453,404 Works

Richard Dyer, "In Defence of Disco" (1979)

Luis-Manuel Garcia

The OpenQuake-engine User Manual

Helen Crowley, Damiano Monelli, Marco Pagani, Vitor Silva & Graeme Weatherill

The EITC Does Not Automatically Stabilize Income for All in a Recession. Policy Brief Vol.2, No.1

Hilary Hoynes Marianne Bitler

Manifestations de la dépendance dans les contenus des réponses Rorschach et TAT

Dana Castro

Chaining Sequence/Structure Seeds for Computing RNA Similarity

Laetitia Bourgeade, Julien Allali & Cédric Chauve

Volkshochschule Eckernförde; Volkshochschule Fleckeby; Volkshochschule Rieseby; Volkshochschule Groß Wittensee; Volkshochschule Holtsee; Eckernförder Stenografenverein: Programm Jahr 2004/2005, S. 31

Volkshochschule Eckernförde, Volkshochschule Fleckeby, Volkshochschule Rieseby, Volkshochschule Groß Wittensee, Volkshochschule Holtsee & Eckernförder Stenografenverein

Atlas of top predators from French Southern Territories in the Southern Indian Ocean

K. Delord, C. Barbraud, C.A. Bost, Y. Cherel, C. Guinet & H. Weimerskirch

Altitudinal variation in body size in the Rice Frog (Rana limnocharis) in southwestern China

Yan Hong Liu, Yu Zeng, Wen Bo Liao, Cai Quan Zhou, Zhi Ping Mi, Min Mao & Lin Chen

New Techniques to Improve Network Security

Matteo Carlo Avalle

Using Webquests in initial Teacher Training

Rosa-Eva, Valle Florez; Resines Gordaliza, Jose A.

Nanoparticules, nanomateriaux: Effets sur la sante et l'Environnement n°02, Fevrier 2008

Sophie Lanone, Ghislaine Lacroix, Remy Maximilien, Eric Gaffet, Olivier Witschger & Eric Thybaud

A second look at leptin and adiponectin actions on the growth of primary porcine myoblasts under serum-free conditions

Katja Will, Judith Kuzinski, Marie-France Palin, Jan-Peter Hildebrandt & Charlotte Rehfeldt

Total Oxidative status of Mouse Vitrified Pre-Antral Follicles with Pre-Treatment of Alpha Lipoic Acid

Sahar Hatami, Saeed Zavareh, Mojdeh Salehnia, Taghi Lashkarbolouki, Mohammad Taghi Ghorbanian & Isaac Karimi

Neoltihic enclosure or gelifluction lobe?

Moritz Mennenga, Martina Karle, Imke Brandt, Annette Kramer & Hauke Jöns

Die Radikalisierung des Antisemitismus in Ungarn

Margaretha Bauer

Situation und Probleme der ökonomischen Bildung in Russland

Gagik Mkrtchyan & Ludmila Veselaya

State Public Insurance Reduced the Incentive to Work among Childless Adults. Policy Brief Vol.2, No. 11

Thomas DeLeire Laura Dague

Un enfant confronté à un secret familial

Georges Cognet

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