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Excess helium in the Edwards Aquifer

Andrew G. Hunt & Gary P. Landis

Development of krypton separation system for the application of ATTA in geochemistry

R. Yokochi , L. J. Heraty & N. C. Sturchio

Migration of noble gas tracer of underground nuclear testing

Robert Annewandter & Martin Kalinowski

New developments in Atom-Trap Trace Analysis of 81Kr and 85Kr

Y. Ding , K. Bailey , A. M. Davis , R. W. Dunford , S.-M. Hu , Z.-T. Lu , T. P. O’Connor , N. C. Sturchio & L. Young

He-isotope evidences in the basal layer of EPICA drill sites

R. Friedrich, D. Wagenbach, W. Aeschbach-Hertig, J. Schwander, S. Kipfstuhl & B. Stauffer

Noble gas paleo-temperatures in the North China Plain

Andreas M. Kreuzer, Christoph von Rohden & Werner Aeschbach-Hertig

Quantitative analysis of noble gases in sediment pore waters : a new tool for paleoenvironmental studies

P. Jean-Baptiste , C. Chaduteau & E. Fourré

Measurements of helium concentration in groundwater using gas chromatographic method

J. Pusz , I. Śliwka & J. Lasa

Byproducts of 3H-3He-dating: use of radiogenic 4He to demonstrate mixing

J. Sültenfuß

4He and noble gases in buried valley aquifers: Dating, recharge, and complications

S. J. van der Hoven

The use of noble gases for tracing fluid circulations in sedimentary basins: A case study of the Paris Basin, France

B. Marty, P. Burnard, R. Pik, B. Tibari, L. Zimmermann, M. C. Castro, S. Dewonck, D. L. Pinti & R. Kipfler

Helium, carbon and argon in a local context: The Lake Kivu area, East African Rift

D. Tedesco, R. J. Poreda, F. Tassi & O. Vaselli

Mean annual and seasonal atmospheric tide models based on 3-hourly and 6-hourly ECMWF surface pressure data

Richard Biancale & Albert Bode

Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Hill-Gleichungen für die Schwerefeldbestimmung

Ulrich Meyer

On the relation of stress and deformation fields to natural and induced seismicity

Marco Bohnhoff
This work describes the results of seismological field campaigns and experiments usingcombined seismic networks of varying geometries such as a combined seismic downhole and surface network or a combined temporary local and permanent regional network. The networks were deployed in different tectonic environments, i.e. in a stable intraplate surrounding, at a plate boundary along a major transform fault zone and in forearc and backarc settings of a subduction zone to record different types of seismicity...

Innovation und Zukunft der Steine- und Erden-Industrie in Mitteleuropa

Jörg F. W. Negendank
Das Veranstaltungsthema „Innovation und Zukunft der Steine- und Erden-Industrie inMitteleuropa“ wurde gewählt, um die seit 30 Jahren verpasste Gelegenheit ins Bewusstsein zu rufen, dass eine moderne Industrie heimische Rohstoffe benötigt.Wie sich aus den Einzelbeiträgen und den Tabellen entnehmen lässt, ist die Bundesrepublik Deutschland hinsichtlich der Steine und Erden ein rohstoffreiches Land und ein wesentlicher Wirtschaftsfaktor. Dieses Bewusstsein scheint bei der überbordenden ‚Ökologie’-diskussion erst seit kurzer Zeit in den Fokus zu geraten, wurde doch bei allen...

Lithospheric and upper mantle structure beneath the western Bohemian Massif obtained from teleseismic P and S receiver functions

Barbara Heuer
This thesis focuses on the seismic structure of the lithosphere and upper mantle beneaththe western Eger Rift area with the aim of investigating deep-lying possible causes of the phenomena observed at surface.For the investigation, data of the international passive seismic experiment BOHEMAcarried out in 2002/2003 was used. The BOHEMA network consisted of 61 permanent and 84 temporary stations and was centred on the western Eger Rift. The resulting large data set allowed a high resolution...

Laboratory and field experiments on the formation of excess air in groundwater

L. Palcsu, W. Aeschbach-Hertig, M. Kopf & E. Zechner

Variations in helium and carbon isotopes and relative abundances in geothermal fluids of Western Anatolia, Turkey

Halim Mutlu, David R. Hilton & Nilgün Güleç

Noble gases in CO2 rich natural gas fields

C. J. Ballentine, S. Gilfillan & Z. Zhou

Simultaneous determination of noble gases, N2, O2, SF6, CFC-11 and CFC-12 in water by GC-MS/ECD

Markus Hofer & Rolf Kipfer

Atom-Trap-Trace-Analysis (ATTA)

Heiner Daerr, Markus Kohler & Martin Kalinowski

Glacial-isostatic adjustment and sea-level change near Berkner Island, Antarctica

Ingo Sasgen, Robert Mulvaney, Volker Klemann & Detlef Wolf
The objective of this study is to calculate the RSL height at the location of theBerkner Island ice core during the last glacial cycle using a viscoelastic earth model andseveral glacial histories. Earlier glacial cycles are not considered, the basic assumptionbeing that the sediments were deposited during the last glacial cycle. However, tosome extent the results can be extrapolated further back into the past. The resultsimpose a constraint on the time of deposition of the...

International Training Course 1999 on Seismic Hazard Assessment and Risk Mitigation : lecture and exercise notes ; Volume 1 + 2

Peter Bormann
Scientific Technical Report STR ; 99/13

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