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Sandsteine im In-situ-Geothermielabor Groß Schönebeck: Reservoircharakterisierung, Stimulation, Hydraulik und Nutzungskonzepte

Ernst Huenges & Markus Wolfgramm
Scientific Technical Report STR ; 04/03

Hyperspectral algorithms : report in the frame of EnMAP preparation activities

Hermann Kaufmann, Karl Segl, Sibylle Itzerott, Heike Bach, Annette Wagner, Joachim Hill, Birgit Heim, K. Oppermann, Wieke Heldens, Enrico Stein, Andreas Müller, Sebastian van der Linden, Pedro J. Leitão, Andreas Rabe & Patrick Hostert
Against the background of EnMAP preparation analyses have been carried out on the status of research in various areas of hyperspectral remote sensing for the use of existing algorithms in the EnMAP application box. The aim was to compose the status of research in Germany and internationally. Therefore, in various fields of expertise applied and accordingly available algorithms and products based on hyperspectral data has been evaluated and documented. The intention has been to demonstrate...

HALO_GPS software user manual : (High Altitude and LOng range airborne GPS positioning software) ; Version of 2010

Qianxin Wang, Tianhe Xu & Guochang Xu
HALO_GPS is a precise GPS kinematic positioning software. It was developed at GFZPotsdam for the German HALO project. The goal is to develop a software which is able to achieve cm-level accuracy for an aircraft trajectory for application in airborne gravimetry.

Magma migration below volcanoes: the Isle of Skye, Scotland, intrusive system revisited

Alessandro Tibaldi, Andrea Bistacchi, Federico A. Pasquarè & Derek Rust

European LAB constrained from seismic anisotropy

Jaroslava Plomerova & Vladislav Babuska

Mitigating the consequences of extreme events on strategic facilities: Evaluation of volcanic and seismic risk in the Caspian oil and gas pipelines in the Republic of Georgia

F. A. Pasquarè, D. Tormey, L. Vezzoli, A. Okrostsvaridze & B. Tutberidze

Identification of a large polygonal-fault network in the Hammerfest Basin: implications on migration and leakage of hydrocarbons in the South Western Barents Sea

Ilya Ostanin, Anka Zahie, Rolando Di Primio, Jon Erik Skeie & Asdrubal Bermal

Ascent Distance of Anatectic Granitoid Melts in Collisional Orogens: The Greater Caucasus

Avtandil Okrostsvaridze, D. Tormey & D. Bluahsvili

Volcanic and tectonic deformation monitoring in central Alborz, northern Iran, usingadvanced InSAR time series

Shirzaei Manoochehr & Thomas R. Walter

Deformation at Llaima volcano, southern Andes

Hannes Bathke, Thomas Walter & Manoochehr Shirzaei

Colorado Basin Structure and Rifting, Argentine passive margin

Julia Autin, Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, Markus Lögering, Zahie Anka, E. Vallejo, J. F. Rodriguez, D. Marchal, C. Reichert & Rolando di Primio

An Overview of Structure and Evolution of the Lithosphere in the NorthAtlantic Region

Irina Artemieva & Hans Thybo

Defining the LAB: semantics versus physics

Irina Artemieva

Age and textural anisotropy of the SCLM derived from studies on xenolithsof the Central European Cenozoic Igneous Province (CECIP)

Michael Abratis, Gerd Brey & Lothar Viereck-Goette

Solid Earth - Basic Science for the Human Habitat - ILP’s Second Potsdam Conference 2010 - Abstracts

A. Rudloff, Roland Oberhänsli & Sierd Cloetingh

Differential subduction and exhumation of crustal slice in the Sulu HP and UHP metamorphic terrane

Liu Fulai & Axel Gerdes

New insights into the tectonic evolution of the Amerasia Basin, Arctic Ocean

Wilfried Jokat

Characterization of Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration Dynamics Based on Seismic Interpretation and Basin Modeling: an Integrated Study of the Orange Basin, South Africa

Alexander Hartwig, Donna Boyd, Gesa Kuhlmann, Selwyn Adams, Curnell Campher, Anka Zahie, Rolando Di Primio, Tony Albrecht & Varsha Singh

Plio-Quaternary kinematics and geometry of the Calama-Olacapato-El Toro fault zone across the Puna Plateau, Argentina

Claudia Corazzato, Alessandro Tibaldi, Alessandro Cavallo, FABIO LUCA BONALI, Federica Lanza & A. Nardin

Assessing volcano flank instability in Dominica, Lesser Antilles arc

Derek Rust, Richard Teeuw, Nasos Argyriou, Chris Dewdney & Carmen Solana

Strong paleoearthquakes along the Talas-Fergana Fault, Kyrgyzstan

A. M. Korjenkov, Derek Rust, Alessandro Tibaldi & S. V. Abdieva

Numerical modelling of the evolution of Baikal Rift Zone

Yuriy Elesin, Irina Artemieva & Hans Thybo

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