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The Seasonal Strategy

Irwin-Williams, Cynthia, AUTHOR (Eastern New Mexico University)

An Archaeological Curation-Needs Assessment for Headquarters Air Combat Command Volume 2

Eugene A. Marino
Between October 1995 and January 1996, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District's Mandatory Center of Expertise for the Curation and Management of Archaeological Collections conducted a survey of archaeological collections and associated documentation generated from archaeological investigations conducted on 20 U.S. Air Force, Air Combat Command (ACC) installations. This volume addresses collections from the following installations: Little Rock Air Force Base and Black Jack Air Force Range, Arkansas; Moody Air Force Base...

Preliminary Report for Phase 1 Data Testing at AZ U:15:1(REC) on Private Land and Mapping of Historic Architecture at AZ AA:3:215(ASM) and AZ U:16:303(ASM) on Federal Land near Ashurst-Hayden Diversion Dam, Pinal County, Arizona

E. Melanie Ryan, Andrea Gregory, Thomas E. Jones, Michael Droz & Robert Stokes
As authorized under the Arizona Water Settlements Act of 2004, the San Carlos and Irrigation Drainage District (SCIDD) is undertaking a 10-year rehabilitation project of its irrigation system. SCIDD is the non-Indian irrigation component of the San Carlos Irrigation Project (SCIP), which provides irrigation water to the communities of Florence, Coolidge, and Casa Grande in Pinal County, Arizona. The initial focus of the SCIDD Rehabilitation Project is the rehabilitation of the Ashurst-Hayden Diversion Dam and...

Archaeology of the Ak Chin Indian Community West Side Farms Project: Research Design

David A. Phillips & Cory Dale Breternitz
This volume describes the research orientation and methods used during the Ak Chin Archaeological Data Recovery Project. The project examined the cultural resources of the western half of the Ak Chin Community's lands, scheduled for intensive agricultural development using waters from the Central Arizona Project. The volume includes a discussion of the natural and cultural setting of the project area (Chapters 1 and 2), with an emphasis on the Hohokam and historic Papago occupation documented...

Publications in Salvage Archeology, 5: Pony Creek Archeology

Brown, Lionel A., AUTHOR (Null)

Montpelier Plantation (38BU1789) Antebellum Life at Palmetto Bluff

Poplin, Eric C., AUTHOR (Null); Hendrix, Pat, AUTHOR (Null); Huddleston, Connie, AUTHOR (Null); Lynch, Alana, AUTHOR (FEMA); Philips Jr., Charles, AUTHOR (Null); Runyan, Catharine, AUTHOR (Null)

The Twelfth Street Extension Archaeological Data Recovery Project: Investigations at the Godley (38LX141) and Manning (38LX50) Sites, Lexington County, South Carolina

Southerlin, Bobby G., AUTHOR (Null); Reid, Dawn, AUTHOR (Null); Huddleston, Connie, AUTHOR (Null); Smith, Caleb, AUTHOR (Null); Leigh, David, AUTHOR (Null); Neumann, Thomas, AUTHOR (Null)

Hohokam Archaeology along the Salt-Gila Aqueduct Central Arizona Project, Volume VII: Environment and Subsistence

Lynn S. Teague & Patricia L. Crown
This is the seventh volume of a nine-volume series reporting archaeological investigations in south-central Arizona along the SaltGila Aqueduct (SGA), conducted for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) under Contract No. 0-07-32-V0101. The SGA is a 58-mile-Iong component of the Central Arizona Project that begins east of Phoenix and extends to the vicinity of the Picacho Mountains. During the course of the analyses presented in this volume, it became apparent that any attempt to approach...

A Class III Survey of the Tucson Aqueduct Phase A Corridor, Central Arizona Project: An Intensive Archaeological Survey in the Lower Santa Cruz River Basin, Picacho Reservoir to Rillito, Arizona

Lauren Jelinek
The Bureau of Reclamation's mandate to protect cultural resources affected by construction of the Tucson Aqueduct is defined in 43 CFR Part 422.3a and consists of a three part research approach. The first two parts-a Class I overview and a Class IIsample survey-were completed for Phase A of the Tucson Aqueduct by the Arizona State Museum in 1979 (Westfall 1979) and 1980 (McCarthy 1982), respectively. The final part, a Class III intensive survey of the...

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