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How long-lasting is the post-conflict slowing after incongruent trials? Evidence from the Stroop, Simon, and Flanker tasks

Alodie Rey-Mermet & Beat Meier
The purpose of the present study was to determine how long-lasting the post-conflict slowing following incongruent stimuli is. In previous research, incongruent stimuli have been used to induce a conflict because they have relevant features for two different response alternatives. So far, the post-conflict slowing following incongruent stimuli has mainly been assessed up to one trial. In the first two experiments, we assessed the persistence of the post-conflict slowing across several trials. To this end,...

The effects of type of interval, sensory modality, base duration, and psychophysical task on the discrimination of brief time intervals

Thomas Rammsayer
The present study was designed to investigate the influences of type of psychophysical task (two-alternative forced-choice [2AFC] and reminder tasks), type of interval (filled vs. empty), sensory modality (auditory vs. visual), and base duration (ranging from 100 through 1,000 ms) on performance on duration discrimination. All of these factors were systematically varied in an experiment comprising 192 participants. This approach allowed for obtaining information not only on the general (main) effect of each factor alone,...

Selective Loss of PARG Restores PARylation and Counteracts PARP Inhibitor-Mediated Synthetic Lethality.

Madalena Tarsounas, Stefano Annunziato, Dominic I James, Miguel Andújar-Sánchez, Sven Rottenberg, Sergi Guerrero Llobet, Ariena Kersbergen, Ewa Gogola, Alexandra A Duarte, Haico Van Attikum, Roebi De Bruijn, Jos Jonkers, Marco Barazas, Julian R De Ruiter, Piet Borst, Jiri Bartek, Daniel J Vis, Lodewyk F A Wessels, Bram Van Den Broek, Wouter W Wiegant, Marcel Van Vugt, Irina Gromova, Massimo Lopes, Jirina Bartkova, Jonas A Schmid … & Marieke Van De Ven
Inhibitors of poly(ADP-ribose) (PAR) polymerase (PARPi) have recently entered the clinic for the treatment of homologous recombination (HR)-deficient cancers. Despite the success of this approach, drug resistance is a clinical hurdle, and we poorly understand how cancer cells escape the deadly effects of PARPi without restoring the HR pathway. By combining genetic screens with multi-omics analysis of matched PARPi-sensitive and -resistant Brca2-mutated mouse mammary tumors, we identified loss of PAR glycohydrolase (PARG) as a major...

Decision-Support tools for assessing land degradation and realising sustainable land management, Study Case of El Mkhachbiya Catchment, Northwest of Tunisia

Gudrun Schwilch, Mohamed Moussa, Hans Hurni, Hedi Hamrouni, Ahlem Gara, Hanspeter Liniger, Donia Jendoubi & Mohamed Ouessar
Land degradation is intrinsically complex and involves decisions by many agencies and individuals, land degradation map- ping should be used as a learning tool through which managers, experts and stakeholders can re-examine their views within a wider semantic context. In this paper, we introduce an analytical framework for mapping land degradation, developed by World Overview for Conservation Approaches and technologies (WOCAT) programs, which aims to develop some thematic maps that serve as an useful tool...

Time-order errors and standard-position effects in duration discrimination: An experimental study and an analysis by the sensation-weighting model

Åke Hellström & Thomas. H. Rammsayer
Studies have shown that the discriminability of successive time intervals depends on the presentation order of the standard (St) and the comparison (Co) stimuli. Also, this order affects the point of subjective equality. The first effect is here called the standard-position effect (SPE); the latter is known as the time-order error. In the present study, we investigated how these two effects vary across interval types and standard durations, using Hellström’s sensation-weighting model to describe the...

Vehicular Software-Defined Networking and Fog Computing: Integration and Design Principles

Cristiano Both, Jeferson Nobre, Torsten Braun, Eduardo Cerqueira, Allan Mariano De Souza, Denis Rosario, Leandro A. Villas & Mario Gerla
Vehicular Networks (VN) enable the collaboration among vehicles and infrastructure to deliver network services, where usually value-added services are provided by cloud computing. In this context, fog computing can be deployed closer to the users to meet their needs with minimum help from the Internet infrastructure. Software Defined Networking (SDN) might support the use of large-scale fog-enabled VN services. However, the current management of each wireless network that composes the VN has restricted the exploration...

Do Integration Policies Affect Immigrants' Voluntary Engagement? An Exploration at Switzerland's Subnational Level

Isabelle Stadelmann-Steffen & Anita Manatschal
This paper investigates whether integration policies influence immigrants' propensity to volunteer, the latter being an important element of immigrants' integration into the host society. By distinguishing different categories of integration policies at Switzerland's subnational level and applying a Bayesian multilevel approach, our results suggest varying policy effects: while policies fostering socio-structural rights enhance immigrants' propensity to volunteer, we observe a negative curvilinear relationship between cultural rights and obligations and immigrants' volunteerism implying that a combination...

The Personal Foundations of Political Tolerance towards Immigrants

Markus Freitag & Carolin Rapp
In this paper, we expand previous research on the psychological foundations of attitudes towards immigrants by evaluating the role of the Big Five personality traits with regard to the formation of political tolerance. Following the literature, we elaborate tolerance as a sequential concept of rejection and acceptance to uncover differentiating effects of personality on both immigrant-specific prejudices as well as on the assignment of the right to vote as a pivotal political privilege to this...

Detecting single-target changes in multiple object tracking: The case of peripheral vision

Christian Vater, Ralf Kredel & Ernst-Joachim Hossner
In the current study it is investigated whether peripheral vision can be used to monitor multi-ple moving objects and to detect single-target changes. For this purpose, in Experiment 1, a modified MOT setup with a large projection and a constant-position centroid phase had to be checked first. Classical findings regarding the use of a virtual centroid to track multiple ob-jects and the dependency of tracking accuracy on target speed could be successfully replicat-ed. Thereafter, the...

Coping with the asylum challenge: tightening and streamlining policies in Western Europe

Laurent Bernhard & David Kaufmann
To cope with the challenges posed by growing numbers of asylum seekers, Western European countries have relied on tightening policies over the last decades. We propose to complement this traditional and one-dimensional view by highlighting the importance of encompassing streamlining policies that aim to enhance the efficiency of national asylum systems through procedural accelerations and structural reforms. We argue that political conflicts over tightening and streamlining policies follow different logics. While it is hypothesised that...

Appreciating Faith and Culture in an Age of Scientific Reasoning. On Constructive-Critical Realism

Andreas Losch
Given its societal influence today, science is often thought to be more than just a technical approach to establish empirical observations that work. Although interpretations may vary, what generally is at stake since Galilei is the question of truth, of revealing the way the world we live in really is. Are science and theology hence dealing with the same question? Are they competing on the same territory or can they complement each other? The idea...

Efficient Context-aware Vehicular Traffic Re-routing based on Pareto-Optimality: A Safe-Fast Use Case

Torsten Braun, Leandro A. Villas & Allan Mariano De Souza
Vehicular traffic re-routing is the key to provide better traffic mobility. However, considering just traffic-related information to recommend better routes for each vehicle is far from achieving the desired requirements of a good Traffic Management System, which intends to improve not only mobility, but also driving experience and safety of drivers and passengers. Context-aware and multi-objective re-routing approaches will play an important role in traffic management. Yet, most approaches are deterministic and can not support...

Response of copper concentrations and stable isotope ratios to artificial drainage in a French Retisol

Sophie Cornu, Charirat Kusonwiriyawong, Zuzana Fekiacova, Marina Lazarov, Moritz Bigalke, Wolfgang Wilcke & David Montagne
Copper is a redox-sensitive trace element, which can be both, an essential micronutrient and a pollutant. We therefore analyzed Cu concentrations and stable isotope ratios (δ65Cu values) in a drained Retisol to trace the response of Cu to a changing hydrological regime and enhanced clay eluviation. The study soil was artificially drained 16 years before sampling resulting in macroscopically visible pedogenetic changes and is thus a suitable site to investigate the influence of pedogenetic processes...

The Political Candidacy of EU Migrants in their European Countries of Residence. The Case of British and Romanians Standing in Spanish Local Elections

Irina Ciornei
What explains the variation in how European citizens of diverse origins are politically incorporated in the member states of residence? This paper argues that immigrant groups’ status in the host society plays an important role in political party responses to immigrants’ political participation. Drawing on the case of Romanian and British candidacies in the Spanish local elections from 2011, the paper finds that the level of competition between parties is the key mechanism for incorporating...

Quantifying the fitness cost of HIV-1 drug resistance mutations through phylodynamics

Roger Kouyos, Jürg Böni, Alexandra U Scherrer, Sabine Yerly, Huldrych F Günthard, Sebastian Bonhoeffer, Swiss HIV Cohort Study, Vincent Aubert, Tanja Stadler, Denise Kühnert, Jūlija Pečerska, Thomas Klimkait & George Shirreff

Integrative research efforts at the boundary of biodiversity and global change research

Owen L Petchey, Kentaro K Shimizu, Florian Altermatt, Reinhard Furrer, Benedikt Korf, Gabriela Schaepman-Strub, Michael E Schaepman, Debra Zuppinger-Dingley, Pascal A Niklaus, Anna Deplazes-Zemp, Norman Backhaus & Samuel Abiven

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