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RESTORE/aregis---Geospatial layers transformed to R spatial objects for RESTORE project scripting convenience

William H Asquith, Elena R Crowley-Ornelas & Rodney R Knight
This page contains R language source code used to convert the Esri ArcGIS shapefile format of various geospatial data types into spatial objects. The source codes for data conversion provided herein are to streamline the workflow for the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council (RESTORE project). There are CITATION.txt files within the Esri shapefiles referencing the source of the data. The RData format (a binary format) versions of the shapefiles are provided. This repository should not...

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Justin J. Wright
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Suspended-sediment concentration during dam decommissioning in the Elwha River, Washington, September 2011 to September 2013

Christopher A Curran, Christopher S Magirl & Jeff Duda

A preliminary report of ongoing research of the ecology of Black-capped Petrel (Pterodroma hasitata) in Sierra de Bahoruco, Dominican Republic -- I: GPS tracking of breeding adults

, Ernst Rupp & Patrick G.R. Jodice
In the spring of 2018, we studied the foraging ecology of the Black-capped Petrel. The goal of this project was to gather fine-scale data on individual movements of Black-capped Petrels breeding in the Sierra de Bahoruco, Dominican Republic. Our objective was to use GPS tracking devices to identify the foraging behavior and the locations and environmental characteristics of foraging areas of breeding Black-capped Petrels in the Caribbean Sea. We provide results from the deployment of...

Seabird Colony Registry and Atlas for the Southeastern Unites States

Lisa M Ferguson, , Joseph Tavano & Patrick G.R. Jodice
The Seabird Colony Registry (data) and Atlas (spatial inventory) for the southeastern US compiles the locations, estimates of nesting populations, and attributes of seabird colonies, from the northern border of South Carolina to approximately Cape Canaveral, Florida from 2003-2017. The documentaion available here is a companion to the registry and atlas: it provides background information and objectives, geographical extent, time frame, methofs for data collection and compilation, and instructions on the use of the Atlas....


Justin J. Wright &

Appendices for Planetary Geologic Mapping: Program Status and Future Needs

James A Skinner, Alexandra E Huff, Corey Fortezzo, Tenielle A Gaither, Trent M Hare, Marc A Hunter & Holly C Buban
Appendices include the original survey, response data, and collated results related to the Open File Report. Geoscience maps, regardless of target body, are spatial and temporal representations of materials and processes recorded on planetary surfaces (Varnes, 1973; Spencer, 2000). The information and context provided by these maps promote basic and applied research within and across various geoscience disciplines. They also provide an important basis for programmatic and policy decisions (for example, H.R. 2763, 102nd Congress,...

Water Quality and Algal Conditions in the North Umpqua River, Oregon, 1995?2007, and their Response to

Kurt D Carpenter, Chauncey W Anderson & Mikeal E Jones

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