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Speaker idiosyncratic rhythmic features in the speech signal

Volker Dellwo, Adrian Leemann & Marie-José Kolly

Rhythmic variability in Swiss German dialects

Adrian Leemann, Volker Dellwo, Marie-José Kolly & Stephan Schmid

Feline bodyweight: genetic aspects of food intake

Brigitta Wichert, T Häring, G Dolf, J Trossen & B Haase

Calcium metabolism during gestation and lactation in queens

Annette Liesegang & Brigitta Wichert

Differences of estimated and analysed energy losses with cat urine

Brigitta Wichert, Annette Liesegang & Sonja Hartnack

Role of contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in the detection of carotid plaque vulnerability: a pilot study

Roberto Iezzi
Purpose Methods and Materials Results Conclusion References Personal Information

Marin-Biologisches Begleitprogramm zur Standorterkundung 1979/80 mit MS, Polarsirkel (Pre-Site Survey) - Stationslisten der Mikronekton- und Zooplanktonfänge sowie der Bodenfischerei

Reinhard Schneppenheim
Berichte zur Polarforschung = Reports on Polar Research; 7; ISSN 0176-5027

Cooperative techniques in Wireless Communications: a game- and information- theoretic analysis

Farshad Shams
This dissertation consists in two parts. In the first part (Chapter 1-3) we study the notion of cooperative game theory and its applications to network engineering problems. The tools of cooperative game theory are shown to be advantageous for obtaining high-performance and good results in terms of fairness, and stability. In particular, the first part describes a theoretical framework for the design and analysis of resource allocation algorithms for wireless networks using OFDMA technology in...

Aberrant Promoter Methylation Profile of Niemann-Pick Type C1 Gene in Cardiovascular Disease

Masoumeh Afzali, Alireza Nakhaee, Seyed Payman Tabatabaei, Kourosh Tirgar-Fakheri & Mohammad Hashemi
Iranian Biomedical Journal (IBJ); ISSN 1028-852X

Volkshochschule der Stadt Gevelsberg: Programm 1. Semester 1972, S. 36

Volkshochschule Der Stadt Gevelsberg

Traité élémentaire de physique : ouvrage destiné pour l'enseignement dans les lycées nationaux

René Just Haüy
par R.-J. Haüy

C1.3 - Advanced Sensory Electronics and Systems with Self-x Capabilities by MEMS Switch Integration

M. Akmal Johar & A. Koenig
After entering mass application, more stringent requirements on flexibility, accuracy and dependability are imposed on sensory systems and their electronic embodiment. Analog static and dynamic reconfiguration, culminating in so called self-x features, e.g., self-trimming or -repairing, requires capable switch resources. While other switching solutions in electromechanical relays and CMOS switches have their own advantages and disadvantages, MEMS switches can become an alternative in switching solutions. Our research group focuses on applying and designing MEMS switches...

Authorisation of inspection facilities and workshops in North Rhine Westphalia

H. Kramer
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 439; 151-153

Repensar la urbanización del litoral. El plan director urbanístico del sistema costero de cataluña

Oriol Nel-Lo Colon
La urbanización de las áreas costeras constituye, sin duda, uno de los rasgos más característicos de la transformación del territorio en los países del sur de Europa durante las últimas décadas. La contención y ordenación de este proceso, que genera costes ambientales, urbanísticos y económicos, requiere de la adopción de nuevos instrumentos de planeamiento y gestión urbanística. El artículo analiza esta problemática a partir del ejemplo del Plan Director Urbanístico del Sistema Costero de Cataluña...

Le rôle international du Saint-Siège et la défense de la liberté religieuse et des droits humains

Paolo Cavana
Lezione tenuta la mattina del 18 maggio 2008 presso la sede dell’Istituto Internazionale Jacques Maritain (Roma) nell’ambito del Corso per Diplomatici di Paesi Africani “The Catholic Church and the International Policy of the Holy See”, organizzato dalla Fondazione La Gregoriana e dall’Istituto Internazionale Jacques Maritain, in attesa di pubblicazione nel volume degli Atti. SOMMAIRE: 1. Le rôle international du Saint-Siège: objectifs et modalités d’action - 2. Les principes qui soutiennent l’action du Saint-Siège au niveau...

An Ultra Wideband 5 W Power Amplifier Using SiC MESFETs

Ahmed Sayed, Stefan Von Der Mark & Georg Boeck
A 5 watt wideband power amplifier using a SiC MESFET has been designed. The frequency range covers 10 MHz to 2.4 GHz with small-signal gain of 8 dB. A broadband choke structure with a new technique was developed to obtain good isolation and low loss over the desired bandwidth. Input and output matching networks and shunt feedback topology were introduced to increase the bandwidth. At VDS= 30 V and IDS = 500 mA, power performance...

Integrative analysis of habitats as a tool for sustainable ecosystem management

Luisa Fernanda Ricaurte López

Expedition ins Ungewisse

Wolfgang Fuhrmann

Erfahrungsraum "Kino" im Zeitalter der digitalen Reproduzierbarkeiten

Franziska Heller

Science Fiction

Simon Spiegel

Review of: Scott Bukatman, Blade Runner

Simon Spiegel

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