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Maud Dubois & Alain Kamber

Stimulus und Kognition. Zur Aktivierung mentaler Raumbilder

Alfred Lameli, Christoph Purschke & Roland Kehrein
Within the context of investigations of cognitive spatial models, the study analyzes the effect of varying the informational structure of linguistic survey instruments. A group of informants was asked to draw German language areas on different types of geographic maps. First, in a quantitative approach we show how the specific informational structure of each map type influences the frequency and prominence of the named language areas. The second part of the study focuses on the...

Wie viele Jungs haben Anna geküsst? Zum besonderen Status von V2-Relativsätzen im gesprochenen Deutsch

Nicholas Catasso
The aim of the present paper is twofold: first, to introduce the problem represented by socalled "Verb-Second (V2) relative clauses" in German, a phenomenon which occurs exclusively in spoken language, thereby recapitulating the arguments put forth in the literature for their paratactic categorization in light of Den Besten's (1983) assumptions on the structural properties of V2 (e.g. Gärtner 2001, 2002; Den Dikken 2005; Endriss/Gärtner 2005); in the second place, to propose an alternative analysis based...

Zur idiomatischen Komponente auffälliger kausativer Konstruktionen im Deutschen

Martine Dalmas & Laurent Gautier
This paper aims to analyze German caused-motion constructions such as jn aus dem Bett klingeln from both a phraseological and constructional perspective. Section 1 shows how the traditional definition of phraseologisms is nowadays challenged by new developments in construction grammar, especially within Goldberg’s framework. Section 2 focuses on the various possibilities existing in German to express causativity and proposes a continuum from mere morphological signs to the constructions under consideration here. Section 3 exemplifies the...

Zur Bewertung von Niederdeutsch und lokalem Substandard in Hamburg

Lara Neumann & Ingrid Schröder
Based on the results of a quantitative study it is to be shown how Low German and forms of the Substandard of Hamburg are estimated within the population. The study was conducted within the context of the project Einstellungen gegenüber regionalen Sprachformen in der Großstadt: Niederdeutsch in Hamburg (NiH) (Attitudes towards regional languages in the city: Low German in Hamburg). The article takes a closer look at the connection between evaluation and social parameters such...

Anregungen zur Darstellung von Routineformeln in einsprachigen Lernerwörterbüchern für DaF

Silke Lipinski
Routine formulas (RFs) carry many functions in a language system. Thus, not only knowing them but also mastering their use is of major importance for the L2-learner. For this reason, it is important to also describe RFs adequately in learners' dictionaries. However, as previous research shows, there is a major discrepancy between lexicographical requirements and reality. Some demands for the way in which RFs should be presented can be derived from the list of criteria...

Possessive pour in the French Lexicon of the Ivory Coast and Language Contact

Béatrice Akissi Boutin
Any variationist study of Ivory Coast French needs to take into account sociolinguistic considerations and systemic features of other contact languages. For instance, there is a specific usage of pour against which the interference hypothesis can easily be tested: FI: Le kaki que je porte présentement, c'est pour un bachelier qui me l'a laissé avant de partir en fac, cadeau. (Lafage 2003: 676). Avant de te moquer du linge de ta voisine, regarde si pour...

Ein altes Problem: Partikeln in der Grammatik - ja, aber wie?

Aino Kärnä
This article deals with the concept 'particle', specifically with the German notion of 'Abtönungspartikel'. These pragmatic or modal particles were first discussed in contemporary German grammars by Harald Weydt. Although the concept itself is clear, it is difficult to include such a category in existing grammars, as is shown by the treatment of such inflexible words in different editions of the standard German grammar, Der Duden. It seems difficult to formulate a description of the...

Weshalb hat man (noch) einen Akzent? Eine Untersuchung im Schnittfeld von Akzent und Einstellung bei Schweizer Dialektsprechern

Marie-José Kolly
Manche Fremdsprachenlerner eignen sich die zielsprachliche Aussprache schon nach relativ kurzem Aufenthalt in einer L2-Umgebung an – andere leben jahrelang in so einer Umgebung und sprechen trotzdem noch mit einem klar erkennbaren fremdsprachlichen Akzent. Wie ist das zu erklären? Der vorliegende Artikel beschäftigt sich mit den Ursachen für die Intensität eines fremdsprachlichen Akzents. Insbesondere wird die Einstellung zur Fremdsprache als massgeblicher Einflussfaktor bei Deutschschweizer Sprechern empirisch untersucht. Dabei kommen als Zielsprachen sowohl das Standarddeutsche als...

Cultural Studies, Critical Theory and Critical Discourse Analysis: Histories, Remembering and Futures

Terry Threadgold
In this paper I have explored some of the histories which inevitably connect, but also differentiate, critical discourse analysis and cultural studies. I have argued that both are strongly influenced by the versions of critical theory which have been characterised as 'postmodernism' and 'poststructuralism' and that both could benefit not only from some serious engagement with the several disciplines from which their interdisciplinarity is derived but also from some further in depth exploration of the...

Erasmus-Erfahrungsberichte. Eine textlinguistische Analyse mit didaktischen Anmerkungen für den DaF-Unterricht

Andrea Bies
In this article exchange student testimonials (Erasmus Programme) are examined as text types. In this context function, structure, topics and selected linguistic features of the texts are focused. Analysis shows that the majority of the examined exchange student testimonials demonstrate many common features with advice giving texts. Regarding content, culture comparing topics are found as characteristic elements, and on the linguistic level, a frequent occurrence of elements of conceptual orality. These texts can therefore become...

Having faith in the online voice. Exploring contemporary issues of trust, language and advice in the context of e-health

Elizabeth Sillence
The increasing volume of Internet based health resources means that decisions about how to trust information and advice encountered online become ever more complicated. As peer-to-peer experiences become a source of health information, lay people are required to evaluate the trustworthiness of such online personal accounts. In this paper, we present two contemporary studies of the negotiation of trust in e-health. The first study explores how people come to select a trustworthy voice from a...

Der Fokus im Mittelfeld

Michael Richter
In this article a proposal is made for the treatment of a construction which is known under the terminus "verschrnkte Konstruktion" (Kvam 1982); it includes the so called "third construction". Example (1) shows a sentence with a syntactic complement of an infinite verb standing before the governing finite verb: (1) The proposal is made that the NP on the "wrong" place (in (1) it is the indirect object dir) is a focus in the middlefield...

The Adjectival Relative Construction in Egyptian Arabic

Islam Youssef
The present paper investigates a type of broad-subject construction in Egyptian Arabic in which an adjective or participial structurally qualifies the head noun (or subject) but logically qualifies a subsequent noun, as in ir-raagil [il-ħilwiin banaat-u] 'the man the beautiful.PL his daughters'. This Adjectival Relative Construction is interesting in that it incorporates properties of both relative clauses and adjectival phrases. I evaluate the main analytical approaches in the literature and conclude that it must be...

Dealing with phraseology in business dictionaries: focus on dictionary functions – not phrases

Patrick Leroyer
The language of written business communication is characterised by the extensive use of phraseology, not only in terms of collocations and idiomatic expressions, but also of standard phrases in prototypical business genres. In any case, the phraseological information should be included in business dictionaries (in the following referred to as BDs) in accordance with the planned dictionary functions. Hence, the selection and presentation of the phraseological information should be decided by the lexicographer on the...

Некоторые особенности двувидовых глаголов и их восприятие билингвами и монолингвами

Anna Pavlova
The Russian language contains a number of bi-aspectual verbs, which may be used as both imperfective and perfective. A comparison of several dictionaries shows that lexicographers hold very different opinions as to whether a given verb is bi-aspectual or not. A comparison of verbs labeled as bi-aspectual in a dictionary against real usage of some bi-aspectual verbs in texts indicates that the dictionaries are not always reliable and that the lexicographic mark-ing of bi-aspectual verbs...

Webbasierte linguistische Forschung: Möglichkeiten und Begrenzungen beim Umgang mit Massendaten

Britta Juska-Bacher, Chris Biemann & Uwe Quasthoff
Over the past ten to fifteen years, web-based methods of sociological research have emerged alongside classical methods such as interviews, observations and experiments, and linguistic research is increasingly relying upon them as well. This paper provides an overview of three web-based approaches, i.e. online surveys, crowd-sourcing and web-based corpus analyses. Examples from specific projects serve to reflect upon these methods, address their potential and limitations, and make a critical appraisal. Internet-based empirical research produces vast...


Annelies Häcki Buhofer

Übergänge zur Schriftlichkeit. Zu wechselnden Profilen dialektaler Literalität am Beispiel des Niederdeutschen

Robert Langhanke
Different types of Low German literacy create varieties in addition to spoken Low German. Their function differs according to the change of language use. By setting the focus on dialectal literature it becomes clear, which concepts of Low German literature became influential since the 19th century. In the recent situation, new perspectives for Low German and its literature can be found in the field of planned language acquisition for example at school. Therefore written forms...

Prototypentheorie und Flexionsmorphologie

Jacques Poitou
This article presents an application of the theory of prototypes to the field of inflectional morphology and especially to the treatment of exceptions. From the assumption that the handling of irregular facts is basically ruled by the same principles of categorization as the handling of regular facts, the article shows on concrete examples of German nouns - weak masculine nouns, feminine nouns with inflected e-plural and er-plural - that the principle of the motivation of...

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