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Signification, Objectification, and the Mimetic Uncanny in Claude Debussy's \"Golliwog's Cakewalk\"

On October 30, 1905, Emma Bardac gave birth to Claude Debussy's only child, a daughter named Claude-Emma (1905-1919). Debussy was a doting father; he dedicated his 1908 piano suite entitled "Children's Corner" to her, and named four of the six movement after her toys. One of them is called "Golliwogs Cakewalk", after a popular minstrel doll. Several elements about this suite problematizes the childlike innocence portrayed in "Children's Corner". This movement has attracted much critical...

Checking checks Balancing balances

Threat Modeling For Automotive Security Analysis

& Christoph Schmittner
The technological development of connected and intelligent vehicle creates cybersecurity threats and risks to road safety. Securing automotive systems is one of the biggest challenges for the automotive industry undergoing a profound transformation. As a building block of automotive security, threat modeling is a technique that identifies potential threats in order to find corresponding mitigations. In this paper, we propose a practical and efficient approach to threat modeling for the automotive domain. We extend existing...

Beilage zum Kunstwart

Von kommenden Dingen

Wolfgang Schumann

Die Reformbedürftigkeit des Kleinhandels

Erich Schairer

Heft 6 (2. Dezemberheft 1916)

Vom Heute fürs Morgen

Unsre Bilder und Noten

Sentimentalität, Romantik und deutsche Zukunft

Sigismund Rauh

\"Komm zu uns nieder, Schöpfergeist!\"

Arthur Bonus

Vom Erlebnis des Krieges

Ric von Carlowitz

Beilage zum Kunstwart

Was ist \"Stil\"?

Fritz Schumacher

Heft 12 (2. Märzheft 1917)

Nuovo Realismo 2016

Maurizio Ferraris
The essay presents the traits of what has recently been called new realism in philosophy, arguing that this new trend aims at engaging with the existence of certain classes of objects, trying to avoid devolving to scientific thinking all questions about the existence of reality. The new realistic philosphical approach is indeed closer to 19th-century idealism than to postmodern thought. It finds its forebears in American “new realism” and “critical realism” and tries to oppose...

Un mondo alla deriva: realismo, entropia, salvezza

Gianluca Cuozzo
The present essay emphasizes philosophy’s responsibility to face the embarrassing reality of a world overcome by waste and refuse. The reckless deal struck by disposable goods, the immense opportunities for technical manipulation of reality, and the hellish landscape of urban dumps in the consumer society, might transform the Earth into an endless Gomorrah replete with concrete, ruins, and refuse. Living in a disfigured landscape – where nature is but a fragment of an ancient beauty...

Il realismo degli antichi: qualche proposta di riflessione

Tommaso Braccini
The concept and the term itself of realism, as it is well known, are not easy to apply to antiquity: Auerbach in Mimesis noticed how most of the realistic occurrences were attributable to a comic context, with a significant breakthrough identifiable with the Gospels. Among other ancient texts whose realism seems closer to Auerbach’s definition, however, it is possible to single out the narratives of miraculous healings found in Epidaurus and the Diatribes of Epictetus,...

Nuova narrativa italiana e realismo. Appunti per una discussione

Davide Dalmas
The paper provides an overview of the debate which recently arose concerning realism in contemporary Italian literature, focusing in particular on the end of the first decade, and the beginning of the second, of the 21st century. It discusses, then, two of the possible kinds of relationship connecting new Italian literature and realism, centering its analysis Walter Siti’s and Mauro Covacich’s works.

Ímpetu canónico y divisa crítica: un itinerario de literaturas comparadas en América Latina

Marcela Croce
The article postulates a tour on Latin American culture that begins in the resistance of Haitian slaves against French power, which is the independent and republican model established in the 19th century on continental countries. From this vocation of resistance, the text confronts with poscolonial theory and its purpose to establish a model study for Latin America based on metropolitan patterns, relegating the literary production to “testimony” or “non-fiction”, replicating in this field the international...

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Luigi Marfè
COSMO | Comparative Studies in Modernism | Rivista del Centro Studi Arti della Modernità | centroartidellamodernita.it, N. 9 (2016): Letteratura e nuovi realismi

Die Bildungsexpansion in der Schweiz – eine Reanalyse unter besonderer Berücksichtigung geschlechtsspezifischer Bildungschancen

Christoph Zangger & Rolf Becker
Sur la base des données recueillies lors des recensements de la population suisse de 1970 à 2000, nous avons cherché à savoir comment les disparités entre sexes avaient évolué en matière d’accès aux études (maturité) et d’obtention d’autres diplômes en Suisse à travers l’expansion du système de formation. En se basant sur une approche théorique de l’action, il est possible d’observer la diminution des inégalités entre les sexes face aux chances de formation durant cette...

Decommodification as a foundation for ecological economics

Julien-François Gerber & Jean-David Gerber
Ecological economists have emphasized the study of commodification (i.e., the development of market-based exchange and valuation) rather than decommodification processes (i.e., the degree of immunization from market dependency). This is surprising given the fact that large-scale decommodification may be our best option for a post-growth transition so dear to many ecological economists. Based on Heinsohn and Steiger's theory of ownership, we seek to provide an institutional foundation to processes of (de)commodification. These two authors distinguish...

Contents and indicators of the Food Sustainability Assessment Framework (Food-SAF)

Stephan Rist & Johanna Jacobi

Exact and inexact graph matching: methodology and applications

Horst Bunke, Xiaoyi Jiang & Kaspar Riesen

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