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Determinants of Outsourcing Domestic Labour in Conservative Welfare States

Karen A. Shire, Rainer Schnell & Marcel Noack
Women in conservative welfare states continue to do more unpaid domestic labour than their partners. Many European countries subsidize the outsourcing of routine housework and care labor to market services through tax credits and other measures, with the aim of reducing women’s unpaid work. Most research on the determinants of outsourcing replicate gendered exchange-bargaining models, and neglect market factors relevant to explaining the substitution of unpaid labour. The neglect of market factors however, is mainly...

Re-drawing the experience: art, science and migratory conditions

Sarah Mekdjian & Marie Moreau
Both a paper and a cartography, Re-drawing The Experience reviews the setup of a research-creation process between an artist, a researcher and asylum seekers in Grenoble, France.

Function and structure – Combined optical functionality and specific bio-interaction for multifunctional biomedical materials

Tina Sabel & Marga C. Lensen
Novel multifunctional biomedical materials are discussed, capable for the integration of optical functionality and exploiting the correlation of structure and function. Therefore, volume holographic structuring can be applied for the integration of three-dimensional optical structures with specific functionality in terms of diffractive properties. The strategy to combine optical structuring of the volume and specific modification of the surface is particularly discussed for the design of advanced intra-ocular lens implants. Based on a multifunctional biomedical material...

Computer Aided Testing Methods

Tatiana Statsenko
This project is aimed at verification and reconstruction of model parameters for the simulation of structural surface vibrations and transient deformations (e.g. by the finite element method) using optical methods. Transient deformations can be described by means of time-resolved electronic speckle pattern interferometry. There are two ways of producing a dynamic 3-D model of the deforming surface from an experimentally obtained image sequence of interference patterns. Direct solution of the so-called “inverse problem” has proved...

European Earth System Modelling for Climate Services - Policy Brief n°1

Mauro Buonocore, Silvio Gualdi & Ralf Döscher
Earth System Modelling and Climate Services, Earth System Modelling for Climate Projections, Climate Predictions and Future Challenges, The Downscaling Effort: Climate Modelling Goes Regional, Refinement Techniques, From Science to Society.

Technical Design Report: Photon Arrival Time Monitor (PAM) at the European XFEL

Jia Liu, Florian Dietrich & Jan Grünert
The photon arrival time monitor (PAM), based on X-ray–induced optical reflectivity or transmission changes in solid samples, will be implemented and served to precisely measure the X-ray arrival time and time jitter at the European XFEL facility. The spectral encoding method applies a broadband chirped supercontinuum as a probe, resulting in a wavelength-to-time mapping because different spectral components arrive at different times. One could foresee to record the arrival time for each shot in the...

Commerce, Géographie et Aménagement. Bibliographie thématique en géographie du commerce

Samuel Deprez, Sophie LESTRADE, Bernadette MERENNE-SCHOUMAKER, René-Paul DESSE & Jean SOUMAGNE
Bibliographie thématique recensant cinquante ans de travaux en géographie et aménagement sur le fait commercial destiné à un public de chercheurs et de professionnels du commerce. Composée de plus de 1 300 références bibliographiques organisées en 18 entrées thématiques et 47 sous-thèmes, elle permet de mener une réflexion épistémologique et d’envisager des pistes de recherches futures.


Kathy Heise, Lance Barrett-Lennard, Ross Chapman, Tom Dakin, Christine Erbe, David Hannay, Nathan Merchant, James Pilkington, Sheila Thornton, Dom Tollit, Svein Vagle, Val Veirs, Valeria Vergara, Jason Wood, Brianna Wright & Harald Yurk

Impliquer les patients pour am�liorer l�hygi�ne des mains des professionnels : vers une nouvelle approche des soins ?

Delphine Verjat-Trannoy, Sylvie Monier & Marie-Alix Ertzscheid
Mesure phare des pr�cautions standard, l�hygi�ne des mains vise � pr�venir la survenue d�infections associ�es aux soins et la diffusion des bact�ries multir�sistantes comme celle des bact�ries hautement r�sistantes �mergentes (BMR/BHRe). M�me si des progr�s ont �t� r�alis�s, du chemin reste � parcourir pour syst�matiser cette pratique. Parmi les d�marches exp�riment�es pour am�liorer la qualit� et la s�curit� des soins figure l�implication des patients. C�est une orientation g�n�rale des politiques de sant� qui investit progressivement...

Tiroler Haus

Konrad Corradi
Die Zeichnung entstand vermutlich während Corradis Reise nach Kroatien mit Stationen in Österreich, Slowenien und Italien, vgl. dazu Silvia Volkart-Baumann: Konrad Corradi (1813-1878), in: Nüfere, Heft 6 (Jan. 2013), S. 8-25

An investigation into the link between culture and strategy using soft systems methodology and group analysis. Part 1 soft systems methodology

Mark Threlfall, Dan Yearn & Tim Haslett
This is the first of two papers that examine the capacity of a management consultancy (the Company) to adopt a new team-based business model. The first part of the paper utilises Soft Systems Methodology and the change kaleidoscope to examine the cultural paradigm that pervades the Company. As a result of the investigations derived from the Soft Systems work, the researchers used Belbins' SPI as a method of distinguishing between different personality types and various...

Toujours migrants, mais désormais écrivains : stratégies identitaires et littérature africaine

Eric Essono Tsimi
La plupart des auteurs partis d’Afrique se sont posés comme migrants avant de s’insérer comme écrivains dans leur société d’accueil. Ils sont toujours reçus comme : migrants professionnels (Tahar ben Jelloun s’est installé en France pour enseigner et faire une thèse de doctorat en psychologie) ; comme étudiants (Max Lobé, Patrice Nganang, etc.) ; comme réfugiés (asile politique ou humanitaire) ; au titre de regroupement familial (Fatou Diome, sénégalaise, est allée en France en raison...

Anatomical and functional lung imaging with MRI

Marta Tibiletti
The non-invasive quantifiation of pathogenic changes in animal models of diseases is an essential component of the longitudinal analysis of the progression / regression of the condition with pharmacological therapy. By means of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) a plurality of anatomical and functional parameters can be detected. The application of MRI to the longitudinal recording of the progression / regression of certain diseases is still limited by difficulties in achieving accurate quantification and sufficient reproducibility...

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