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Beszédhangok viselkedése a spontán beszédben

Gósy Mária
In. Fonetikai olvasókönyv. Egyetemi e-jegyzet. ed. Judit Bóna, ELTE Fonetikai Tanszék, Budapest, 2016.

A logisztikai szolgáltatók által működtetett disztribúciós központok telepítésének szempontjai az ellátási láncban 2.

Oláh Judit & Karmazin György
Logisztikai trendek és legjobb gyakorlatok (ISSN: 2416-0555), 2016. október, II. évfolyam, 2. szám

A Possible Logograph XAN “Palm” in Maya Writing

Christian Prager & Elisabeth Wagner
This epigraphic note explores the idea that Maya scribes invented and used a sign for “palm, guano” in their writing system. Epigraphic and linguistic data strongly support our hypothesis that the graph A27 renders the prototypical image of a guano or fan and denotes the generic botanical term XAN > xa’n, xaan, xan, meaning “palm”.

Malware Analysis Sandbox Testing Methodology

Zoltan Balazs
Manual processing of malware samples became impossible years ago. Sandboxes are used to automate the analysis of malware samples to gather information about the dynamic behaviour of the malware, both at AV companies and at enterprises. Some malware samples use known techniques to detect when it runs in a sandbox, but most of these sandbox detection techniques can be easily detected and thus flagged as malicious. I invented new approaches to detect these sandboxes. I...

Affiliazione ai nuovi movimenti religiosi: esame critico del modello estrinseco di conversione

Raffaella Di Marzio
I diversi modelli psicologici, elaborati per interpretare il fenomeno della conversione a gruppi religiosi e spirituali minoritari, spesso indicati come “sette” o Nuovi Movimenti Religiosi”, si collocano in un continuum che vede ai due estremi i concetti di “libertà di scelta” (modello intrinseco) e di “persuasione coercitiva” o “lavaggio del cervello” (modello estrinseco), con molte posizioni intermedie. Il modello, “estrinseco” considera il convertito come “passivo”, mentre il primo, “intrinseco”, enfatizza la figura del religious seeker,...

Gobernanza de Áreas Marinas Protegidas: Donde el Pasado y el Futuro convergen

Gabriela Weber De Morais, Achim Schlüter, Marco Verweij & Leibniz-Zentrum Für Marine Tropenökologie GmbH
La Convención Biológica de Diversidad (CBD) estableció como objetivo proteger el 10% de todas las áreas marinas y costeras para el 2020, mediante áreas protegidas y otras medidas de conservación. Al 2012 sólo el 2.3% del total de la superficie oceánica se encontraba bajo una categoría de protección.1 Además varias Áreas Marinas Protegidas (AMPs) enfrentan importantes deficiencias, y el mal desempeño puede estar asociado con debilidades en las reglas formales e informales (instituciones) que influyen...

Orvosi Könyvtárak

Magyar Orvosi Könyvtárak Szövetsége
Vol. 13. Issue 2.

There’s More to Groove than Bass in Electronic Dance Music: Why Some People Won’t Dance to Techno

Alex Hofmann & Brian Wesolowski
The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between audio descriptors for groove-based electronic dance music (EDM) and raters’ perceived cognitive, affective, and psychomotor responses. From 198 musical excerpts (length: 15 sec.) representing 11 subgenres of EDM, 19 low-level audio feature descriptors were extracted. A principal component analysis of the feature vectors indicated that the musical excerpts could effectively be classified using five complex measures, describing the rhythmical properties of: (a) the high-frequency...

Madura foot: an approach to imaging-based diagnosis

Clinical History Image Findings Discussion Find Diagnosis Differential Diagnosis

Corfu Declaration

Samuel Foster
The Corfu Declaration was a formal agreement between the government-in-exile of the kingdom of Serbia and the Yugoslav Committee (anti-Habsburg South Slav émigrés) that pledged to unify Serbia with Austria-Hungary’s South Slav territories in a post-war Yugoslavian state. It was signed on 20 July 1917 on the island of Corfu.

Optimization of encapsulation methods and conditions to maximize 1-MCP loading in modified beta-cyclodextrins

Han Zhang
1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) is a gas compound which can inhibit ethylene response in climacteric fruits. It is used to delay the ripening process and so to extend the shelf life of fresh produce. However, 1-MCP requires certain storage technology because it is highly unstable and flammable. Current storage technology is to use carrier systems such as α-cyclodextrin to encapsulate 1-MCP and thus protect and stabilize it. In the industry, high level of 1-MCP loading in carrier...

Auswirkung von konventionellem Widerstandstraining, Virtual Reality gesteuertem Widerstandstraining und Virtual Reality gesteuertem Bewegungstraining auf die cervikocephale Kinästhesie der Halswirbelsäule

Severin Welter
In einer klinischen Studie über die Auswirkungen von drei verschiedenen Trainingsprogrammen auf die Propriozeption des Halses wurden zwei Gruppen mit Widerstandstraining und eine Gruppe ohne Widerstandstraining über einen Zeitraum von 10 Wochen miteinander verglichen. Als Probandinnen wurden 37 gesunde Schülerinnen aus einer Klasse einer Physiotherapieschule ausgewählt. Die Probanden wurden auf 3 Gruppen randomisiert. Diese heißen Theraband-, Trainings- und Bewegungsgruppe. Die Trainings- und Bewegungsgruppe trainierten im Vergleich zur Therabandgruppe mit dem neu konzipierten Trainingsgerät und mit...

Ursprung und Entwicklung von Stadt- und Marktrecht in Böhmen und Mähren

Jiří Kejř
Bohemia - Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Kultur der böhmischen Länder, Bd. 31, Nr. 2 (1990): Mitteleuropa an der Schwelle der Neuzeit

Justice in and through education? Students’ participation in decision-making

Maria Rönnlund
Drawing on one year of ethnographic work in three Swedish lower secondary schools, this article problematizes students’ participation in decision-making in everyday school life in the perspective of social justice. In order to extend the traditional liberal understanding of justice and include also relational, procedurial, social and cultural aspects of justice, the analysis focuses on the range, depth and breadth of the participation. The analysis highlights how students’ participation in decision-making was curtailed and restricted...

Zn-VI/Cu2O Heterojunctions for Earth-Abundant Photovoltaics

Samantha Stricklin Wilson
The need for sustainable energy production motivates the study of photovoltaic materials, which convert energy from sunlight directly into electricity. This work has focused on the development of Cu2O as an earth-abundant solar absorber due to the abundance of its constituent elements in the earth's crust, its suitable band gap, and its potential for low cost processing. Crystalline wafers of Cu2O with minority carrier diffusion lengths on the order of microns can be manufactured in...

Peer review of "Introducing BASE: the Biomes of Australian Soil Environments soil microbial diversity database"

Paul Dijkstra
This is the open peer reviewers comments and recommendations regarding the submitted GigaScience article and/or dataset.

How to teach new research methods to young investigators in the humanities and social sciences? Best practices and visions for the future

Gavin Brown
This is an unfunded grant application to the Volkswagen Stiftung in 2015. It suggests ways that research could be conducted to establish consensus around what needs to be done to prepare new researchers for research beyond doctoral degree.

Kehatüve traumade käsitlus. Ravijuhend 2009

Kadri Tamme, Marko Murruste, Tanel Laisaar & Ülo Zirel
Ravijuhendi on tunnustanud Eesti Haigekassa. Eesti Arst 2009; 88(11):774−780

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