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Konforme Abbildung des Erdellipsoids in der Ebene

Louis Krüger
Veröffentlichung des Königlich Preuszischen Geodätischen Instituts : Neue Folge; 52

Conceptual models for dissolved noble gases in groundwater

W. Aeschbach-Hertig

4He/Heat flux ratios as new indicators of past thermal and tectonic events – New constraints on the tectonothermal history of the Michigan Basin

Maria Clara Castro, Delphine Patriarche, Patrick Goblet, Lin Ma & Chris Michael Hall

Behavior of gases during recharge below spreading ponds

Jordan F. Clark

Hydrologic investigations of the Upper Ocean Crust: The 2008 Juan de Fuca Ridge Experiment

Jordan F. Clark , Andrew T. Fisher , James P. Cowen , C. Geoffrey Wheat , Keir Becker & Hans W. Jannasch

Mantle-helium distribution in Western Anatolia, Turkey: Relationship to heat distribution, active extension and volcanism

N. Güleç & D. R. Hilton

A new noble gas paleoclimate record from Texas: One swallow does not a summer, or ice age, make

Chris M. Hall, Maria Clara Castro, Delphine Patriarche, Patrick Goblet & Brian R. Ellis

A new noble gas facility for isotope hydrology at the International Atomic Energy Agency Vienna

Axel Suckow, Manfred Gröning, Manfred Jaklitsch, Lian-Feng Han & Pradeep Aggarwal

Helium isotopes in sediments and ice – Tracers of eolian and cosmic dust

G. Winckler

Multi-tracer data and groundwater modelling from modern to glacial ages: a case study in southern Poland

J. Kania, P. Mochalski, R. Purtschert, K. Rozanski, S. Witczak & A. Zuber

Development of a new facility for dating old ground waters and ice cores using 81Kr.

B. Lavielle, E. Gilabert, B. Thomas & V. Lavastre

Environmental Tracer Applications in aquifers with elevated Asconcentrations in Bangladesh

M. Stute, A. Horneman, P. Schlosser, Y. Zheng, A. van Geen, N. Santella, W. Smethie, D. T. Ho, K. M. Ahmed & M. A. Hoque

Evaluation of Argon-37 as a means for identifying clandestine subsurface nuclear tests

Roland Purtschert, Robin Riedmann & H. H. Loosli

The distribution of tritium, helium isotopes, and neon in shallow groundwater

Peter Schlosser, Martin Stute, Robert Newton, Brent Turrin & L. Niel Plummer

Regularisierung unter Berücksichtigung von Residuentoleranzen

Julia Kaschenz

Teleseismic tomographic images of the Central Andes at 21°S and 25.5°S : an inside look at the Altiplano and Puna plateaus

Ben Heit
A set of 59 seismological stations was deployed in the Central Andes region at 21°S (Chile-Bolivia) along a profile ~600 km long and were operated between 2002 and 2004. The teleseismic tomographic images (from P- and S- waves) show low-velocity anomalies that are interpreted as the effects of melting or fluids at both flanks of the Altiplano plateau. Beneath the Central Volcanic Zone (CVZ) a low-velocity anomaly is interpreted to be caused by fluids that...

Skalenvarianz hydraulischer und struktureller Eigenschaften geklüfteter Gesteine

Günter Zimmermann

Buffering of recharge temperature response to climate change in an intermountain basin, New Mexico, USA

A. H. Manning

Simultaneous determination of Ne, Ar, SF6, CFC-11 and CFC-12 in groundwater by gas chromatography

P. Mochalski, I. Sliwka & J. Lasa

Excess air as indicator of recharge related nitrate pollution in groundwater of the semi-arid Kalahari, Botswana

K. Osenbrück, S. Stadler, A. O. Suckow, J. Sültenfuß & S. M. Weise

Noble gases in Jackson Dome gas deposits: identifying and quantifying natural CO2 sequestration processes

Z. Zhou, C. J. Ballentine, M. Schoell & S. Steven

Groundwater dating with the aid of tracers: strategies, pitfalls and open problems

A. Zuber & K. Rozanski

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