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Klinisches Risikomanagement im Spital aus organisationspsychologischer Perspektive

Matthias Georg Briner

Classical and Quantum Secure Two-Party Computation

Severin Winkler

Quantification of river-groundwater interaction at a restored river section

Tobias Vogt

Articulated Pose Estimation of Multiple Persons

Marcin Eichner

Modelling of High Voltage Hybrid Fault Current Limiters for Design Evaluation

Jose M. Aniceto Calero

An effective result of André-Oort type

Lars Kühne

Membrane proteins studied by atomic force microscopy techniques

Patrick D. Bosshart

Studies in computational cancer genomics

Moritz Gerstung

The Infrared Spectrum of Methane

Johannes M. G. Niederer

A study of biomolecules that influence α-cleavage of APP in a cell culture model

Samuel Murri-Plesko

Ariadne: Managing Fine-Grained Provenance on Data Streams

Boris Glavic, Kyumars Sheykh Esmaili, Peter M. Fischer & Nesime Tatbul
Technical report / Systems Group, Department of Computer Science, ETH Zurich, 771

Processing, characterization and properties of particle-stabilized alumina foams

Benedikt S.M. Seeber

Measuring, predicting and improving the perception of space with bilateral hearing instruments

Martin Felix Müller

Validation of assumptions on the endolymph motion inside the semicircular canals of the inner ear

Bernhard Grieser, Dominik Obrist & Leonhard Kleiser
In this work we investigate the validity of the following assumptions that were used in previous studies of the endolymph motion within the semicircular canals of the inner ear: (a) quasi-steadiness and therefore exclusion of the time derivative, (b) absence of advection, (c) insignicance of Coriolis and centrifugal forces. A parameter study is performed using the C++ based OpenFOAM® software library for nu- merical simulations on a nite volume grid. For validation purposes, the solutions...

Weakly supervised methods for learning actions and objects

Alessandro Prest

The development of a cisgenic scab resistant apple CV. 'Gala'

Thalia Vanblaere

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