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Produktstrukturierung als Instrument des Variantenmanagements in der methodischen Entwicklung modularer Produktfamilien

Rok Sekolec
Fortschritt-Berichte VDI. Reihe 16, Technik und Wirtschaft, 172 (172)

The genetic architecture of susceptibility to parasites

Lena Wilfert & Paul Schmid-Hempel
Background. The antagonistic co-evolution of hosts and their parasites is considered to be a potential driving force in maintaining host genetic variation including sexual reproduction and recombination. The examination of this hypothesis calls for information about the genetic basis of host-parasite interactions - such as how many genes are involved, how big an effect these genes have and whether there is epistasis between loci. We here examine the genetic architecture of quantitative resistance in animal...

NOx Storage-reduction catalysts: Material aspects, thermal ageing and reactivation

Maria Cristina Casapu

Immersive VR projection system with simultaneous image acquisition using active projection screens

Christian Spagno
Selected Readings in Vision and Graphics, 26

Analyser les impacts des politiques au niveau intersectoriel: Aspects juridiques et politiques

Franz J. Schmithüsen
Working papers / Forest Policy and Forest Economics Department of Forest Sciences. International series, 2005 (3)

Matching of Ikonos stereo and multitemporal GEO Images for DSM Generation

Li Zhang, Maria N. Pateraki & Emmanuel Baltsavias
Investigations on the use of stereo GEO and multitemporal GEO Ikonos images for DSM generation are reported. Both an own d e - veloped matching algorithm and the digital photogrammetric systems LH Systems DPW770 and VirtuoZo were used. In our own matching method, we start with quasi-epipolar image generation, and derivation of approximations using grid point matching based on relaxation. The final matching is a modified multi-image geometrically constrained method. Test results on both methods...

Versuche zum Querkraftwiderstand und zum Verformungsvermögen von Stahlbetonplatten

Thomas Jäger & Peter Marti
IBK Bericht, 294

Bau von zwei Grosskläranlagen in Alexandria

Gerhard Girmscheid
Bilfinger + Berger aktuell (1)

Advances in whole-heart MRI tagging for the assessment of myocardial motion

Andrea K. Rutz

Statistical tools for palaeo data

Patricia Menéndez Galván

Analysis, modeling, and simulation of diffusion processes in cell biology

Ivo F. Sbalzarini

Retinal projection displays for accommodation-insensitive viewing

Marc Von Waldkirch
Aktuelle Probleme der Sehforschung. Institut für Hygiene und Arbeitsphysiologie, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule ETH Zürich, 5

Aufteilung von Erholungsaktivitäten im Raum und in der Zeit

Alexandros Deloukas

Entwicklung eines flüssigkeitsgekühlten Polymer-Elektrolyt-Membran-Brennstoffzellenstapels mit einer Leistung von 6,5 kW

Martin D. Ruge
Fortschritt-Berichte VDI. Reihe 6, Energietechnik, 494

Oblivious-Transfer Amplification

Jürg E. Wullschleger

Capacity of railways in station areas using Petri Nets

Dan Max Burkolter

Algorithms for Call Control in Ring Based Networks

R. Sai Anand
TIK-Schriftenreihe, 62

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