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Effectiveness of Integrated Pest Management by Farmers Field Schools (IPM/FFS) Approach: The case of Greenhouse Producers of Tehran and Alborz Provinces, Iran

Azadeh Ahmadvand, Enayat Abbasi, Homayon Farhadian, Hadi Moumeniheladli, Alireza Norouzi, Azadeh Ahmadvand, Enayat Abbasi, Homayon Farhadian, Hadi Moumeniheladli & Alireza Norouzi
This research investigated the effectiveness of IPM/FFS project from economic, technical, social-communicative, environmental and psychological aspects in a descriptive-correlational design based on the survey method. The research population consisted of 70 greenhouse producers that had implemented IPM/FFS project in Tehran and Alborz provinces, Iran. Using Krejcie and Morgan (1970)'s sample size table and stratified random sampling method, 55 greenhouse producers were selected as the research sample. A questionnaire was the main tool for data collection....

A Comparative Analysis of Behavioral Theories towards Farmers’ Water Conservation

Naser Valizadeh, Masoud Bijani, Dariush Hayati, Naser Valizadeh, Masoud Bijani & Dariush Hayati
According to experts, the inefficient agricultural sector has a dominant role in degrading water resources all over the world. Farmers’ conservational behavior is an important aspect of new integrated water management studies. Relevantly, various behavioral theories have been proposed in the field of environmental psychology. The main objective of the present comparative analysis and review study was to explain foundations of the most remarkable water conservation behavioral theories, classify them, and finally, present a critical...

Social Capital Components of Forest Dwellers of Forestry Cooperatives in Iran (Case of Siahkal County)

Mohammadali Zare, Alireza Eslami, Mohammadali Zare & Alireza Eslami
The aim of this study was to compare the social capital indicators of members and non-members of cooperatives in Siahkal County, Iran. The sample size was calculated by the Cochran formula to include300individuals (150 member cooperatives and 150 non-members of the cooperative) that were selected by the stratified random sampling method. The main tool employed in this study was a questionnaire that evaluated the reliability of internal consistency using Cronbach’s alpha was calculated. In this...

How Students’ Views on Educational Factors Influence Their Achievement Motivation and Learning Approaches? Comparison of Perspectives

Mahtab Pouratashi, Chang Zhu, Mahtab Pouratashi & Chang Zhu
This comparative study was conducted to explore achievement motivation and learning approaches of agricultural students and to examine students’ views on educational factors influencing their achievement motivation and learning approaches. The statistical population of this study comprised agricultural students of Tehran University (Tehran, Iran) and Ghent University (Belgium). A sample of 89 agricultural students from Tehran University and 85 agricultural students from Ghent University participated in this study, using the random sampling method. A questionnaire...

Factors Affecting Revenue Share of Iranian Tomato Paste Exporting Companies

S. Ehsan Zohoori, Amir Mohamadi-Nejad, Reza Moghaddasi, S. Ehsan Zohoori, Amir Mohamadi-Nejad & Reza Moghaddasi
This study aimed to investigate factors affecting the revenue share of Iranian tomato paste exporting companies. Flexible estimation method was used on a twodimensional panel data set including 224 observations from 14 tomato paste manufacturing and exporting companies and 16 importing countries during 2005-12. Results showed that value added per employee in manufacturing or exporting companies, and dummy variables (common border, religion and number of documents needed to import) had positive effect on the revenue...

Effective Components of Optimal Wheat Production from the Perspective of Farmers in the North of Khuzestan, Iran

Mohammad Sadegh Sabouri, Soraya Rafiei, Davood Samarei, Mohammad Sadegh Sabouri, Soraya Rafiei & Davood Samarei
This research was carried out to investigate the role of legal, philosophical, economic, environmental, educational attitudes and some personal characteristics in farmers' professionalism in the production of optimal wheat in the north of Khuzestan Province, Iran. The methodological approach in this research was casual relative and applied survey. The data were collected by a survey and a questionnaire as the main research instruments. The samples comprised all wheat growers in Northern Khuzestan. Three hundred and...

Developing an Appropriate Model for Entrepreneurial Faculty of Agriculture in Iran

Negin Fallah Haghighi, Masoud Bijani, Ahmad Rezvanfar, Naser Valizadeh, Negin Fallah Haghighi, Masoud Bijani, Ahmad Rezvanfar & Naser Valizadeh
Nowadays, promoting entrepreneurship to train graduates endowed with entrepreneurial traits is considered as one of the new functions of the faculties of agriculture. In this regard, the purpose of this study was to design an appropriate model for entrepreneurial faculty of agriculture in Iran. This study was of descriptive-correlational research type in which a survey method was employed for data collect ion. The study po p ulation comprised all student s (N1=19973) and faculty members...

Theoretical and Experimental Study of Potato Shoot Gasification in Fluidized and Fixed-Bed Gasifier

Mojtaba Javidi Gharacheh, Mehdi Khojastehpour, Mohammadali Ebrahimi-Nik, Wan Azlina Wan Ab Karim Ghani, Mojtaba Javidi Gharacheh, Mehdi Khojastehpour, Mohammadali Ebrahimi-Nik & Wan Azlina Wan Ab Karim Ghani
Abench-scale updraft gasifier was used as a fluidizedand fixed-bed gasification unit in three modes (fluidizedbed at equivalence ratios (ER) =0.2 and 0.25, and a mode in fixed-bed). The experiments were done in five different temperatures (650, 700, 750, 800 and 850oC). To obtain the required data to develop a thermodynamic equilibrium model, the proximate and ultimate analysis were carried out on potato shoot as feedstock. Since the developed model is a temperature-based model, it gives...

Household Food Security: Case of Summer Crop Growers in Shoushtar Township, Iran

Azadeh Noorollah Nooricandi & Azadeh Noorollah Nooricandi
The purpose of this research was to analyze household food security and identifies key socio-economic factors associated with this condition among summer crop growers in Shoushtar Township, Khouzestan Province, Iran. This cross-sectional survey study was conducted from September 2015 to February 2017. The population consisted of summer crop farmers in the Shoushtar Township (N=850). The sample size was determined based on Morgan table (n=150). For analyzing food security level, the 18-item USDA household food security...

Sustainable Management of Groundwater Resources Using Multi-Criteria Programming (A Case Study of Kashmar Plain)

Somayeh Shirzadi Laskookalayeh, Reza Esfanjari Kenari, Somayeh Shirzadi Laskookalayeh & Reza Esfanjari Kenari
Frequent droughts and their consequences result in the loss of groundwater, the deficiency of nutrients, the drying of surface water resources, and substantially more exploitation of the groundwater resources, which, altogether, cause the mobilization of saline waters to groundwater tables. This will impair the capacity of the aquifers and the quality of the water. The VIKOR method was applied to determine the best feasible solution according to the selected criteria including the local rainfall status...

Fa ctors Affecting Farmer's Satisfaction with Water Users Associations Performance at Gotvand Irrigation Scheme in Khuzestan Province, Iran

Ayatollah Karami, Hamid Yeilagh Choghakhor, Ayatollah Karami & Hamid Yeilagh Choghakhor
The purpose of this study was to assess the farmer's satisfaction with services delivered by Water User Associations (WUAs) and determine the factors affecting farmer's satisfaction with the WUAs. Stratified sampling was used to select 124 farmer members of WUAs in the Gotvand irrigation Scheme (GIS). A researcher-made questionnaire was employed for data collection. Its validity was confirmed by content validity and its total reliability was estimated by Cronbach's alpha as to be 0.73. Data...

Influencing Factors on Adoption of Organic Farming from the Perspective of Horticulturists in Sari County, Iran

Reza Dinpanah & Reza Dinpanah
The economy of Iran is dependent on many variables that play a role in its growth and development. On the other hand, rainfall is one of the important factors of climate change that has affected economic strategic programs including those of the agricultural sector. Rainfall variations impact many economic variables, some of which are explored here. The aim of this study was to evaluate rainfall shocks on some economic variables using a general equilibrium model...

On the Effect of Rainfall Variations on Economic Variables: The Application of General Equilibrium Model

Zeinab Moinoddini, Hamid Mohammadi, Rahman Khosh Akhlagh, Hossein Mehrabi Boshrabadi, Zeinab Moinoddini, Hamid Mohammadi, Rahman Khosh Akhlagh & Hossein Mehrabi Boshrabadi
The economy of Iran is dependent on many variables that play a role in its growth and development. On the other hand, rainfall is one of the important factors of climate change that has affected economic strategic programs including those of the agricultural sector. Rainfall variations impact many economic variables, some of which are explored here. The aim of this study was to evaluate rainfall shocks on some economic variables using a general equilibrium model...

Promoting Organizational Innovation among Agricultural Extension Experts: The Role for Knowledge Management

Abdolvahed Kaabi, Kuroush Roosta, Abdolvahed Kaabi & Kuroush Roosta
Recently, innovation has become a very important issue, as it provides a strategic advantage for organizations to outperform competition and remain agile in the environment. Additionally, knowledge management is considered to be a strong support for innovation. However, few studies examine the role of human resource management in fostering knowledge capability which leads more innovation in the organizations. The purpose of this study was to examine the role of knowledge management components in organizational innovation...

Consequences of Tillage Technology: The Sustainability Perspective (Case of Fars Province, Iran)

Sedigheh Samiee, Kurosh Rezaei-Moghaddam, Sedigheh Samiee & Kurosh Rezaei-Moghaddam
Activities to reduce soil erosion and to improve soil fertility, agricultural production and finally, crop income have been considered to be fundamental for the implementation of sustainable agriculture in Iran. This research investigates the effects of no-till (NL) technology on reducing soil erosion and increasing agricultural income and eventually achieving sustainability. Data were collected with a questionnaire. The research sample including 165 NL adopter farmers was selected using multi-stage stratified random sampling method in Fars...

Small and Medium-sized Business Growth in Agricultural Sector (Case Study: Guilan Province)

Majid Ghanbarinejad Esfaghansary, Seyed Mojtaba Sajadi, Ali Badizadeh, Majid Ghanbarinejad Esfaghansary, Seyed Mojtaba Sajadi & Ali Badizadeh
Agriculture is one of the pillars of economics whose development requires a particular attention to all production factors. This paper aims to provide a systematic and conceptual model that is based on a conceptualization of the field. For this purpose, the theory and methodology were extracted on the basis of data derived from field observations and interviews drawn from a systematic conceptual model of key informants. The current model shows that original category of the...

Assessment of Energy Efficiency in Pump Stations of Pressurized Irrigation Systems (Case Study: Qazvin and Kermanshah Provinces)

Hassan Brati, Mohammadreza Khaledian, MohammadHassan Biglouei, Atefah Parvaresh Rizi, Hassan Brati, Mohammadreza Khaledian, MohammadHassan Biglouei & Atefah Parvaresh Rizi
About 20% of global electricity production is consumed in rotary equipment to convey fluids such as water, gas, air, and other liquids, while the loss of energy consumption in this sector is more than 60%. The aim of this study was to evaluate different efficiencies in the pumping stations in the pressurized irrigation systems to address low energy efficiency issues in the pump stations and to develop solutions to enhance it. In this regard, the...

EmergyAnalysis of Greenhouse Cucumber Production in Sistan Region

Shir Ali Kohkan, Ahmad Ghanbari, Mohamad Reza Asgharipour, Barat Ali Fakheri, Shir Ali Kohkan, Ahmad Ghanbari, Mohamad Reza Asgharipour & Barat Ali Fakheri
In the current century, agriculture sustainability and the reduction of environmental pressure are two main objectives of the management of agro-ecosystems that is challenged by energy inefficiency. In this respect, the present study assessed one of the most important planting systems in Sistan Region by emergy analysis approach. It analyzed all inputs of greenhouse cucumber production system in Sistan including renewable inputs (sunlight, wind, rain), non-renewable inputs (net topsoil loss), and purchased inputs (machinery, fossil...

Optimal Cropping Pattern Modifications with the Aim of Environmental-Economic Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Mostafa Mardani, Saman Ziaei, Alireza Nikouei, Mostafa Mardani, Saman Ziaei & Alireza Nikouei
Sustainability in agriculture is determined by such aspects as economic, social, and environment. The multi-objective programming (MOP) model has been a widely used tool for studying and analyzing the sustainability of agricultural systems; however, optimization models, in most applications, have to use data that are uncertain. Recently, robust optimization has been used as an optimization model that incorporates uncertainty. This paper develops a framework for environmental-economic decision-making that considers the environmental and economic sustainability criteria...

Comparison of Different Irrigation Methods Based On the Parametric Evaluation Approach in Chikan and Mourzian Subbasin, Iran

Masoud Masoudi, Abdollah Ebrahimi, Parviz Jokar, Masoud Masoudi, Abdollah Ebrahimi & Parviz Jokar
Increasing world population has led to product more foods and crops, while agricultural lands have been decreased. Then, it is necessary to use the maximum potential of these lands which product maximum yield without any damage. To reach this objective, land suitability evaluation is the most important way that can reach-this objective. The main objective of this research was to compare different irrigation methods based on a parametric evaluation system in an area of 100...

Export Barriers of Honey in Iran: The Application of the DEMATEL Method

Mahdi Homayounfar, Seyyed Mohammad Zargar, Mansour Soufi, Seyyedeh Fereshteh Mousavi, Mahdi Homayounfar, Seyyed Mohammad Zargar, Mansour Soufi & Seyyedeh Fereshteh Mousavi
The rapid world economic growth has driven the businesses towards involvement in international marketplaces due to lower business risks, lower commitment of resources, and higher flexibility of these markets. However, evidence indicates that barriers to exportation vary across different stages of internationalization. Therefore, this empirical study was carried out to explore exportation barriers of agricultural commodities, especially honey, in Iran. Based on an explorative literature review, several factors were considered as export barriers of agricultural...

Prediction of Food Security Levels in Rural Households Based on Socio-Economic Factors (The Case of Nahavand County, Iran)

Saadi Fathollahi GalamBahri, Hossein Shabanali Fami, Ali Asadi, Saadi Fathollahi GalamBahri, Hossein Shabanali Fami & Ali Asadi
The role of nutrition in the health area, increasing efficiency and its relationship with economic development has been approved through extensive research in the world using scientific foundations and empirical evidence. Therefore, accessing to food security is the basic pillar of development. The main purpose of this study was to investigate the role of socioeconomic factors affecting the food security of rural households in Nahavand County, Iran. The statistical population consisted of 26599 rural households...

Role of Insurance In Broiler Farms Risk Management (A Case of Rudbar County)

Yazdan Habibi, Jafar Azizi, Fathollah Keshavarz Shal, Yazdan Habibi, Jafar Azizi & Fathollah Keshavarz Shal
Agriculture sector faces risks caused by natural damaging events. So, it is necessary to predict, counteract and mitigate the risks of agricultural activities to increase investment security, to identify risks and to practice risk management methods, in which insurance has a special niche as a risk counteraction and a mitigation measure. The objective of this study was to study the role of insurance in risk management of broiler farms in the Rudbar County in Guilan,...

Swot Analysis of Strategies for Agricultural Entrepreneurs Empowerment

Shohreh Karami, Hossein Agahi, Shohreh Karami & Hossein Agahi
The purpose of this study was to identify strategies for agricultural entrepreneurs empowerment in Javanrod, Salasebabajani, Ravansar and Paveh counties of Kermanshah Province. The structural impact obtained was based on different qualitative techniques and was analysed based on the SWOT model. The finding suggested that the most effective strengths were: adoption of social responsibilities increasing with weighted score "0.305", knowledge, attitudes and values increasing in the agricultural entrepreneurs with weighted score "0.300"; the most effective...

Factors Affecting the Marketing of organic Farming Products (case Study: Miandoab county)

Zohreh Jesarati, Loghman Rashidpour, Soleiman Rasouliazar, Zohreh Jesarati, Loghman Rashidpour & Soleiman Rasouliazar
Organic agriculture is rapidly growing while the lack of knowledge and skills to manage organic farms and the lack of market opportunities for the organic products are the most important reasons for the disinclination to the use of the organic agriculture practices. The main aim of this study was to determine the factors underpinning the marketing of organic agriculture products. The research was a descriptive survey in terms of purpose. The research instrument was a...

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