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Paula Hodgson

Art at the Living Museum

Danny Lascano

Paul Rock The Green Years (1962) and the New Portuguese Cinema

Paulo Granja

New in Plateau State: Lights, Camera, Action!

Anabela Dinis Oliveira White

Brazilian Postcolonialism and Emerging South-South Relations: A View from Anthropology

Letícia Maria Costa Da Nóbrega Cesarino

Determining An Empirical Emission Model For The Auralization Of Jet Aircraft

Frederik Rietdijk, Kurt Heutschi & Christoph Zellmann
Aircraft noise is a major issue in urban areas and is one of the research topics within the FP7 SONORUS project. Current methods for determining the impact of aircraft noise on annoyance and sleep disturbance are based on energetic quantities neglecting the dynamic character of the sound.
To obtain a more complete representation of annoyance, it would be helpful to predict the audible aircraft sound and determine the impact of the aircraft sound on people....

Subsurface Insert Irrigation is More Efficient for Soil Moisture Conservation in Olive Groves

Ashraf Tubeileh, Adriana Bruggeman & Francis Turkelboom

Soil Potassium is the Most Important Soil Factor for Rainfed Olive (Olea europaea L.) Production

, Ashraf Tubeileh, Francis Turkelboom, Malek Abdeen &

Habitat protection and restoration in Milwaukee River Estuary Area of Concern

Eric T. Hileman

Solvolytic micellization in carotene recovery from palm biodiesel

Donald Siahaan

Analytical aspects of differentiation

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Quaestio philosophica De forma corporeitatis ad mentem doctoris Mariano-subtilis Ioannis Duns Scoti publicae disputationi exposita

Clemens Hess
quam ... praeside P. Clemente Hess ... propugnandam susceperunt Pirminus Etspiler [et al.] ... Villingae ad S. Crucem an. 1743 ...

Clonal Forestry of Chestnut in Northern Spain

Josefa Fernández López, María Eugenia Miranda Fontaíña, Pilar Furones Pérez & Beatriz Míguez Soto

Lexikografische Kalibrierungsstrategie für eine effiziente Parameterschätzung in hochaufgelösten Niederschlag-Abfluss-Modellen

Marlene Gelleszun
Hydrologie und Wasserbewirtschaftung / BfG – Jahrgang: 59.2015,3 - ISSN 1439-1783

Judicial Training Offered at Graduate and Post-Graduate Level

Thomas Giegerich


Harrison Ngetha, Minoru Sasaki, & Stephen Mathenge

Percepción temporal y visual en niños con dislexia: estudio de caso (n=2).

David Camacho-Valadez

26. Internationales Hafnerei-Symposium des Arbeitskreises für Keramikforschung vom 5.-9.10.1993 in Soest/Westfalen

Werner Endres

Variación espacio-temporal en la distribución de varamientos de mamíferos marinos en Ensenada, Baja California, México (diciembre de 1997 a marzo de 1999)

Eduardo Morteo, Samantha Rodríguez De La Gala-Hernández, Santiago Mejía-Acosta & Gisela Heckel

Project-arte cinematográfica e psicologia.

& Joaquim Luís Coimbra

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