mechlorethamine, HN2) are potent vesicants used in chemical warfare and cancer chemotherapy that primarily target skin, eye, and lung. These electrophilic, bifunctional alkylating agents cause oxidative stress and persistent tissue damage. Toxicity of related mustards, chlorambucil and melphalan, is limited by clearance from cells by multidrug resistance-associated protein 1 (MRP1/Mrp1), a transmembrane ATPase that stimulates efflux of glutathione-conjugated electrophiles. HN2 causes injury by covalently modifying biomolecules including glutathione. Monofunctional glutathione...

Identification of distinct macrophage subpopulations during nitrogen mustard-induced lung injury and fibrosis

Alessandro Venosa
Nitrogen mustard (NM) is an alkylating agent known to cause extensive pulmonary injury progressing to fibrosis. This is accompanied by a persistent infiltration of activated macrophages into the lungs which contribute to the development, progression and resolution of tissue damage. Macrophages are highly plastic cells capable of altering their activation state depending on the surrounding microenvironment. Two major phenotypically distinct subpopulations of macrophages have been identified: proinflammatory/cytotoxic M1 and antiinflammatory/wound repair M2 macrophages. Treatment of...

Impact of sand topdressing on turf quality, surface physical properties and disease severity of putting green turfs

Ruying Wang
Topdressing sand is applied to maintain desirable surface root zone characteristics on golf course putting greens; however, coarse sand interferes with mowing and playability. Additionally, sand topdressing applied to annual bluegrass (Poa annua L. f. reptans [Hauskins] T. Koyama) turf can reduce anthracnose severity (caused by Colletotrichum cereale Manns sensu lato Crouch, Clarke, and Hillman). Three field trials were conducted from 2010 to 2013 to evaluate the effect of sand size and topdressing rate on...

Development of inversion-based feedforward-feedback control techniques for advanced manufacturing

Zhihua Wang
Advanced manufacturing aims to make high-quality products at low cost with high efficiency and highly integrated/controlled processes, thereby, promoting the process integration and providing accommodation of customized and cost-effective miniaturized products. With the increasing demands on product precision and cost efficiency in micro- and nano-scale manufacturing, the development and implementation of control technologies have become an indispensable part of advanced manufacturing. However, challenges exist in the process control of micro- and nano-scale manufacturing. The system...

Estimating New Zealand temperature and aridity since the last glacial maximum from biomass burning markers

Lauren Meredith Weisel
Aridity is an important component of climate change. Wildfires linked to dry conditions can drastically alter the biomass of a landscape. Diagnostic molecules created in these fires during the incomplete combustion of plants can be used to estimate past biomass burning events. Biomass burning markers (BBM) were isolated from three sites from the South Island of New Zealand, and quantified using GCMS analysis. A record of fire occurrence based on these BBM revealed a pattern...

Possession and power

Adam Jacob Wolkoff
As urbanization, emancipation, and the expansion of capitalized farming transformed the American landscape between 1800 and 1920, tenancy rates spiked in crowded cities, Southern cotton and tobacco fields, and Midwestern corn and wheat farms. Tenancy was neither the inevitable outcome of market forces, nor a hegemonic order imposed by a powerful few. Rather, its structures emerged from above and below. It emerged from thousands of small and large decisions made by politicians, judges, and attorneys,...

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