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High fidelity surgical simulator for hysteroscopy

Stefan Tuchschmid

CollaBoard: A Remote Collaboration Groupware Device Featuring an Embodiment-enriched Shared Workspace

Martin Küchler & Andreas Kunz
Proceedings of Group 2010 - ACM 2010 International Conference on Supporting Group Work

Institutions in Russia

Henning Schröder, Robert W. Orttung & Grigorii Golosov
Russian Analytical Digest (RAD), 77

Naturräume - das grosse Plus der S5-Stadt: Identitätsstiftende Naherholungsräume vor der Haustüre

Thea Rauch-Schwegler & Daniel Blumer
Die Agglomeration im Zentrum

Evaluation of reflectivity of metal parts by a thermo-camera

Zoltán Sárosi, Wolfgang Knapp, Andreas Kunz & Konrad Wegener
InfraMation 2010 proceedings

The Internet in the South Caucasus

Onnik Krikorian, Alexey Sidorenko & Arzu Geybullayeva
Caucasus Analytical Digest (CAD), 15

Deaeration of fiber suspensions using tailored dispersions formed in static mixers

Andreas Baumann
Food process engineering, 39

Application of Eurocode 8 in Switzerland

Thomas Wenk

Civil Society

Jonathan Wheatley, Ghia Nodia & Shain Abbasov
Caucasus Analytical Digest (CAD), 12

DNA-encoded chemical libraries: ligand discovery by high-throughput sequencing

Fabian Buller

Religion in the South Caucasus

Robia Charles, Harutyun Harutyunyan, Kimitaka Matsuzato & Ruslan Baramidze
Caucasus Analytical Digest (CAD), 20

Economics of endogenous technical change in CGE models - the role of gains from specialization

Florentine Schwark
Economics Working Paper Series, 10/130

Literature in the Caucasus

Gevorg Ter-Gabrielyan, Nigar Kocharli & Malkhaz Khalbedia
Caucasus Analytical Digest (CAD), 14

Multi-Label Classification and Clustering for Acoustics and Computer Security

Andreas P. Streich

Russia’s approach to multilateral cooperation in the post-Soviet space: CSTO, EurAsEC and SCO

Stephen Aris
Russian Analytical Digest (RAD), 76

User model for predictive calibration control on interactive screens

Bastian Migge & Andreas Kunz

Hardware architectures for point-based graphics

Simon Heinzle

Investigation of space-time structures in public transport networks and their optimization

Bernhard Alt
IVT Schriftenreihe, 150

Eine nachhaltige Zukunft für die S5-Stadt: was Behörden, Planer und EinwohnerInnen tun können

Thea Rauch-Schwegler
S5-Stadt. Agglomeration im Zentrum: Forschungsberichte

Metal nanoparticle based composite materials

Norman A. Lüchinger

Interpolation-Based Matrix Arithmetics for MIMO-OFDM Systems

Davide Cescato

Integration of activity-based with agent-based models: An example from the Tel Aviv model and MATSim

Shlomo Bekhor, Christoph Dobler & Kay W. Axhausen
This paper explores the possibility of integrating an operational activity based model with the dynamic modeling framework. For this purpose, the Tel Aviv activity-based model and the MATSim agent-based model are used, in an attempt to use the best features of both models: on one side, the disaggregate demand representation from the activity-based model, and on the other side, the disaggregate supply representation from the agent-based model.
The paper uses the person activity schedule...

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