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An examination of the school ecology : making meaning of African American students' experiences of discrimination and fairness

Aisha R Thompson
This dissertation examines African American students' school experience across multiple ecologies (individual, classroom, and schools). The first manuscript investigates the relationship betweenAfrican American students' experience of racial discrimination and their self-reported engagement in classes during the first two years of high school. The study also examined whether students' individual characteristics (racial identification and academic identification) and contextual factors (i.e., feeling support after racial incidents) buffered the negative effects of discrimination. The findings supported previous literature,...

Methods for enhancing and tuning phonon transport at solid-solid interfaces

Timothy Stephen English

Citizens of a common intellectual homeland : the transatlantic context of the origins of American democracy and nationhood, 1775-1840

Armin Mattes
The cardinal aim ofthis dissertation is to explore the emergence and early development ofmodem concepts ofdemocracy and the idea ofthe nation in the United States. My ambition is to show that the modem forms ofthe two concepts emerged in tandem during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. To accomplish this goal, I trace their origins and development through an analysis ofthe writings ofimportant intellectuals on both sides ofthe Atlantic in the years from 1775...

The Role of miR-21 and miR-31 in Cellular Responses Mediated by TGF-β: A Dissertation

Charisa L. Cottonham

Molecular Mechanisms of piRNA Biogenesis and Function in Drosophila: A Dissertation

Chengjian Li

Dynamic extensions of batch systems with cloud resources

T. Hauth, G. Quast, M. Kunze, V. Büge, A. Scheurer & C. Baun
Compute clusters use Portable Batch Systems (PBS) to distribute workload among individual cluster machines. To extend standard batch systems to Cloud infrastructures, a new service monitors the number of queued jobs and keeps track of the price of available resources. This meta-scheduler dynamically adapts the number of Cloud worker nodes according to the requirement profile. Two different worker node topologies are presented and tested on the Amazon EC2 Cloud service.

On the interplay of waveguide modes and leaky modes in corrugated OLEDs

J. Hauss, T. Bocksrocker, B. Riedel, U. Lemmer & M. Gerken
Bragg gratings incorporated into organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) establish a coupling between waveguide modes and useful light (leaky modes). Here we demonstrate that the net coupling direction depends on the OLED stack design. We fabricated two different device structures with gold Bragg gratings. Angle resolved electroluminescence spectra were recorded. For the first device peaks of enhanced emission due to the Bragg grating are observed corresponding to a net energy transfer in direction of the leaky...

Effects of spatially varying slip length on friction drag reduction in wall turbulence

Y. Hasegawa, B. Frohnapfel & N. Kasagi
A series of direct numerical simulation has been made of turbulent flow over hydrophobic surfaces, which are characterized by streamwise periodic micro-grooves. By assuming that the size of micro-grooves is much smaller than the typical length-scale of nearwall turbulent structures, the dynamical boundary condition is expressed by a mobility tensor, which relates the slip velocity and the surface shear stress. Based on the derived mathematical relationship between the friction drag and different dynamical contributions, it...

Möglichkeiten und Grenzen strafrechtlicher Vermögensabschöpfung im Bereich der Markenpiraterie: Eine wirtschaftsstrafrechtliche Untersuchung zum Anwendungsbereich deutscher Vermögensabschöpfungsvorschriften in Fällen vorsätzlicher Schutzrechtsverletzungen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Verfalls i.S.d. §§ 73 ff. StGB

David Pasewaldt
Die Arbeit analysiert den Anwendungsbereich der strafrechtlichen Vermögensabschöpfung im Bereich der sog. Produkt- und Markenpiraterie. Ausgehend von der Erkenntnis, dass herkömmliche strafrechtliche Repressalien – insbesondere die Verhängung von Freiheits- oder Geldstrafen – bisher keine wirksame Eindämmung professionell und massenhaft begangener Schutzrechtsverletzungen bewirken konnten, liegt der Fokus der Untersuchung auf dem Verfall i.S.d. §§ 73 ff. StGB. Behandelt werden zunächst einige wichtige grundsätzliche Fragen, wie die nach der Anwendbarkeit dieses Rechtsinstituts auf Fälle mit Auslandsbezug nach...

Factores psicosociales de riesgo y su relación con la violencia de pareja en estudiantes universitarios en Puerto Rico

Jose Serra Taylor, Angel Villafañe-Santiago, María I. Jiménez Chafey, Wilda Jimenez & Mercedes Matos Matos

Design and Fabrication of Motorised vehicle

Shubham Awasthi, Zia Ur Rehman, Zia Zafar & Rahul Arya

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