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Metabolomics of Charentais Melon Fruits

Catherine Deborde
Metabolomics approaches using 1H-NMR and GC-EI-TOF-MS profiling were employed to characterise three F1 hybrid cultivars (Cézanne, Escrito and Hugo) of Charentais melon (Cucumis melo L.). This experiment has been deposited in the MeRy-B database, a plant metabolomics platform allowing the storage and visualisation of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) metabolic profiles from plants (http://www.cbib.ubordeaux2.fr/MERYB/).

Spatial localisation of metabolites in the Charentais melon fruit

Benoit Biais, J William Allwood, Catherine Deborde, Yun Xu, Mickael Maucourt, Bertrand Beauvoit, Warwick B Dunn, Daniel Jacob, Royston Goodacre, Dominique Rolin & Annick Moing
Spatial localisation of metabolites was investigated on one representative fruit for each cultivar by direct 1H-NMR profiling of juice or GC-EI-TOF-MS profiling of tissue extracts collected from different locations in the fruit flesh. This experiment has been deposited in the MeRy-B database, a plant metabolomics platform allowing the storage and visualisation of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) metabolic profiles from plants (http://www.cbib.u-bordeaux2.fr/MERYB/).

Dendritic cells and antiviral defenses

Marc Dalod
The goal of our research is to identify new molecular pathways regulating the biology of DC subsets or more generally innate immune responses to viral infection. The model used is murine cytomegalovirus (MCMV) infection. The specific aims are 1) to determine the molecular bases regulating in vivo differentiation and anti-viral functions of DC subsets, 2) to investigate further NK cell anti-viral and immunoregulatory functions during viral infection, and 3) to identify viral molecules and cellular...

Differential roles of ROR gamma-t in the development of NKp46+ spleen (LTIL) cells and NKp46+ NK cells in gut and skin

Damien Chaussabel, Elena Tomasello, Eric Vivier, Carmelo Luci, Ana Reynders & Ivaylo Ivanov
Natural killer (NK) cells are NKp46+CD3- lymphocytes that can perform granule-dependent cytotoxicity and produce interferon-gamma, when isolated from blood, lymphoid organs, lung, liver and uterus. Here we identify in dermis, gut lamina propria and cryptopatches, very distinct populations of NKp46+CD3- cells with reduced ability to degranulate and to produce interferon-gamma. In gut, the transcription factor RORgamma-t and CD127 (IL-7R alpha) defined a novel subset of NKp46+CD3- that is reminiscent of lymphoid tissue inducer (LTi)-like cells....

Probabilistic risk-based LC NPV Model

Gerhard Girmscheid
Innovations in Structural Engineering and Construction

Myositis ossificans: Spectrum of imaging findings and pathologic correlation

Carla Gonzalez-Junyent
Learning objectives Background Imaging findings OR Procedure details Conclusion Personal Information References

VR zur Unterstützung des kollaborativen Arbeiten

Andreas Kunz & Christian Spagno
Design for X: Beiträge zum 13. Symposium

Trust as a Success Factor in International Joint Ventures

Gerhard Girmscheid & Christian Brockmann
Global perspectives on management and economics in the AEC sector

Supporting the teamwork by new means of the information technology

Andreas Kunz, Stephan Müller, Kristina Laucher & Kyeni Mbiti
Design management - process and information issues

El papel de la legislación forestal y ambiental en países de América Latina para la Conservación y gestión de los recursos naturales renovables

Franz J. Schmithüsen
Working papers / Forest Policy and Forest Economics Department of Forest Sciences. International series, 2005 (6)

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