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Between passion and senses? Emotional dimensions of legal cultures in historical perspective

Dagmar Ellerbrock & Sylvia Kesper-Biermann
InterDisciplines. Journal of History and Sociology, Vol 6, No 2 (2015): Between Passion and Senses? Perspectives on Emotions and Law

Cover Picture, Front Matter, Content

Editors InterDisciplines
InterDisciplines. Journal of History and Sociology, Vol 3, No 2 (2012): Law and Historiography: Contributions to a New Cultural History of Law

Formalizing Restriction Categories

James Chapman, Tarmo Uustalu & Niccolò Veltri
Restriction categories are an abstract axiomatic framework by Cockett and Lack for reasoning about (generalizations of the idea of) partiality of functions. In a restriction category, every map defines an endomap on its domain, the corresponding partial identity map. Restriction categories cover a number of examples of different flavors and are sound and complete with respect to the more synthetic and concrete partial map categories. A partial map category is based on a given category...

Regression based duality approach to optimal control with application to hydro electricity storage

Roland Hildebrand, John G. M. Schoenmakers, Jianing Zhang & Fabian Dickmann
In this paper we consider the problem of optimal control of stochastic processes. We employ the dual martingale method brought forward in [Brown, Smith, and Sun, 2010]. The martingale constituting the solution of the dual problem is determined by linear regression within a Monte-Carlo approach. We apply the solution algorithm to a model of a hydro electricity storage and production system coupled with a model of the electricity wholesale market.

T4I2016 - Gillham, Michael: Developing Effective Intelligent Assistance for the Powered Wheelchair User

Michael Gillham, , Matthew Pepper & Steve Kelly
Gillham, Michael: Developing Effective Intelligent Assistance for the Powered Wheelchair User. T4I Communications 1, T4I2016 – Academic/Research, Nov 2016. Figshare. This research is working towards developing a pre-production prototype system which can provide a low-cost real-time adjustable and adaptable driving assistance system for powered wheelchair users. Information is being gathered from user joystick input and their driving quality to identify symptoms and make adjustments to the driving assistance system.

Mussel Watch sampling procedures and site descriptions for Oregon State

Dennis A. Apeti, Gunnar G. Lauensteirn, Edward Johnson, Kimani Kimbrough & Andrew L. Mason
NOAA Technical Memorandum NOS NCCOS ; 100

qSOFA score not predictive of in-hospital mortality in emergency patients with decompensated liver cirrhosis.

Martin Müller, Joerg C. Schefold, Alexander Benedikt Leichtle, David Shiva Srivastava, G Lindner, Aristomenis K. Exadaktylos & Carmen Pfortmüller
BACKGROUND Quick sequential organ failure assessement (qSOFA) has been validated for patients with presumed sepsis and the general emergency department (ED) population. However, it has not been validated in specific subgroups of ED patients with a high mortality. We aimed to investigate the prognostic performance of qSOFA with respect to in-hospital mortality, intensive care unit (ICU) admission, and length of hospitalisation in patients with decompensated liver cirrhosis. Furthermore, we compared qSOFA to systemic inflammatory response...

Кольский залив и нефть: биота, карты уязвимости, загрязнение

Показана роль Кольского залива и морского порта Мурманск как крупнейшего на российском арктическом побережье транспортного узла. Описаны гидрология, биота (фито- и зообентос, орнитофауна), особо значимые участки и антропогенное загрязнение Кольского залива. Представлены результаты исследований по изменению свойств нефти после ее разлива в море. Дан обзор методов построения карт чувствительности и уязвимости прибрежно-морских зон от нефти. Ядром монографии является разработанная в ММБИ методика построения карт уязвимости и построенные по ней сезонные разномасштабные карты уязвимости акватории Кольского...

Водоросли: проблемы таксономии, экологии и использование в мониторинге. Материалы докладов IV Всероссийской научной конференции с международным участием, 24–28 сентября 2018 г., г. Санкт-Петербург, Россия

Л. Н. Волошко, &
Издание содержит материалы исследований по актуальным проблемам таксономии, систематики, экологии, географии водорослей, структуре и функционированию альгоценозов, использования водорослей для оценки состояния окружающей среды и в мониторинге, гербарным коллекциям и базам данных. Сборник рассчитан на специалистов, связанных с изучением водорослей в водных и наземных экосистемах, экологов, гидробиологов, преподавателей, аспирантов, студентов ботанических и экологических специальностей. Ключевые слова: водоросли, таксономия, систематика, экология, география

An assessment of nutrients, sedimentation, and total suspended solids (TSS) in the St. Thomas East End Reserves (STEER)

Anthony S. Pait, , S. Ian Hartwell, Andrew L. Mason, Dennis A. Apeti, Christopher Francis, 1965- Jeffrey, Simon Pittman, Anne M. Hoffman & Francis R Galdo
NOAA Technical Memorandum NOS NCCOS ; 184

Outcomes of endovascular reconstruction of the inferior vena cava with self-expanding nitinol stents.

Tim Sebastian, Jörn F. Dopheide, Rolf P. Engelberger, David Spirk & Nils Kucher
BACKGROUND Occlusion of the inferior vena cava (IVC) often causes venous claudication, leg swelling, or skin changes. We hypothesized that the outcome of nitinol stents for endovascular reconstruction of the IVC is similar to the outcome reported for steel alloy stents. METHODS From the prospective Bern Venous Stent Registry, we investigated technical success, patency rates, and clinical outcome in consecutive patients with endovascular IVC reconstruction. During routine follow-up visits, stent patency was assessed by duplex...

A Hungarian Version of the Historikerstreit? A Summary of the Romsics-Gerő Debate among Hungarian Historians

Máté Rigó
In 2012 a debate took place among Hungarian academics about how to write the country's 20th-century history in an ethically and professionally adequate way, with a particular focus on anti-Semitism and the legacy of the Holocaust. This article summarizes the main points of the original exchange between two historians and examines which threads of the subsequent discussion were the most fruitful in terms of initiating a debate about the controversial legacies of 20th-century Hungarian history.

Tel Aviv Mizrah: The potential of Iraqi cultural identity within two generations

Mohamed Ahmed & A Elsharkawy
Before immigrating to Israel, first-generation Iraqi Jews were deeply attached to their identity as Mizrahi Jews. Their mother tongue was Arabic and they had grown up in an oriental environment. Therefore, it was not easy for them to adopt the Euro-Israeli identity that the dominant Ashkenazi-European stratum in Israel compelled them to accept. Despite strong Westernizing tendencies in Israeli society, the first generation of Iraqi Jewish immigrants maintained strong links to the Iraqi customs and...

I can’t eat that: The sociology behind the rise in food allergies and intolerances

Tobias Haeusermann
This article focuses on the social and cultural aspects of the unprecedented and unparalleled proliferation of food-related allergies and intolerances. It thus aims to contribute to filling the theoretical lacunae in the current sociological approach to this fairly recent phenomenon. The article’s framework is divided into four segments. First, the rise in food allergies is placed within the field of the social history and medicalization of allergies, and seeks to understand the phenomenon in the...

Another Person’s Poison: A History of Food Allergy

Tobias Haeusermann
“To eat is human, to digest, divine”: Mark Twain’s characterization of dining seems just to most of us. Yet had he considered food allergies, he would need to have added a postscript. While digesting certain foods is conducive to heavenly pleasures for some, it can mean hellish agony to others. Twain shall be forgiven. Indeed, paediatrician Clemens von Pirquet only coined the term allergy four years before Twain’s passing, namely in 1906; closely followed by...

The restoration of Giotto’s Wall Paintings in the Scrovegni Chapel of Padua according to the principles of Cesare Brandi’s Theory

Francesca Capanna
1. Brief conservation history and some notes on preliminary studies for the recent restoration project 2. Notes on the main causes of deterioration and the principal areas affected by loss of pictorial text 3. how lacunae were reintegrated during previous restorations 4. Cesare Brandi’s Theory of Restoration and the reconstruction of the pictorial text during the latest restoration

Insect jumping springs.

GP Sutton & Malcolm Burrows
How do some insects jump so quickly? As anyone who has tried to catch a grasshopper or a planthopper knows, many insects can jump very rapidly. A planthopper can accelerate in less than 1 millisecond to a take-off velocity of 5 m s–1, requiring a power output (energy per given time) of tens of thousands of Watts per kilogram of muscle. To do this, jumping insects have to overcome two mechanical limitations. First, the maximum...

Towards the development of general rules describing landscape heterogeneity-multifunctionality relationships

Fons Van Der Plas, Eric Allan, Markus Fischer, Fabian Alt, Hartmut Arndt, Julia Binkenstein, Stefan Blaser, Nico Blüthgen, Stefan Böhm, Norbert Hölzel, Valentin H. Klaus, Till Kleinebecker, Kathryn Morris, Yvonne Oelmann, Daniel Prati, Swen C. Renner, Matthias C. Rillig, H. Martin Schaefer, Michael Schloter, Barbara Schmitt, Ingo Schöning, Marion Schrumpf, Emily F. Solly, Elisabeth Sorkau, Juliane Steckel … & Peter Manning
1.Rapid growth of the world's human population has increased pressure on landscapes to deliver high levels of multiple ecosystem services, including food and fibre production, carbon storage, biodiversity conservation and recreation. However, we currently lack general principles describing how to achieve this landscape multifunctionality. 2.We combine theoretical simulations and empirical data on 14 ecosystem services measured across 150 grasslands in three German regions. In doing so, we investigate the circumstances under which spatial heterogeneity in...

reSolve — A transverse momentum resummation tool

Francesco Coradeschi & T Cridge
In this note, we introduce the new tool reSolve, a Monte Carlo differential cross-section and parton-level event generator whose main purpose is to add transverse momentum resummation to a general class of inclusive processes at hadron colliders, namely all those which do not involve hadrons or jets in the measured final state. This documentation refers to the first main version release, which will form the basis for continued developments, consequently it only implements the key...

Learning While Leading: A Multiple Case Study of Principals' Ways of Knowing

Marsha Caudill Cale
Excellent school leadership is undeniably linked to improved student achievement. Due to the impact administrators have on school and student success, it is critical that current and aspiring principals receive high-quality training and support. Superior principal preparation programs and ongoing training opportunities are fundamental to fulfilling the need and improving student outcomes nationwide. A phenomenological case study approach was used to explore the factors contributing to the success of public school principals and examine from...

How Can the Humanities Treat HIV/AIDS? An Interview with Dale Smith

Amita Rao, Furlich Emily & Dale Smith
Auctus: The Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship, October 2018

Researching the History of HIV/AIDS: An Interview with Christopher Ewing

Emily Furlich
Auctus: The Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship, October 2018

On the evaluation of adaptation practices: a transdisciplinary exploration of drought measures in Chile

Gloria Lillo-Ortega, Paulina Aldunce, Carolina Adler, Marcela Vidal & Maisa Rojas

Latitudinal trends in growth, reproduction and defense of an invasive plant

Li Xiao, Maxime R. Hervé, Juli Carrillo, Jianqing Ding & Wei Huang
Invasive plants often occupy an array of habitats along wide latitudinal scales which differ considerably in climatic conditions and herbivory. Variation in plant traits across latitude may play an important role in invasion success, yet few studies have tested whether there is a latitudinal pattern in invasive plant traits. Here, we sampled individuals of the invasive plant Phytolacca americana at 15 field sites spanning 10° of latitude from 25.72° to 36.15°N in central and southern...

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