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Expression, processing and transcriptional regulation of granulysin in short-term activated human lymphocytes

S Latinovic-Golic, M Walch, H Sundstrom, C Dumrese, P Groscurth & U Ziegler

Effects of microabrasion on substance loss, surface roughness, and colorimetric changes on enamel in vitro

M Paic, B Sener, J Schug & P R Schmidlin

Swiss doctors' attitudes towards end-of-life decisions and their determinants: a comparison of three language regions

S Fischer, G Bosshard, Karin Faisst, Alois Tschopp, J Fischer, W Bär & Felix Gutzwiller

Life expectancy in captive deer: a possibility to evaluate husbandry management in zoos

Dennis W H Müller, Laurie Bingaman Lackey, W J Streich, Jean-Michel Hatt & Marcus Clauss

Auslegung des liechtensteinischen Verwaltungsrechts

Andreas Kley

Cohomotopy invariants and the universal cohomotopy invariant jump formula

C Okonek & A Teleman

Managing risk in motion picture project development

M Bjørn Von Rimscha

The holonomy of a singular foliation

I Androulidakis

Kernel estimation, shape-invariant modelling and structural analysis

T Gasser, D Gervini & L Molinari

\"Nachtigall oder Lerche, das ist hier die Frage.\"

K Stirnemann

The free energy landscape of small molecule unbinding

D Huang & A Caflisch

Reflux und Essstörungen - \"Ein Fall für Zwei\"

C Imfeld & T Imfeld

Trinkerszenen im öffentlichen Raum: ein Städtevergleich

Corina Salis Gross, D Schnoz, I Hungerbühler, F Labhart & Gerhard Gmel

From bad to worse: striatal coding of the relative value of painful decisions

A M Brooks, V S C Pammi, C Noussair, C M Capra, J B Engelmann & G S Berns

Synthesis and fluorescent labeling of functional silica nanochannels

Jan Hinrich Ramm

Low-threshold analysis of CDMS shallow-site data

D Akerib, & L Baudis

Impact of fluoride, milk and water rinsing on surface rehardening of acid softened enamel. An in situ study

A Wiegand, I Müller, J D Schnapp, C Werner & T Attin

Information system agnostic ancestry for digital objects

Stephan Jakob Benedikt Heuscher

Die Erlassformen der Bundesversammlung

Andreas Kley

Corticospinal interaction during isometric compensation for modulated forces with different frequencies

J R Naranjo, X Wang, J Schulte-Mönting, F Huethe, C Maurer, M C Hepp-Reymond & R Kristeva

Single-Pass multi-view rendering

T Hübner, Y Zhang & R Pajarola

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