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Ambivalent Effects of Atorvastatin on Angiogenesis, Epidermal Cell Proliferation and Tumorgenesis in Animal Models

Alireza Garjani, Hassan Rezazadeh, Sina Andalib, Mojtaba Ziaee, Yousef Doustar, Hamid Soraya, Mehraveh Garjani, Arash Khorrami, Mostafa Asadpoor & Nasrin Maleki-Dizaji
Iranian Biomedical Journal (IBJ); ISSN 1028-852X

Projektstruktur und Begriffe

Joerg Puchan, Thomas Gann, Thomas Konrad, Lena Seifert, Christian Nagel & David Jaeck
e-Journal of Practical Business Research, Business Process Benchmarking - Band I Grundlagen, S. 1-39

Efficiently Decodable Compressed Sensing by List-Recoverable Codes and Recursion

Hung Q. Ngo, Ely Porat & Atri Rudra
We present two recursive techniques to construct compressed sensing schemes that can be "decoded" in sub-linear time. The first technique is based on the well studied code composition method called code concatenation where the "outer" code has strong list recoverability properties. This technique uses only one level of recursion and critically uses the power of list recovery. The second recursive technique is conceptually similar, and has multiple recursion levels. The following compressed sensing results are...

7.1.2 A novel tool for biochemical diagnostics of rare genetic disorders: an integrated microfluidic system with optical detection

Radoslaw Kwapiszewski, Karina Ziolkowska & Zbigniew Brzozka
In this work, an integrated microfluidic system for biochemical diagnostics of lysosomal storage disorders is presented. The polymeric microsystem consists of a zone for hydrodynamic focusing of cell suspension, a mixing microchannel, and an optical detection module. The system was used for determination of the activity of enzymes deficient in Fabry and Gaucher diseases. On the contrary to the currently used protocols of determination of lysosomal enzymes’ activities, the microdevice enables significant reduction of the...

British Migrants in Spain: the Extent and Nature of Social Integration, 2003-2005: Teaching Data

J. Haynes
This is a qualitative teaching data collection.<br> <br> Dr Jo Haynes (Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Bristol) has been using numerous data collections from ESDS Qualidata to support her teaching of qualitative research methods for several years. A key motivation was her desire to provide students with data, enabling more teaching time to focus on developing skills in data analysis. SN 5271 has been used in this way. This collection represents the subset...

Vol. 55 No 1

Ernst Brunotte
Yearbook of German Quaternary Association

Automatic CFD Optimisation of Biomass Combustion Plants

A. Shiehnejadhesar, K. Schulze, R. Scharler & I. Obernberger
In this paper, the work on the development and test of a basic design tool for the automatic performance of parameter studies for the optimisation of biomass combustion plants is presented. The model consists of parameterisation and optimisation routines linked with an in ¬house developed empirical packed bed combustion model as well as gas phase CFD models especially adapted for biomass grate furnaces. To test and verify the routine developed, it has been applied for...

The Marine Boundary Layer, From Air-sea Interface to Inversion

J Businger
An overview is given of the structure of the marine boundary layer including the molecular interactions at the interface, the transfer processes in the surface layer, and the entrainment at the top of the boundary layer both for the clear and cloud topped case. Special emphasis is given on a qualitative physical understanding of the processes in and the structure of the boundary layer. The last chapter deals specifically with the response of the boundary...

Übersetzung in Englisch: Koronare Herzkrankheit. Koronare Herzkrankheit - Was ist das?

Ärztliches Zentrum Für Qualität In Der Medizin (ÄZQ)
Kurzinformation für Patienten

Kolloquiumsreihe Herstellung der ökologischen Durchgängigkeit der Bundeswasserstraßen

Bundesanstalt Für Gewässerkunde
Veranstaltungen / BfG; 2012,7; 1-XXX; ISSN 1866-220X

„Strukturelle Evolution“ der Staatlichen Geologie in Neubrandenburg – „Öffnung“ und „Schließung“ aus Verwaltungs-tektonischer Sicht

Ralf-Otto Niedermeyer
Rede des Leiters des Geologischen Dienstes von Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Prof. Dr. habil. Ralf-Otto Niedermeyer, im Rahmen des Abschluss-Kolloquiums am 24. November 2009 anlässlich der Schließung der Außenstelle (Geologisches Regionalarchiv) Neubrandenburg des Landesamtes für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Geologie (LUNG) Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MV) zum Jahresende 2009.

Übersetzung in Arabisch: Diabetes und Augen. Was hat Diabetes mit Ihren Augen zu tun?

Ärztliches Zentrum Für Qualität In Der Medizin (ÄZQ)
Kurzinformation für Patienten

Effect of Turmeric and Carrot Seed Extracts on Serum Liver Biomarkers and Hepatic Lipid Peroxidation, Antioxidant Enzymes and Total Antioxidant Status in Rats

Adel Rezaei-Moghadam, Daryoush Mohajeri, Behnam Rafiei, Rana Dizaji, Asghar Azhdari, Mahdi Yeganehzad, Maryamossadat Shahidi & Mohammad Mazani
Introduction: Pathogenic role of free radicals are well known in various metabolic diseases. They originate from internal and external sources of body. Essential roles of antioxidant defense system for cellular redox regulation and free radical scavenging activity were described in this study. Many in vitro investigations have shown that turmeric (TE) and carrot seed extract (CSE) exhibits to possess antioxidant activities. In this study, we evaluated the antioxidant potentials of ethanolic TE and CSE based...

New Manual of Seismological Observatory Practice (NMSOP-2)

Peter Bormann
New Manual of Seismological Observatory Practice 2 (NMSOP2)

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