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'L'Italia verrà a Trieste'. "Ritorneranno": storia romantica dell'irredentismo triestino

Enza Del Tedesco

Grandir, un chemin ardu

Sylvie Tétreault & Nicolas Kühne
Sans résumé.

Der Informationsgehalt des Betreibungsregisters: Ein Reformvorschlag zu seiner Verbesserung

Urs Boller & Mark Schweizer
Ungerechtfertigte Betreibungen können für den Betroffenen nachteilige Folgen haben, weil sie auch dann im Betreibungsregisterauszug erscheinen, wenn sie vom Gläubiger nicht weiterverfolgt werden. Ein Gesetzesvorschlag zur Revision des SchKG will Abhilfe schaffen. Aufgrund schematischer Kriterien sollen bestimmte Betreibungen vom Einsichtsrecht ausgeschlossen werden. Die Autoren bezweifeln, dass dieser Vorschlag den Informationsgehalt des Betreibungsregisters verbessert. Sie schlagen stattdessen vor, den Anwendungsbereich der Klage nach Art. 85 SchKG so zu erweitern, dass ungerechtfertigte Betreibungen aufgehoben werden können, ohne...

It’s still the media. How professionalism in corporate communication influences the prioritisation of organizational environments

Rada Babic, Jochen Hoffmann & Ulrike Röttger
This article challenges the widely accepted understanding that corporate communication has been professionalised through its development from traditional press relations into integrated multi-stakeholder management. Based on a cross-cultural survey in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and Indonesia, we analyse the links between expertise, autonomy and value-orientation indicating the professionalism of senior communication managers on the one hand, and the perceived relevance of organizational environments on the other. Overall, the results show that professionalism in a traditional...

L'orrore degli stupri di guerra nelle opere di Annie Vivanti

Nunzia Soglia
This contribution analyzes two works by Annie Vivanti written during World War I: the drama L’invasore, and the novel derived from it, Vae Victis!. The texts were based on sexual violence perpetrated by Germans in Belgium at the beginning of the conflict, historical events that provoked widespread indignation. More specifically, the author considers the choices of women facing pregnancies that resulted from the violence, thereby inserting herself in the extremely delicate and controversial problem of...

A Step Forward in Cancer Informatics—It Is Mandatory to Make Guidelines Machine Readable

Ivan Igrutinovic, Paul-Henry Mackeprang, Eugenia Vlaskou Badra, Alexandros Tsikkinis & Nikola Cihoric
Clinical guidelines are general recommendations for practicing clinicians regarding prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a given disease. One of the most comprehensive and used guidelines are developed and regularly updated by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN). Guidelines are readily available for download in portable document format (PDF). A machine-readable representation of NCCN guidelines is currently not available. In this writing, we argue on the necessity that clinical guidelines should be published in a machine-readable...

Ines Jucker 1922 - 2013

Dietrich Willers

Fusing character strengths and mindfulness interventions: Benefits for job satisfaction and performance

Willibald Ruch & Dandan Pang
In recent years, both mindfulness and character strengths have started to garner interest in industrial and organizational psychology. The growing research interest in their effects on employee well-being and performance, individually, has strong practical implications for organizations. Given the interconnection of mindfulness and character strengths, the present study examined the effectiveness of training that combined the two practices regarding well-being and work-related outcomes, and it tested the potential mediators of the effects at work. A...

Engelberg, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. 87 : Aurelii Augustini De doctrina christiana libri quatuor

De Monte Angelorum Frowinus & Aurelius Augustinus
The manuscript contains the four books of Augustine's On Christian Doctrine. An artistically decorated initial in red, black and green ink, followed by a line in decorative capitals, appears at the beginning of the proemium (2r), as well as of the first (5r) and fourth books (64v). The second and third book are divided by a simpler red decorative initial and a first line that has been accentuated in red ink. The appearance of the...

Binocular coordination of saccades: development, aging and cerebral substrate

Bucci, Maria Pia; Iris Laboratory, FRE 3154, CNRS, Yang, Qing; Iris Laboratory, FRE 3154, CNRS, Vernet, Marine; Iris Laboratory, FRE 3154, CNRS & Kapoula, Zoë; Iris Laboratory, FRE 3154, CNRS
The origin of binocular coordination of saccades (central, peripheral) and the role of learning remain controversial (Hering vs Helmholtz). We will present evidence for learning: in young children (5 years) horizontal saccades are poorly yoked, coordination improves slowly with age particularly at near viewing distances. In dyslexic teenagers coordination of horizontal saccades is poor relative to non-dyslexics, suggesting slower learning. On the other hand, in healthy elderly participants (73 years) coordination of vertical saccades is...

Biome-BGC MCE 1.4.1

Ferenc Horváth, Zoltán Barcza, Dóra Krasser & Péter Ittzés
Biome-BGC is a process-based biogeochemical model that can be used to simulate carbon, nitrogen and water fluxes of different terrestrial ecosystems. Two models were implemented: Biome-BGC 4.1.1 MPI (Trusilova et al. 2009) and Biome-BGC MuSo 3.0 (Hidy & Barcza 2014). Its has about 40 and 60 various parameters. The only way to estimate or set these parameters is "calibration" (data-model-harmonization or model-data-fusion), which demands a hugh amount of computational capacity. Monte Carlo Experiment (MCE) randomizes...

María en trampantojo. A propósito de las imágenes marianas en la España del siglo XVII

Cécile Vincent-Cassy
En este artículo tratamos de las imágenes marianas de culto local, cuyas tallas son, en muchos casos, «imágenes de vestir», con el cuerpo sin esculpir debajo del vestido y del manto. Estas imágenes se distinguen las unas de las otras por sus atuendos. Tras haber expuesto la complejidad teológica y antropológica de la imagen mariana en España en la época postridentina, exponemos la idea de que estas imágenes, designadas como «retratos», fueron un tema recurrente...

Comorbidité santé mentale et trouble lié à l’utilisation de substance : le rôle de l’ergothérapeute

Aude Vignola-Mir, Caroline Morin & Julie J. Desrosiers
Introduction. Vivre avec une problématique de santé mentale et un trouble lié à l’utilisation de substances (TLUS) amènent plusieurs difficultés fonctionnelles affectant la vie sociale, la vie productive, les conditions de vie ainsi que la qualité de vie. Les ergothérapeutes interviennent actuellement auprès de cette clientèle présentant de la comorbidité dans les programmes de soins intégrés ou en santé mentale. Malgré tout, il existe peu d’écrits permettant d’identifier leur rôle auprès de cette clientèle.Méthodologie. L’objectif...

Revision des Datenschutzgesetzes: kollektive Rechtsdurchsetzung im Datenschutzrecht?

Regina Meier
In seiner Botschaft zur Revision des Datenschutzgesetzes (DSG) steht der Bundesrat der Aufnahme von kollektiven Rechtsdurchsetzungsmechanismen wie dem ideellen Verbandsbeschwerderecht in den Erlasstext kritisch gegenüber. Das DSG wäre hierfür jedoch an sich ein geeigneter Rechtsbereich; im Recht der Europäischen Union ist denn auch eine Öffnungsklausel für ein Verbandsklagerecht enthalten. Für Einzelpersonen haben sich die Möglichkeiten, Verletzungen ihrer Datenschutzinteressen selbst geltend zu machen, in den letzten Jahren infolge der zunehmenden Technologisierung tendenziell verschlechtert. Ein ideelles Verbandsbeschwerderecht...

Il vestito forma la persona – “clothes make the man”: Fashion morality in Italian nineteenth-century conduct books

Annick Paternoster & Francesca Saltamacchia
Using a corpus of 40 influential conduct books published in Italy in the long nineteenth century, we apply current insights in the role of values for the emergence and maintenance of conventions developed within the pragmatics of politeness to the prescriptive discourse on fashion, because in these sources norms for verbal and non-verbal behaviour are justified in a similar way. We argue that fashion choices are always said to communicate moral values. Most conduct books...

Visionieren, Kuratieren, Kanonisieren

Beate Hochholdinger-Reiterer & Géraldine Boesch
Podiumsdiskussion mit Barbara Gronau (Universität der Künste Berlin), Johanna-Yasirra Kluhs & Felizitas Kleine (Theaterfestival FAVORITEN), Giovanni Netzer (Origen Festival Cultural), Jasper Walgrave (Pro Helvetia) und Dagmar Walser (Moderation)

Wellington 2013 – Ippolita rinascimentale: le Amazzoni americane nell’epica italiana

Carla Aloé
This paper analyses the mythography of ‘New World Amazons’ as it appears in Renaissance Italian epic poems, tracing perceptions of the myth from the discovery of America to the first half of the seventeenth century. The first part of the article documents the literary history of such legends, focusing in particular on the delayed advent of American Amazons in Italian verse. One reason for this, I argue, is that poets were unable to distance themselves...

Fully Automatic Danger Zone Determination for SBRT in NSCLC

Michael Mix, Jose Dolz, Sonja Adebahr, Alin Chirindel, Montserrat Carles, Ursula Nestle, Tobias Fechter & Matthias Schlachter
Lung cancer is the major cause of cancer death worldwide. The most common form of lung cancer is non-small cell lung cancer(NSCLC). Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) has emerged as a good alternative to surgery in patients with peripheralstage I NSCLC, demonstrating favorable tumor control and low toxicity. Due to spatial relationship to several critical organs atrisk, SBRT of centrally located lesions is associated with more severe toxicity and requires modification in dose application andfractionation,...

Auszug aus Ägypten - zum Claudius Jucker in München

Dietrich Willers
Der Übergang des lange in Bern befindlichen Claudiusporträts in den Besitz der Münchner Glyptothek gibt Anlass zu zwei Bemerkungen. Der bisher vertretenen Ansicht, das Werk entstamme einer Werkstatt Ägyptens, wird widersprochen und stattdessen eine Herkunft aus Kleinasien favorisiert. Indizien sprechen für die Wiederverwendung eines ursprünglichen Caligulaporträts. The transfer of the Portrait of Claudius, who had for a long time been in Bern, into the property of the Glyptothek in Munich gives occasion to two remarks....

Forest Dragon 2: Large-Area Forest Growing Stock Volume Mapping in China, using space borne radar

Reik Leiterer, Maurizio Santoro, Christiane Schmullius, Oliver Cartus, Zengyuan Li & Johannes Reiche

Is self-guided internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT) harmful? An individual participant data meta-analysis

Eirini Karyotaki, Björn Meyer, Justine Scheider, Rachel Phillips, Heleen Riper, Annet Kleiboer, Jan P. Klein, Jos Twisk, Elizabeth Littlewood, Pim Cuijpers, Johanna Schröder, Louise Farrer, Viola Spek, Steffen Moritz, Thomas Berger, Lise Kemmeren, Marcus J. H. Huibers, Simon Gilbody, Cristina Botella, Victor Pop, Juana Bretón-López, Adriana Mira, Andrew Mackinnon, Gerhard Andersson, Helen Christensen … & Kathy Griffiths
Background: Little is known about potential harmful effects as a consequence of self-guided internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy (iCBT), such as symptom deterioration rates. Thus, safety concerns remain and hamper the implementation of self-guided iCBT into clinical practice. We aimed to conduct an individual participant data (IPD) meta-analysis to determine the prevalence of clinically significant deterioration (symptom worsening) in adults with depressive symptoms who received self-guided iCBT compared with control conditions. Several socio-demographic, clinical and study-level...

Peculiar Patterns of Juxtapositional Assimilations in Educated Nigerian Spoken English Variety

Taiwo Soneye & Ubong E. Josiah
Research into the specific phonological features that distinguish Educated Nigerian Spoken English (ENSE) within the purview of the New Englishes is still scarce. In particular, there is hardly any systematic, corpus-driven study on the juxtapositional assimilatory processes in Nigerian English to date, hence this current study. Its main objective is to examine the variety of English spoken by university students categorized as "Educated Nigerian English" (see Eka 1985, 2000; Odumuh 1987; Udofot 2004) and to...

Coresta Recommended Method n° 36: Determination of Nitrate in tobacco and smokeless tobacco products

CORESTA Scientists
An aqueous extract of the tobacco or smokeless tobacco product is prepared and the nitrate content of the extract is determined by reduction of the nitrate to nitrite with hydrazinium sulphate in the presence of a copper catalyst, followed by reaction with sulphanilamide to form the diazo compound. This is coupled with N-1- naphthylethylenediamine dihydrochloride to form a colored complex, for which the absorbance is measured at 520 nm.

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