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Colorado Basin Structure and Rifting, Argentine passive margin

Autin Julia, Scheck-Wenderoth Magdalena, Lögering Markus, Anka Zahie, Vallejo E., Rodriguez J. F., Marchal D., Reichert C. & di Primio Rolando

Proceedings of the DENDROSYMPOSIUM 2008, April 27th - 30th, 2008 in Zakopane, Poland

Kaczka Ryszard J., Malik Ireneusz, Owczarek Piotr, Gärtner Holger, Heinrich Ingo, Helle Gerhard & Schleser Gerhard
This volume contains 30 short papers which summarise the main subjects of talks and posters presented at the seventh TRACE (Tree Rings in Archaeology, Climatology and Ecology) conference organized by Ireneusz Malik, Ryszard J. Kaczka and Piotr Owczarek and held in Zakopane, Poland on April 27th - 30th, 2008.

Unknown historical earthquakes in north-west of the Issyk-Kul Lake region, western Tien Shan

Korjenkov A. M., Abdieva S. V., Morozova E. A. & Vakhrameeva P. S.

Investigations on rainfall variability during the late Quaternary based on geochemical analyses of lake sediments from tropical and subtropical southern Africa

Kristen Iris
This thesis presents investigations on sediments from two African lakes which have been recording changes in their surrounding environmental and climate conditions since more than 200,000 years. Focus of this work is the time of the last Glacial and the Holocene (the last ~100,000 years before present [in the following 100 kyr BP]). One important precondition for this kind of research is a good understanding of the present ecosystems in and around the lakes and...

Assessing volcano flank instability in Dominica, Lesser Antilles arc

Rust Derek, Teeuw Richard, Argyriou Nasos, Dewdney Chris & Solana Carmen

First investigations about erionite and offretite in Italian volcanic environments

Cavallo A., Mattioli M., Renzulli A., Rimoldi B. & Tibaldi A.

Proceedings of the DENDROSYMPOSIUM 2009, April 16th - 19th, 2009 in Otočec, Slovenia

Levanič Tom, Gričar Jožica, Hafner Polona, Krajnc Robert, Jagodic Špela, Gärtner Holger, Heinrich Ingo & Helle Gerhard
This volume contains 23 short papers which summarise the main subjects of talks and posters presented at the eighth TRACE (Tree Rings in Archaeology, Climatology and Ecology) conference organized by Jožica Gričar, Tom Levanič, Špela Jagodic, Robert Krajnc and Polona Hafner and held in Otočec, Slovenia on April 16th - 19th, 2009.

Late Pleistocene-Holocene sedimentary processes at the active margin of South-Central Chile : marine and lacustrine sediment records as archives of tectonics and climate variability

Stefer [Blumberg] Susanne
In my thesis, I studied marine and lacustrine sediment cores from different depositionalprovinces along the south-central Chilean margin with the overall objective to identifytheir records of paleoclimate and paleotectonics. First of all, I investigated sedimentarysequences that were recovered within the margin-parallel trench system (cp. Figure 1.2)and hence constitute long-term recorders [...] of the sediment transport between the continent and the abyssal zone of the lower plate.

Tools for a better hazard management at Campi Flegrei volcanic field

Alberico I., Petrosino P., Maglione G., Armiero V., Bruno L., Lirer L. & Dal Piaz A.

Deformation at Llaima volcano, southern Andes

Bathke Hannes, Walter Thomas R. & Shirzaei Manoochehr

HALO_GPS software user manual : (High Altitude and LOng range airborne GPS positioning software) ; Version of 2010

Wang Qianxin, Xu Tianhe & Xu Guochang
HALO_GPS is a precise GPS kinematic positioning software. It was developed at GFZPotsdam for the German HALO project. The goal is to develop a software which is able to achieve cm-level accuracy for an aircraft trajectory for application in airborne gravimetry.

Hyperspectral algorithms : report in the frame of EnMAP preparation activities

Kaufmann Hermann, Segl Karl, Itzerott Sibylle, Bach Heike, Wagner Annette, Hill Joachim, Heim Birgit, Oppermann K., Heldens Wieke, Stein Enrico, Müller Andreas, van der Linden Sebastian, Leitão Pedro J., Rabe Andreas & Hostert Patrick
Against the background of EnMAP preparation analyses have been carried out on the status of research in various areas of hyperspectral remote sensing for the use of existing algorithms in the EnMAP application box. The aim was to compose the status of research in Germany and internationally. Therefore, in various fields of expertise applied and accordingly available algorithms and products based on hyperspectral data has been evaluated and documented. The intention has been to demonstrate...

Strong paleoearthquakes along the Talas-Fergana Fault, Kyrgyzstan

Korjenkov A. M., Rust D., Tibaldi A. & Abdieva S. V.

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