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InterDisciplines. Journal of History and Sociology, Vol 3, No 2 (2012): Law and Historiography: Contributions to a New Cultural History of Law

Regression based duality approach to optimal control with application to hydro electricity storage

Roland Hildebrand, John G. M. Schoenmakers, Jianing Zhang & Fabian Dickmann
In this paper we consider the problem of optimal control of stochastic processes. We employ the dual martingale method brought forward in [Brown, Smith, and Sun, 2010]. The martingale constituting the solution of the dual problem is determined by linear regression within a Monte-Carlo approach. We apply the solution algorithm to a model of a hydro electricity storage and production system coupled with a model of the electricity wholesale market.

Between passion and senses? Emotional dimensions of legal cultures in historical perspective

Dagmar Ellerbrock & Sylvia Kesper-Biermann
InterDisciplines. Journal of History and Sociology, Vol 6, No 2 (2015): Between Passion and Senses? Perspectives on Emotions and Law

T4I2016 - Gillham, Michael: Developing Effective Intelligent Assistance for the Powered Wheelchair User

Michael Gillham, , Matthew Pepper & Steve Kelly
Gillham, Michael: Developing Effective Intelligent Assistance for the Powered Wheelchair User. T4I Communications 1, T4I2016 – Academic/Research, Nov 2016. Figshare. This research is working towards developing a pre-production prototype system which can provide a low-cost real-time adjustable and adaptable driving assistance system for powered wheelchair users. Information is being gathered from user joystick input and their driving quality to identify symptoms and make adjustments to the driving assistance system.

Struggling Towards Coherence in Canadian Administrative Law? Recent Cases on Standard of Review and Reasonableness

P Daly
Although the Supreme Court of Canada’s seminal decision in Dunsmuir v. New Brunswick has now been cited more than 10,000 times by Canadian courts and administrative tribunals, many of its key features remain obscure. In this article, the author analyzes recent cases decided under the Dunsmuir framework with a view to determining where Canadian courts might usefully go next. The author’s argument is that the two important principles said to underlie the Dunsmuir framework—the rule...

Quasar outflows at z ≥ 6: the impact on the host galaxies

P Barai, S Gallerani, A Pallottini, A Ferrara, A Marconi, C Cicone, R Maiolino & S Carniani
We investigate quasar outflows at z ≥ 6 by performing zoom-in cosmological hydrodynamical simulations. By employing the smoothed particle hydrodynamics code GADGET-3, we zoom in the 2R200 region around a 2 × 1012M· halo at z = 6, inside a (500 Mpc)3 comoving volume. We compare the results of our active galactic nuclei (AGN) runs with a control simulation in which only stellar/SN feedback is considered. Seeding 105M· black holes (BHs) at the centres of...

Bilingual distributed word representations from document-aligned comparable data

I Vulić & MF Moens
We propose a new model for learning bilingual word representations from non-parallel document-aligned data. Following the recent advances in word representation learning, our model learns dense real-valued word vectors, that is, bilingual word embeddings (BWEs). Unlike prior work on inducing BWEs which heavily relied on parallel sentence-aligned corpora and/or readily available translation resources such as dictionaries, the article reveals that BWEs may be learned solely on the basis of document-aligned comparable data without any additional...

Formalizing Restriction Categories

James Chapman, Tarmo Uustalu & Niccolò Veltri
Restriction categories are an abstract axiomatic framework by Cockett and Lack for reasoning about (generalizations of the idea of) partiality of functions. In a restriction category, every map defines an endomap on its domain, the corresponding partial identity map. Restriction categories cover a number of examples of different flavors and are sound and complete with respect to the more synthetic and concrete partial map categories. A partial map category is based on a given category...

Balls into bins via local search: Cover time and maximum load

K Bringmann, T Sauerwald, A Stauffer & H Sun
© 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Abstract-We study a natural process for allocating m balls into n bins that are organized as the vertices of an undirected graph G. Balls arrive one at a time. When a ball arrives, it first chooses a vertex u in G uniformly at random. Then the ball performs a local search in G starting from u until it reaches a vertex with local minimum load, where the ball is finally...

Place of death and end-of-life transitions experienced by very old people with differing cognitive status: retrospective analysis of a prospective population-based cohort aged 85 and over.

Anouk J Perrels, Jane Fleming, Jun Zhao, Stephen Barclay, Morag Farquhar, Hilde M Buiting, Carol Brayne &
BACKGROUND: Despite fast-growing 'older old' populations, 'place of care' trajectories for very old people approaching death with or without dementia are poorly described and understood. AIM: To explore end-of-life transitions of 'older old' people across the cognitive spectrum. DESIGN: Population-based prospective cohort (United Kingdom) followed to death. SETTING/PARTICIPANTS: Mortality records linked to 283 Cambridge City over-75s Cohort participants' cognitive assessments <1 year before dying aged ≥ 85 years. RESULTS: Overall, 69% were community dwelling in...

Considering creative teaching in relation to creative learning: Developing a knowing-doing orientation for change in higher music education

PA Burnard
Abstract: This chapter makes the case for why music institutions and academies should count on creative teaching in relation to creative learning as vital ways of addressing the politics of higher music education. Creative teaching in relation to creative learning offers new priorities, new narratives, new forms of knowledge, new ways of ‘knowing how to speak’ and ‘knowing how to hear’ as creative teachers and musician artists. I argue that creative learning and teaching is...

Human capital career creativities for creative industries work: lessons underpinned by Bourdieu's tools for thinking

PA Burnard & D Bennett
Graduates need to develop multiple human capital career creativities if they are to create and sustain careers in the creative industries. This is because creative work is characterised by multiple concurrent roles within portfolio careers that are commonly protean and boundaries. This chapter describes, interprets and theories multiple human capital career creativities that are crucial to higher education graduate learning.

Performing arts activism: Conceptualising an eco artistic intercultural choreographic practice and performance called 'Melting Ice' for addressing climate change

P Burnard, P Cook, S Jasilek, B Bauer-Nilsen & PA Burnard
In this article we argue that the power and politics of the arts is a way of raising awareness and responding to the globally shared problem of climate change. The impact of climate change is addressed here in the connection between an intercultural dance performance called “Siku Aappoq/Melting Ice” and the performative locus, which exists, politically, culturally and geographically inscribed. The approach to choreographic practice sees the body as a site from which comes forward...

Facing digital realities: Where media do not mix

D Trippett
Wagner’s vaunted model of artistic synthesis persists in scholarly assessments of his work. But at its center, the composer argued that the media of voice and orchestra do not mix: they retain their identities as separate channels of sound that can neither duplicate nor substitute for one another. Taking as a starting point Wagner’s claims for the nonadaptability of media, this article addresses the adaptation of Wagner’s music to the modern digital technologies of HD...

Identification of palmitoyltransferase and thioesterase enzymes that control the subcellular localization of axon survival factor nicotinamide mononucleotide adenylyltransferase 2 (NMNAT2).

Stefan Milde & Michael P Coleman
The NAD-synthesizing enzyme nicotinamide mononucleotide adenylyltransferase 2 (NMNAT2) is a critical survival factor for axons and its constant supply from neuronal cell bodies into axons is required for axon survival in primary culture neurites and axon extension in vivo. Recently, we showed that palmitoylation is necessary to target NMNAT2 to post-Golgi vesicles, thereby influencing its protein turnover and axon protective capacity. Here we find that NMNAT2 is a substrate for cytosolic thioesterases APT1 and APT2...

Equal pay as a moving target: International perspectives on forty-years of addressing the gender pay gap

J O'Reilly, M Smith, S Deakin & B Burchell
This paper provides an overview of the key factors impacting upon the gender pay gap in the UK, Europe and Australia. Forty years after the implementation of the first equal pay legislation, the pay gap remains a key aspect of the inequalities women face in the labour market. While the overall pay gap has tended to fall in many countries over the past forty years, it has not closed; in some countries it has been...

Optimization of Three-Dimensional (3D) Chemical Imaging by Soft X-Ray Spectro-Tomography Using a Compressed Sensing Algorithm.

Juan Wu, Mirna Lerotic, Sean Collins, Rowan Leary, Zineb Saghi, Paul Midgley, Slava Berejnov, Darija Susac, Juergen Stumper, Gurvinder Singh & Adam P Hitchcock
Soft X-ray spectro-tomography provides three-dimensional (3D) chemical mapping based on natural X-ray absorption properties. Since radiation damage is intrinsic to X-ray absorption, it is important to find ways to maximize signal within a given dose. For tomography, using the smallest number of tilt series images that gives a faithful reconstruction is one such method. Compressed sensing (CS) methods have relatively recently been applied to tomographic reconstruction algorithms, providing faithful 3D reconstructions with a much smaller...

Review of A Descriptive Catalogue of the Medieval Manuscripts of the Queen's College, Oxford. By Peter Kidd

SC Reynolds
Peter Kidd's catalogue is the first in a new special series of manuscript catalogues produced under the auspices of the Oxford Bibliographical Society. It covers fifty-nine volumes (two housed in the College Archives) and three collections of fragments dating from the tenth to the sixteenth century, the majority of them English, a significant number French, with Italian, Netherlandish, German, and Scottish material also represented. Each one is thoughtfully illustrated by a black- and-white image embedded...

Pediatric Obesity-Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention: An Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guideline.

Dennis M Styne, Silva A Arslanian, Ellen L Connor, Ismaa Sadaf Farooqi, M Hassan Murad, Janet H Silverstein & Jack A Yanovski
Cosponsoring Associations: The European Society of Endocrinology and the Pediatric Endocrine Society. This guideline was funded by the Endocrine Society. Objective: To formulate clinical practice guidelines for the assessment, treatment, and prevention of pediatric obesity. Participants: The participants include an Endocrine Society-appointed Task Force of 6 experts, a methodologist, and a medical writer. Evidence: This evidence-based guideline was developed using the Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development, and Evaluation approach to describe the strength of recommendations...

Chemical inhibition of NAT10 corrects defects of laminopathic cells.

Delphine Larrieu, Sébastien Britton, Mukerrem Demir, Raphaël Rodriguez & Stephen P Jackson
Down-regulation and mutations of the nuclear-architecture proteins lamin A and C cause misshapen nuclei and altered chromatin organization associated with cancer and laminopathies, including the premature-aging disease Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome (HGPS). Here, we identified the small molecule "Remodelin" that improved nuclear architecture, chromatin organization, and fitness of both human lamin A/C-depleted cells and HGPS-derived patient cells and decreased markers of DNA damage in these cells. Using a combination of chemical, cellular, and genetic approaches, we...

The restoration of Giotto’s Wall Paintings in the Scrovegni Chapel of Padua according to the principles of Cesare Brandi’s Theory

Francesca Capanna
1. Brief conservation history and some notes on preliminary studies for the recent restoration project 2. Notes on the main causes of deterioration and the principal areas affected by loss of pictorial text 3. how lacunae were reintegrated during previous restorations 4. Cesare Brandi’s Theory of Restoration and the reconstruction of the pictorial text during the latest restoration

Lamination of the Outer Plexiform Layer in Optic Atrophy Caused by Dominant WFS1 Mutations.

Anna Majander, Maria Bitner-Glindzicz, Choi M Chan, Holly J Duncan, Patrick F Chinnery, Malavika Subash, Pearse A Keane, Andrew R Webster, Anthony T Moore, Michel Michaelides & Patrick Yu-Wai-Man

The thermoregulatory function of the human hand: How do palm and digit proportions affect heat loss?

Stephanie Payne, Alison Macintosh & Jay Stock
OBJECTIVES: The current study assessed whether ecogeographical patterns seen in hand proportions correlate with heat loss directly. Using a brief severe cold immersion experiment on the hand, the influence of hand and digit dimensions on heat loss was evaluated. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A sample of 113 living individuals were tested. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional scanning techniques were used to assess hand and digit dimensions. Thermal imaging analysis was used to quantify heat loss during a 3-min...

Handbook of Cluster Analysis C. Hennig, M. Meila, F. Murtagh and R. Rocci (eds), 2016 Boca Raton, CRC Press 754 pp., £61.59 (hardbound), £53.89 (e-book) ISBN 978-1-466-55188-6

Mark Pilling
From the wide ranging ‘Handbooks of modern statistical methods’ series, this book seeks to be a non‐exhaustive guide to the subject in a large and expanding field. The book is well laid out over 31 chapters each having its own introduction and conclusion, spanning the material in a logical manner aiding accessibility. Its main focus is on partitioning sets, and care is taken to explain the exploratory nature of the analysis in contrast with the...

Genetic analysis of over one million people identifies 535 novel loci for blood pressure

Evangelos Evangelou, Helen R Warren, David Mosen-Ansorena, Borbala Mifsud, Raha Pazoki, He Gao, Georgios Ntritsos, Niki Dimou, Claudia P Cabrera, Ibrahim Karaman, Fu Liang Ng, Marina Evangelou, Katarzyna Witkowska, Evan Tzanis, Jacklyn N Hellwege, Ayush Giri, Jacklyn N Hellwege Edwards, Yan V Sun, Kelly Cho, J Michael Gaziano, Peter WF Wilson, Philip S Tsao, Csaba P Kovesdy, Tonu Esko, Reedik Magi … & Mark J Caulfield
High blood pressure is the foremost heritable global risk factor for cardiovascular disease. We report the largest genetic association study of blood pressure traits to date (systolic, diastolic, pulse pressure) in over one million people of European ancestry. We identify 535 novel blood pressure loci that not only offer new biological insights into blood pressure regulation but also reveal shared loci influencing lifestyle exposures. Our findings offer the potential for a precision medicine strategy for...

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