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The Task Force Sedimentary Basins

Roure Francois & Scheck-Wenderoth Magdalena

Proceedings of the DENDROSYMPOSIUM 2008, April 27th - 30th, 2008 in Zakopane, Poland

Kaczka Ryszard J., Malik Ireneusz, Owczarek Piotr, Gärtner Holger, Heinrich Ingo, Helle Gerhard & Schleser Gerhard
This volume contains 30 short papers which summarise the main subjects of talks and posters presented at the seventh TRACE (Tree Rings in Archaeology, Climatology and Ecology) conference organized by Ireneusz Malik, Ryszard J. Kaczka and Piotr Owczarek and held in Zakopane, Poland on April 27th - 30th, 2008.

The long-term temporal behaviour of the seismicity of the Dead Sea Fault Zone and its implication for time-dependent seismic hazard assessments : a report related to the DFG project Geo-DESIRE (Geoscientific Dead Sea Integrated Research Project), with participating institutions from Germany, Israel, Jordan and Palestine territories.

Grünthal Gottfried, Hakimhashemi Amir, Schelle Holger, Bosse Christian & Wahlström Rutger
The paper consists of two main elements: (1) the creation of a harmonized seismicitydata file for the eastern Mediterranean area and the generation of a classical timeindependentPSHA, and (2) the extension of the earthquake model of the timeindependentapproach to a newly developed time‐dependent PSHA and the comparisonwith the results of (1).

10 Jahre Erdbeobachtung mit CHAMP : eine Satelliten-Mission der Helmholtz-Zentren GFZ und DLR

Wickert Jens
Der Satellit CHAMP, gestartet im Jahre 2000, kann als ein überaus erfolgreiches wissenschaftliches Projekt der vergangenen Dekade angesehen werden, Vorbild und herausragend mit seinem Beitrag zum Verständnis des Systems Erde.

Comprehensive Review of Pleistocene to Recent Volcanics of Italy Using Classical Geochemical-Petrological Discriminant Diagrams

Dogan A. Umran, Dogan Meral, Tibaldi Alessandro, Kuleci I. Hakan, Dogruel Zafer, Unsal Oguz & Senyurt Yetkin Y.

Tools for a better hazard management at Campi Flegrei volcanic field

Alberico I., Petrosino P., Maglione G., Armiero V., Bruno L., Lirer L. & Dal Piaz A.

Hyperspectral algorithms : report in the frame of EnMAP preparation activities

Kaufmann Hermann, Segl Karl, Itzerott Sibylle, Bach Heike, Wagner Annette, Hill Joachim, Heim Birgit, Oppermann K., Heldens Wieke, Stein Enrico, Müller Andreas, van der Linden Sebastian, Leitão Pedro J., Rabe Andreas & Hostert Patrick
Against the background of EnMAP preparation analyses have been carried out on the status of research in various areas of hyperspectral remote sensing for the use of existing algorithms in the EnMAP application box. The aim was to compose the status of research in Germany and internationally. Therefore, in various fields of expertise applied and accordingly available algorithms and products based on hyperspectral data has been evaluated and documented. The intention has been to demonstrate...

Numerical modelling of the evolution of Baikal Rift Zone

Elesin Yuriy, Artemieva Irina & Thybo Hans

HALO_GPS software user manual : (High Altitude and LOng range airborne GPS positioning software) ; Version of 2010

Wang Qianxin, Xu Tianhe & Xu Guochang
HALO_GPS is a precise GPS kinematic positioning software. It was developed at GFZPotsdam for the German HALO project. The goal is to develop a software which is able to achieve cm-level accuracy for an aircraft trajectory for application in airborne gravimetry.

Assessing volcano flank instability in Dominica, Lesser Antilles arc

Rust Derek, Teeuw Richard, Argyriou Nasos, Dewdney Chris & Solana Carmen

High-pressure partial melting of the Moldanubian felsic granulites in the Bohemian Massif

Nahodilová Radmila, Faryad S. Wali, Dolejš David, Tropper Peter & Konzett Jürgen

European LAB constrained from seismic anisotropy

Plomerova Jaroslava & Babuska Vladislav

Lithosphere architecture and mantle dynamics underneath the Ahaggar volcanic swell: a view from xenoliths

Kourim Fatna, Alard Olivier, Bendaoud Abderrahmane, Bodinier Jean-Louis, Bosch Delphine, Dautria Jean-Marie, Demouchy Sylvie, Kienast Jean-Robert, Ouzegane Khadidja, Tommasi Andréa, Vauchez Alain & Yahiaoui Rachid

Unknown historical earthquakes in north-west of the Issyk-Kul Lake region, western Tien Shan

Korjenkov A. M., Abdieva S. V., Morozova E. A. & Vakhrameeva P. S.

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