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Lake water quality assessment report, Lake Absegami, Bass River Township, Burlington County, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Water Resources

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The 1986 revisions to the Clean Water Act requires states to provide the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) with water quality information on public lakes. This information is a prerequisite for eligibility in the USEPA Clean Lakes Program.The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection obtained a grant to assess the water quality of the state's lakes during 1989. The objectives of the FY 89 Project were to acquire limited limnological data for 21 lakes....

Morris County Soil Conservation District: Catalog of Materials

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This catalog has been prepared to assist teachers in locating Natural Resource Education Materials that will meet their specific goals and objectives. A variety of materials are available to accomplish this. The library has four collections: Conservation Comic Books, Fact Sheets, Pamphlets, Natural Resource Education Media and Classroom And Field Guides. Each Collection has within it a list of materials available. The list is for classroom use and the format of the materials and suggested...

Garden State Parkway : Feasibility Study of Improvements from Asbury Park to Great Egg Harbor

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This study provides an analysis of the Garden State Parkway section between Asbury Park and Toms River for the need to increase capacity . The study is based on traffic, roadway, structural, soils, environmental, and economic factors. It recommends a short-term and long-term roadway improvement program, taking into consideration the Toms River Extension proposal.

Light magic

Katherine Emily Callahan
Light Magic is a novel about suburban Jersey girls Chloe and Zarin, who have been faithful friends since meeting as 4th grade outsiders. Even into their twenties, the dorky pals remain bonded by their shared avoidance of alcohol and sex, passion for prayer, and obsession with Max Hazel, a wildly popular series of books about a boarding school for witches. The fact that Zarin is the Muslim daughter of Pakistani immigrants and that Chloe is...

Conserve Wildlife: Newsletter of the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife's Endangered and Nongame Species Program, Spring 2005

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This newsletter informs interested individuals and organizations about the activities and events of the Endangered and Nongame Species Program by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Fish and Wildlife. It also provides general information about New Jersey wildlife. This issue features the following articles: Red Knot Numbers Tumble To Historic Low in South America; Blueprint for Success - New Jersey's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy; Oil Spill's Long-Term Effects Undetermined; Efforts Under Way...

Alternatives to Pesticides

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This bulletin provides alternative methods to exterior pest control, specifically for garden use. Intended for the general public, provided to Master Gardeners and Garden Clubs. Alternatives include handpicking, barriers and traps, trap plants, beneficial insects, and more.

2002 Great Swamp Lakes and Ponds Study

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The document reports the results of one-day lake surveys performed on 15 of the 231 lakes in the Great Swamp Watershed to follow up a similar study that was completed in 2001. EPA criteria and the Carlson Trophic State Index were used to classify the trophic, or ecological, condition of the lake. The water quality of the lakes in 2002 is compared with the water quality of the lakes in 2001.

Providing Quality of Service Guarantees Using Only Edge Routers

Sudeept Bhatnagar & Brett J. Vickers
Providing strict bandwidth guarantees to packet flows in the Internet is an inherently challenging task. It requires signaling mechanisms, policing mechanisms, accurate and rapid accounting of network resources, and call admission control. We present a novel protocol that provides bandwidth guarantees to Internet packet flows. This protocol, called the Edge-assisted Quality of Service (EQOS) protocol, requires modifications to only a subset of an administrative domain’s routers, namely the edge routers on the domain’s periphery. Legacy...

Final report of Project: CLEAN AIR

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This report contains recommendations that will provide guidance to state officials charged with the task of developing an air quality program for New Jersey.

Autonomous transport protocols for content-based networks

Florin Sultan, Aniruddha Bohra & Liviu Iftode
In this paper, we argue for a new approach to reliable transport protocols in which connections are established between endpoints in a generic content-based network. In such a network, endpoints are named by content and mapped to host addresses using a content-based location and routing sheme. We identify two key design priniples for autonomous protools: (i) an endpoint name spae deoupled from the network host address space and (ii) relaxed end-to-end semantis, whih allows intermediate...

From variable to optimal grammar: evidence from language acquisition and language change

Galit Adam
Ever since the advent of generative theory, there has been a dispute in linguistics between formalist and functionalist approaches. At stake in this controversy is the autonomy thesis: i.e. the claim that linguistic knowledge is independent from, and irreducible to, the facts of language use. Under the autonomist view, language is both arbitrary and self-contained. Currently, the radically autonomous vision of syntax that is being pursued in Chomskyan circles has lent new urgency to the...

Declaration of Intention of Frederick Brennenstahl

United States. Bureau Of Naturalization
Declaration of Intention to become a citizen of the United States, as filled out and signed by: Frederick Brennenstahl Applicant age:21 Occupation: MechanicCountry of Origin:GermanyDate of Birth: 21st May 1902Sailed to the US aboard the vessel: George Washington City of residence at time of declaration:Atlantic City NJ Declaration submitted and sworn on date: 28th April 1925

Rutgers Helps Haiti Earthquake

Lauren Eisen, Dana Gobbo, Devin Plote, Jonathan Powell & Julie M. Fagan
From Classipedia, Fagan's team helps Haiti with medical supplies

Effects of reinforcement histories on communication modality preference

Sarah Jane Luem
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is characterized by deficits in communication. Training in vocal approximations and/or augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) modes may be required to overcome these deficits. Because it may be difficult to determine a best communication fit for each student, one solution is to assess students' preference for the different communication topographies. Several factors have been found to influence preference, including parameters of reinforcement, parameters of a response, reinforcement histories, and stimulus cues....

Keeping castles out of the sand

Judd Schechtman
Unprecedented losses from natural disasters in recent years have awakened coastal communities to the increasing risks from climate change. Many are choosing to adapt on their own, yet many others may not know where to begin. To address this gap in knowledge and help disseminate information on adaptation strategies, a mixed-methods study was undertaken to inventory and assess the performance of locally-driven climate adaptation strategies in 34 coastal communities in the Northeast US from Maine...

The efficacy of chitosan-based coating in reducing surface attached Salmonella on tomatoes

Yi-Chun Lai
Recently, an increasing number of outbreaks related to produce consumption have been reported. Tomatoes are considered as one of the main produce consumed in the United States; approximately 14 million tons of tomatoes are produced every year. However, the microbial safety of raw tomatoes has been questioned following many outbreaks associated with eating tomatoes contaminated with human pathogens. The CDC reports that eating raw tomatoes caused at least 12 Salmonella multistate outbreaks from 1990-2009, and...

Statistics of the number of refugees coming in and going back from Kucheng (Gucheng) [China], September 1945

Kucheng Hsien (Gucheng Xian) Government
English version of "Statistics of the number of refugees coming in and going back from Kucheng (Gucheng) [China], September 1945". Based on an investigation before September 20, 1945.

Historic USGS maps - Sea Isle

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Part of a series of historic maps from the late 1800s and early 1900s. These maps, from the United States Geological Survey, present geographic and topographic information from the time period.

Have majority-minority districts fulfilled the promise of the Voting Rights Act?

John C. Lesher
The response of Southern states to the Fifteenth Amendment’s grant of voting rights to former slaves was nearly a century of self-serving interpretations of the Fifteenth Amendment that resulted in “voter dilution”—the de facto disenfranchisement of Blacks throughout the former Confederacy. This dissertation will examine the relative success or failure of the remedies for vote dilution embodied in the 1965 Voting Rights Act (VRA), in particular the concept of the “majority-minority” congressional district. In 1965,...

Drei nestorianische Kirchenlieder

Daniel Bonifacious Von Haneberg & Babai
This study, which originally appeared in an early issue of ZDMG, focuses on three prominent authors of the Church of the East: Theodore of Mopsuestia, Narsai, and Babai the Great. Haneberg presents three short poems from each author in vocalized Syriac together with a German translation. Theodore’s poem is a hymn of praise, Narsai’s touches on themes of Christ’s coming and Incarnation, and Babai’s is on the birth of Christ. The study concludes with some...

The Messenger No. 1811, February 16, 1939

Irving Kahan
Local information pertaining to Paterson, N.J. and surrounding Passaic County. Issues may include events, government, business, political cartoons, engagement and marriage announcements, and birth announcements. This paper was titled Il Messaggero from 1904 until September 22, 1938, when it became The Messenger.

Multi-sensor movement analysis for transport safety and health applications

Katarzyna Sila-Nowicka & Thakuriah, Piyushimita (Vonu)
Recent increases in the use of and applications for wearable technology has opened up many new avenues of research. In this paper, we consider the use of lifelogging and GPS data to extend fine-grained movement analysis for improving applications in health and safety. We first design a framework to solve the problem of indoor and outdoor movement detection from sensor readings associated with images captured by a lifelogging wearable device. Second we propose a set...

Keeping our Garden State green

No Name Supplied
A Greenway is a linear corridor of undeveloped land. The corridor may be miles wide or as narrow as a footpath. A Greenway may be publicly owned or it may be privately owned but protected by conservation easements. A Greenway may be created solely for conservation purposes-focusing on stream corridors and floodplains, a forested ridgeline, or animal migration routes. It might protect a vista or scenic corridor. In other instances, a Greenway may link existing...

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